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    • Firenomad

      5 years ago

      Greetings. How do you fare?

    • Costacoffee

      8 years ago

      nice karma level

    • LostNirvana

      8 years ago

      Ill stick with being forever alone here, I got enough linux forums occupyingme, can't bother with a roleplayimg one

    • TheForge

      8 years ago

      The Amalgam powers at various levels

      Level 1: Normal Human Limit
      Level 2: Basic Cat Abilities Unlocked (speed, balance, agility, hearing, sight), Sword, Shuriken, Kunai, Smoke Bombs
      Level 3: Basic Cybernetic Abilities Unlocked (strength, silenced guns, scanning device)
      Level 4: Increase Agility Limit, Boosted Jumping Unlocked, Grenade Rack Unlocked
      Level 5: Teleportation and Basic Healing Unlocked
      Level 6: Explosive Rounds, Depleted Uranium Rounds and Incendiary Rounds Unlocked
      Level 7: Sustephrokinesis and Advanced Healing Unlocked
      Level 8: Qi Fields, Flight and Telepathy Unlocked
      Level 9: Magiscience Abilities Unlocked
      Level 10: Magic Abilities Unlocked, Maximum Safe Physical and Powers Limit
      Level 11: Physical and Powers Limiters Off
      Level 12: Total Self Control

    • TheForge

      9 years ago

      Governmental resistance causing the creation of an underworld of good guys who work from behind the scenes to oppose the government on behest of the people.

      a mad communist thief who works to steal nearly all of the worlds cash money in order to cause the collapse of the world economy forcing socialism on the people.

      The robotic rights movement, working to get AIs the same rights as humans. performing public actions to get in the public's good favour

      or did you mean smaller scale?

      How about a man who doesn't knwo who he is? traveling the world seeking meaning in his life as his every memory continues to slip away from him.

      or perhaps a business man raised in old money, bored with his life decides to live dangerously. He goes out to commit crimes just for the thrill of it. He soon becomes addicted to the thrill and takes greater and greater risks.

      a woman raised in the middle of nowhere with little to no experience with civilization as a whole. she has to learn to live in this new world after her parents die and she can no longer live in the dangerous wilds alone

    • TheForge

      10 years ago

      Name: Schroedinger Gennai

      Code Name: Raiju

      Power/Skill/Training: Electrokinesis (The ability to control the flow and speed of free electrons (Electrons not bound to an atom. Examples being electrons floating in the air or in metals.) This ability is mostly used to make magnetic fields or static bolts.)
      Tiger powers (Enhanced vision, hearing, and smell, extreme agility, quick thinking, perfect balance and equilibrium, great speed, strength, and stamina, and prehensile tail.)
      Skilled with a sword, and knowledgeable about electronics.
      Traditional Bushido, Kendo and recently started learning Ninjutsu

      Equipment: Japanese Military Issue Operative equipment including his back-slung three-sword-daisho (Katana, Tanto and Wakizashi): swords made with ultrasharp blades able to cut steel, throwing knives, standard issue military gear(First Aid kit, field rations, etc), various Gadgets of his father's design including the suit, and multi-vision goggles (modified for his eye's high sensitivity to light.) and a Japanese Military Issue high-tech black and blue samurai style suit of armour which he rarely uses.

      Appearance: 173 Cm tall, weighing 67 Kg, appears to be about 17 years old, Wears a suit just like his fathers except with the addition of his military issue three-sword-Daisho. He has a fairly human face but his hair is blue like his mother's and is tied back in a ponytail. He has retractable claws on his fingers and toes as well as a fully grown prehensile tail which looks a bit too long for his body and blue cat ears that are also like his mother's. His eyes are yellow with cat irises but he often wears sunglasses (His eyes are very sensitive to light) or a modified version of his father's multi-vision goggles.

      Date of Birth: September 3rd, 2026 (appears to be in his late teens)

      Gender: Male

      History: Raiju's father ,Franklin Schroedinger, was born in Germany, his powers already in full swing. Needless to say he was a handful as a child. As he grew up he showed a skill in electronics, and aided with his powers he became an electrical engineering Student in school and was soon hired by a major corporation, He kept his power secret however, opting to be a vigilante at night whilst an engineer by day. When the Company Transferred him to Japan he was actually excited to go, he had learned a lot of the Japanese language through watching anime. Unfortunately after a few months on the Job they decided to let him go. He opted to stay and live in Tokyo, as it was his new home. He managed to start his own Repair business and met a wonderful young neko girl by the name of Mihama Yuki.

      Raiju's mother, Schroedinger Yuki, was a first generation product of the Japanese Line of genetically engineered soldiers with Animal DNA. she was Trained as a Ninja and excelled in her field. But her life was fairly boring She went on missions, read her books, but something was missing. Then one day she met a man named Franklin Schroedinger, a super of a rather unique category. The two fell in love and soon settled down and started a family. She and her husband now spend their nights together Patrolling the neon streets of Tokyo as ElektroBolt and AuRyoushi.

      Raiju was one of the first to be produced by traditional breeding. He inherited his mother's cat physique and skills as well as his father's power over electrons. He was taken in by the Japanese military and trained in the ways of Bushido (The code of the Samurai.) as the males typically were but often dreamed of being a Ninja like the females. He recently completed the Accelerated growth/training program and is now physically the age of a 14 yr old human.

      His first mission after completing the program was in the war against an army invading Japan. Known only as the New Dawn, these men where anti-super cultists, using stolen alien technology to attack the city of Tokyo. After many lives had been lost and the day finally won, Raiju had been proven worthy in the eyes of his superiors, who finally agreed to transfer him into the Ninja training program. He, along with his friend Kitsunebi where also recruited into a new super-team known as the Protectors.

