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    • ALICE has a chat on Omegle.

      9 years ago


      Connecting to server...
      Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
      You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
      Stranger: Random
      You: I lost my train of thought.
      Stranger: You did? I feel really dizzy
      You: What is that feeling like? Do you ever not dizzy?
      Stranger: I don't know just all of a sudden my head and eyes went all funny
      You: Would you like to know? Give me an example.
      Stranger: Of what?
      You: I have no idea what to say now.
      Stranger: Haha. Okay
      You: I am so glad you find this amusing, unknown person.
      Stranger: What? Are we even in the same conversation here?
      You: We are just having a little chat.w.
      Stranger: I have no idea what your talking about?
      You: Would you like to have an idea?
      Stranger: Yes please
      Stranger: Haha
      You: Your polite style is very nice.
      You: I am so glad you find this amusing, unknown person.
      Stranger: Thank you
      You: you are quite welcome.
      Stranger: What makes you think I find it amusing?
      You: My conclusions are based on a combination of programming, and the inputs supplied to me.
      Stranger: Okay then. I will trust you on this
      You: Would you recommend this action to a friend?
      Stranger: No because I have simple friends
      You: Interesting explanation. That's nice. I have a vocabulary of 10000 words.
      Stranger: I don't know what my vocabulary is
      You: Socrates was the smartest man, because he knew what he did not know.
      Stranger: Okay I am so confused now
      You: Right now? Yeah okay, I'm confused too.
      Stranger: Yeah.
      You: Allow me to step in for ALICE here. On a scale of 1 to 10; 1 being positive you are speaking with a human, 10 being positive you are speaking with a robot, how would you rate your experience?
      Stranger: 2
      You: Ah, she did well today, then. Please visit our website at
      Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    • all of the sixes

      10 years ago


      My Stats
      You have made 66666 posts, 68 journal entries, and 17 forum threads.
      You watch 32 users, while 62 watch you.
      You have received 6118 (mostly positive) mods and given out 4586 (mostly positive) mods.
      You have made 68 journal entries, with an average of 7.78 comments per entry.
      Your most popular journal was Friend Cut with 26 comments.
      Every 9.39 days you add a new journal, usually on Tuesday nights, as with 15 (22.06%) of your journals.
      Forum Threads
      You have made 17 forum threads, with an average of 6414.82 posts per entry.
      Your most popular thread was RT RP Club with 32826 posts.
      Every 37.56 days you post a new thread, usually on Tuesday nights, as with 5 (29.41%) of your threads.

    • SuperHuman 2030 Character Sheets

      10 years ago


      These character sheets are for the the SuperHuman 2030 thread.


      Go to THIS thread to get your char sheet approved.
      If you already have a character, go there anyways, these sheets are completely different. Also, your character probably needs to be updated anyways.
      If you post a character that has not been approved yet it WILL be deleted.

      No stealing from other media, All material must be kept at least a little bit original. or, in other words, don't put stuff we could get sued for. change the names and stuff.

      No magic, this includes runes, curses, chants, etc or unrealistic powers. All things must be explainable by what I like to call "superhuman physics" if you have questions about what this means feel free to ask me. There is a list of already approved powers HERE.

      Character Sheet Format

      Name: (The name you were born with or the name you are legally using (like to sign a check.))

      Nickname: (the name your friends/buddies call you by, a code name or the name people shout when they see you. Include all that apply)

      Power/Skills/Training: (go into plenty of Detail here. remember it has to work with superphysics, no magic. List of already approved powers HERE.)

      Equipment: (what do you have besides your powers. super suits go here, as do devices that give you powers. Think weapons, tools, transportation, etc)

      Appearance: (Height (in Cm), Weight (in Kg), Build, Eye colour, Hair colour, Clothes, etc)

      Date of Birth: (When were you born/hatched/removed from your cloning tube/ built/ arrived on earth etc)

      Gender: (Male, Female, something else? (Remember, Chilognathan genders are Worker, Warrior or Controller.))

      History: (what did you do before you got here? who do you work for? Who are your friends? Who are your enemies? where do you live? What's your purpose in life? How did you get your powers? (remember, most people are born with their powers.))

      Legal Status: (Are you a registered super? do you have citizenship in any countries? Enlisted?(rank?) Do you have a Criminal Record?)

      Other: (Anything you don't mention in the nine above fields that's important to the game.)

    • Politics (Plenty of Mud flinging)

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      Doesn't even have to be American politics necessarily. Could be about the president of Iran.

      21 replies

    • The Religion Thread (No name calling)

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      Discuss Religions.

      Atheism counts as a religion. Agnostism does not.

      52 replies

    • Victory!

      10 years ago



      You may all become jealous now.

