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      3 years ago


      I found out last night. I'm gonna be a Guardian at RTXAU. A runner specifically. I'm so excited because this is probably the closest I can get to working for Rooster Teeth (right now anyway haha). But truly I'm honoured to be a part of the first RTXAU. These guys are my heroes and I'd be happy to be their garbage man.

      On a personal note. I've had a kind of shitty year. A lot of rejections and a lot of opportunities that didn't pan out, and on some level I was expecting the same from this.. but they said yes, and it's actually made me really happy beyond just being able to work at RTX. I look forward to making new friends and doing a kickass job. And Technology Park is right down the road from me so score on that!

    • Back Into Gaming

      4 years ago


      Four years ago I was pretty sure I was finished with the gaming world. Just that my lifestyle didn't facilitate it anymore. I had always been a Nintendo fan and thought Skyward Sword would be my swan song but after an hour of playing, I didn't pick it up again.. and didn't really mind, and for a couple of years I just kind of forgot about it all.

      Then a couple of months ago I saw all the promotion and marketing for Batman Arkham Knight and immediately I wanted a Playstation 4 and to get back into it all. So I broke out my old Wii and fired up Skyward Sword again. I thought, if I finish this then I'm serious about it and I'll get back into gaming. The other week I did, and after saving up for a few months, I bought a PS4. I bought Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Evolve and The Last of Us.. and I'm super psyched for Final Fantasy VII's remake.

      So yeah.. I'm back into gaming.. with a passion. I'm a Playstation guy now. Arkham Knight is badass.. and going from Zelda to Bloodborne was epic culture shock.

    • Travelling To Austin

      5 years ago


      In a week's time it'll be (just past) my birthday. BUT It will also be day one of my five week journey across the US! Not the first time I've been there but I'll be going to a whole bunch of new places. Austin being one of them :)

    • Clerks 3!

      6 years ago


      Kevin Smith has finished a draft of Clerks 3. So excited!

    • "Drama Class"

      6 years ago


      Every since I started watching Red vs. Blue three years ago, I've thought "Shit! I want to do what those guys do!". For the last eight or nine months, I've taken my first real crack at it. Here's the first episode:

    • Oscars 2013

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      So hey, I'm Elias and I just officially became a sponsor. I thought I'd start things off by opening a discussion about the winners and I guess losers at this years Academy Awards, or Oscars now technically. If you wouldn't mind, please keep the conversation relatively intelligent, like no "OMG JLaw totz fell over on her way to get the award HAHZHahhaa".

      In a nutshell my thoughts are: Argo definitely deserved the best picture win, but why in the world wasn't Affleck nominated for Best Director? The script won, the film won... but anyway, can't do anything about that. Has anyone seen Life of Pi? I haven't, but I was very surprised Ang Lee won Best Director. I thought it was probably gonna go to Spielberg or out of left field to Haneke. I was in agreement on the actor wins, were you? I was pretty upset that Dark Knight Rises didn't even get a nomination for Best Visual Effects. Most of that prologue plane hijacking sequence was done in camera. Absolutely incredible! Also, I seem to be the only person I know who didn't really enjoy Django Unchained. [SPOILERS] I thought it was too long and heavy on sequences that didn't necessarily drive the plot forward and therefor killed the tension for me. Also, it was all too easy for Django and Schultz to kill the Brittle Bros., Calvin and Stephen. No struggle, no catharsis. Thoughts?

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    • Washington in Breaking Bad

      7 years ago


      After polishing off the first four seasons of Mad Men I've finally got into Breaking Bad. I near the end of season two & low and behold, my favourite protagonist from Reconstruction shows up as an amateur meth head.

    • On The Hunt For Good Tequila

      7 years ago


      Tequila is my drink of choice. Unfortunately finding really good Tequila in Australia is very difficult. So far the best, and my favourite that I have found is Jose Cuervo Black. An anejo tequila that you can generally find for somewhere around $50, but even that one is getting scarce. I take pride in my enjoyment of good tequila and not clear, worm crap, so I must venture to find bottle shops that stock the good brown stuff from south of the USA border. If only I were in Texas. I'll report back later on my quest.

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