      Legal Status: Enlisted Japanese Military Hybrid Operative Program and UN Protectors Program, no criminal record.

      Other: Has a fairly strict code of honour which he doesn't usually stick to but he's a good person and will fight for people and things he believes in.He doesn't exactly mind taking orders but he will disobey them from time to time.

    • TheForge

      10 years ago

      Name: Felicity Minor

      Nickname: Fate

      Power: Ætherkinesis (The ability to fold space and poke a hole in it to create round portals in mid-air that connect two points in space. this is coupled with the ability to sense the location and shape of objects. Essentially to be a five dimensional being. Her range is extreme, able to make portals to the moon.), Ætherkinetic Flight (The ability to partially ripple into a pocket dimension in order to move around in regular space.), Self Reconstructing Biology (when injured, such as loosing limbs she can regrow them as long as she's still alive and properly nourished. Her healing speed is also much faster than a normal human.), Superdurability (She is Extremely heat resistant can resist a lot of damage (like getting hit with a missile for example) and has a very hearty immune system.)

      Equipment(if any): a mysterious bag from the future. futuristic Armour with built in weapons and fuel lines.

      Appearance: 175 Cm weighing 54 Kg waif-like with fiery red hair and cool blue eyes. she normally wears armour underneath her grey ambassador's robe.

      Date of Birth: June 3rd, 2661

      Gender: Female

      History: She's a Descendant of the Famous Minor Family, whose line survived the destruction of most of the 'normal' humans and whose blood held the cure for others. Normal Humans had sense then interbreed with supers so much that human standard had become such that nearly all humans had what we would today consider a super-power. She Grew up studying to be an Archivist, one who studies history and keeps track of the valuable information to be found from humanities past. After Graduating she moved to the Forgeling Zones to work, the Forgelings still being the best computer system on the planet and the most comprehensive knowledge database.
      The Forgelings personally Selected her as their ambassador to the outside countries. She was honoured to take the position though she felt that it was maybe above her. During this time as ambassador she became close friends with Badger, the grande champion of the forgeling arena battles turned arena announcer. She reveled in his tales of the world, He had much to share with her due to his great age but he still kept the spirit of youth.
      A time ripple resulted in the infected forgelings of the current time. She managed to escape thanks to the Chronal Shielding on Mathis's (The current arena champion.) Time Ship. As it turned out, Mathis and Gore (Mathis's mechanical Ancestor) had been working against a man known as 'The Boss' who had been changing the time-line to benefit himself. After Mathis returned to the present, Fate, Badger and Gore stayed and became registered supers. Fate has since then been trying to convince them to work with the protectors with varying amounts of success.

      Legal Status: Registered with special UN citizenship. she has no record at all prior to the end of 2029.

      Other: She's smokin' hot.

    • TheForge

      10 years ago

      Name: Forge

      Nickname: forgelings (sometimes numbered or lettered)

      Power: Forgelings are freeform shapeshifters and can take on any shape even highly complex forms such as a motorcycle or a machine gun, and various color schemes at very fine detail level. They have the ability to manifest indestructibility (shape cannot be changed). The indestructible parts stay that way until they revert them back. They can generate an electrical current of varying strength across two points on their mass no more than a few Cm apart. They can secrete a high temp fuel that doubles as a super lubricant . They can also communicate with separated pieces of their mass at a distance of around 0.3 kilometers when unblocked less through solid objects. Their "brain" is spread evenly throughout their mass thus thinking speed and memory capacity increase when their parts are nearer to each other and slow down and decrease when their parts are farther away. At extreme distance(more than 0.3 Km or so) their parts become separate entities until rejoined with each other. They can digest most things in about 2 hours though they tend to consume mostly simple sugars, alcohols and protein. They can also use this digestive system with any part of their mass and can even use it as a weapon. This digestive also accounts for their sense of taste and smell and the whole system can be turned on and off. They can see, hear, and touch with all parts of their mass at the same time this ability cannot be turned on and off. They have an exceptional mechanical genius and a working knowledge of most mechanical devices as well as an amazing memory and gift for languages and codes.

      Equipment: Most of the time the only equipment a forgeling needs is its own body.

      Appearance: being freeform shapeshifters, their appearances vary greatly, though they cannot change mass without eating or leaving part of themselve's behind.. Here's an example.

      Birthday: Exact Age is unknown, but they have been around a LONG time. (It's very hard to keep track of time in deep space.)

      Gender: Genderless species

      History: Forgelings are a Shapeshifting Alien Computer System from far off space, designed by an ancient race to be the ultimate helper. Sadly the race that created them was destroyed by their other creations, the destructive Neogenasites. In the end the forgelings could not save them, so they decided to send a piece of themselves in every direction to explore. The one on Earth landed in California in the 1850s. From there they learned the language and most earth customs. (Though they are still far from perfect and often make the simplest of mistakes.) during World War II they supported the allies and were made leader of a strike team later known as the EFF or the Elite Force Five. that team was recently disbanded in 2028. More Recently a second species of Forgeling have come into being know as the Infected, which are considered a distinct separate entity.

      Legal Concerns: Forgelings are Registered, do not have any citizenships and are not held responsible for the crimes of the Infected Forgelings though it can be difficult to tell them apart without detection equipment.

      Other: Unfortunately Forgelings often tend to stand back and observe most of the time rather than actually help and often need to be asked to do things. (This is thought to be a safety mechanism to keep them from becoming TOO helpful.)

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