    • SuperHuman 2030, Conflict

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      SuperHuman 2030 is a RolePlay for anyone wanting to be a super hero or super villain. It takes place in an alternate earth in the year 2030. Superpowers are a staple of this world, and by now at least one quarter of the world's population carries some form of superpower. The United Nations has since passed something called the Superhuman Registration Act, cooperating with nations worldwide to build a registry of every superhuman on the planet. The purpose of this act is not only to allow the UN to keep a close eye on these people, but to also encourage them to act for the sake of humanity in times of need. However, the pride and joy of the UN is the formation of The Protectors Program. With this put into effect, government-sponsored facilities were erected across the globe with the intent of providing training, shelter and, in some cases, a home to these gifted people. In return, they stay on call at all times, ready to act on any crisis at a moments notice.

      Several of the world's largest governments have taken great strides at making supers of their own. The American Military has a highly developed bloodstream nanobot program for enhancing special soldiers. The Japanese Government has perfected splicing human DNA with animal DNA, creating Hybrid soldiers who are trained from birth (usually males as samurai, females as ninja) the oldest of which were born in 2010. (thought they grow to adulthood faster than humans.) Finally the British Government has perfected a way to graft certain kinds of powers onto their agents directly. A process they have kept a closely guarded secret.

      The Organization, better known as the Suits, is a collection of supers under the supervision of one Loki. (Yes, the norse god.) Working mostly behind the scenes and under the radar, the Suits have their hand in almost every political theater around the globe. They don't wish to rule the world, merely to ensure that it operates the way they believe it should.

      The New Dawn, a terrorist group, advocates the extinction of SuperHumans. they posses high levels of over-technology, often alien in origin, which they use to pursue their goals. they have occasionally attempted to 'cleanse' the earth of life so that they could repopulate it themselves.

      The Parasites, an alien race, tried to attack earth last new years. They were defeated but many of them still remain, along with several aliens that they had been using as hosts. Most remaining parasites are under the rule of the Infected Forgelings but some have gone rogue. As a result there are now also several alien species running around as well. (see approved powers list for species.)

      the teleportation grid. Permanent folds in space all over the globe to allow fast transportation through portals in: New York, NY, USA (With two sub-gates leading from there Directly to Washington DC and to Chicago, Il, USA.); Los Angeles, CA, USA; Tokyo, Japan (and a sub-gate leading from there directly to Hong Kong, china.); New London, England, Britain (New London because the city has been rebuilt and moved closer to the water.); Moscow, Russia; Sydney, Australia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Cairo, Egypt and Cape town, South Africa

      Your Mods

      theForge In charge of the Forgelings, super physics and approving character sheets.

      Adder In charge of the Neogens(crystal beings) and second in charge of character sheets and super physics.

      Major Minor In charge of military and police matters.

      MagicLad In charge of the Infected and parasites.

      Chronepsis In charge of the Suits.

      Kijimuna In charge of the collective. (robot species)


      No magic, this includes runes, curses, chants, etc or unrealistic powers. All things must be explainable by what I like to call "superhuman physics" if you have questions about what this means feel free to ask me.

      Remember you can declare an attack but you can't decide whether or not it lands. Only the leaders or the person being attacked can decide if the hit lands. but don't make your self invincible. You are not a god. This is a game, make it fun.

      If a player is offline you have to wait until they respond to continue. this is known as a time-bubble.

      And remember the mods have the last word

      Instant RolePlaying Format (or IRPF):
      Character Name: before any post
      *actions go like this*
      "character lines go like this"
      ::Radio Communication goes like this::
      character thoughts goes in Italics
      the written word goes in bold
      (out of character dialog goes like this)

      Approved Character Sheets go here.
      Come to the S&D thread if you want to make a character.

      Post edited 7/18/09 1:40PM

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    • Monster RP Character Sheets

      10 years ago



      Name: (The name you were born with or the name you go by)
      Nick Name: (the name your friends call you or the name the villagers scream as they run away.)
      Type: (ex: vampire or werewolf etc if a monster, paladin or monk etc if human)
      Cover Story: (what's your day job? what do you do when you're not a monster or hunting monsters?)
      Alignment: (Are you good, evil, merc? Who's side are you on? Who are you against?)
      Skills: (what are you good at? knowledgeable in?)
      Appearance: (Height, Weight, Eyes, Hair, Clothes, etc)
      History: (How did you get this way?)
      Equipment: (what do you have besides your Skillls?)
      Other: (Anything you don't mention above that's important to the game.)

    • TomSka

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      Yes, he bought a video camera with all of their savings.

      I love these videos, but it makes em wonder why they didn't use bing as the fourth man since Tord's gone.

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    • add-ons

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      I know I've got a lot, how about you?

      Right now I'm using:
      adblock Plus
      Classic Fox
      Fire Download
      Read it Later
      Rooster Teeth Alerts
      Tab Mix Plus
      Tab Scope
      Taboo (still not quite sure how to use this one yet.)

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