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    • It's All Dead!!!

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        This side of the forums seems to be completely dead! Seems a shame to leave perfectly good infinite space lying around...Perhaps...

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    • End Of RWBY | Beginning Of RWBY 2

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         I have no idea why I'm even posting this. Why I am even thinking this. But I feel like this is something that I know.

         We are only in volume six. How could I possibly know what I am about to say next? To be honest, I have no idea where this even came from. But for some reason, it just clicked:

         RWBY will die.

      Our beloved team of four will die by the conclusion of the show. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang will all eventually die.

         I also believe that RWBY as a show itself will live on. Team JNR and whoever else we pickup along the way will all live on. They will retell the stories of team RWBY and we will even see statues of RWBY themselves as a team, side by side. All four will pass on into legend as being the heroes of Remnant.


         We can only guess at what everyone else will be doing. Jaune will probably teach at or be headmaster at an Academy of some sorts. Ren and Nora might follow suit.

         Naturally, the show would end there. The tale of RWBY is over.

         But I believe otherwise.

         I think that RT will want to continue with Remnant. I believe that we will get to see what life is like after RWBY concludes. Think of it like RWBY 2. That might actually be what it's called.

         I think we will follow an entirely different set of characters and see some recurring characters like Jaune, Ren, and Nora just as older much wiser adults compared to their adventerous youth.


      For some reason this just clicked in my head as a thing that I a hundred percent expect to happen. I expect the RWBY team will somehow be the heroes of Remnant.

         Saving the world with the powers of the maidens, (maidens being Ruby as Summer, Weiss as Winter, Blake as Spring, and Yang as the Fall maiden.) and Jaune, Ren, and Nora (among a few others) live on in the new world to retell the legends of their time. With statues dedicated to them.

         I expect we might see at the end of RWBY that everything goes completely white and we are left out as to what end Remnant has come to.

         Then we will get a cliffhanger/end of RWBY with a new character, or pair of four characters staring at a statue dedicated to our four girls. With the new youth (much like RWBY in volume one) inspired by the heroes immortalized before them.

         We then would transition or simply cut to the entire and complete end of RWBY as a series.

         Left with a million questions, the RWBY community will then ask if there will be a sequel to RWBY in which Rooster Teeth will then reply basicially saying "There are plans for a RWBY 2 in the works."

         We then would pick up where we left off, exploring the new world of Remnant with the new generation of young and inspired characters learning about the world and the once legends who saved it.

      I do not know why I believe that is going to be the outcome at the very end. But it just clicked and I had to tell it. I hope I didn't worry anybody as I am not currently a writer for Rooster Teeth and have no idea what is in store for any of the next volumes or characters. I just feel like that is the outcome we will see in the end.

         But no worries now. For it is only volume six. We have many more years to go before RWBY even comes close to closing it's first chapter.

      ***UPDATE*** 1/26/2019

         A slight update here but I also thought of an alternative or just an addition to how RWBY could end.


         Summer. The ultimate mystery. She can't stay a secret, and she can't stay dead.

      Long story short, I'm just going to say I can see Summer and Ruby both using their silver eyes at the end to do some crazy shit to Salem or something.

         Why do I say this? Because I was thinking that it wouldn't surprise me if RT made Ruby talk to Summer or her ghost, soul, whatever. It makes sense that a giant secret hinted and teased at throughout this entire show is actually revealed in person and not flashbacks or some crazy long backstory.

         Either Summer never actually died or RT will find a way to get Summer to return (in some form) and use her silver eyes along with Ruby's too do some crazy end show stuffs.

         There was my update. Hope you like it and makes sense :)

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    • Looking Back

      4 months ago


         I was going through my Twitter and my RT profile and was amazed to see things that I don't even remember doing from like four years ago. Most of it I cringed and laughed at. But hey, I guess thats just how time flows.

    • RWBY's New Showtime: How It Has Divided The Forums

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         I have been constantly annoyed by the new showtime for RWBY's episodes.

      Back in the good old days, I would be able to watch the newest episode of RWBY, get all hyped, angered, happy, ect... and then I would go post about it, and talk with other people that have seen that episode. The forums were active and everyone could participate.

         Now I am scared of the pages and pages (literal pages) of forum posts that have the mighty spoiler defense system everywhere.

         Now all I can do is move my mouse cursor to the side, and hope that I don't read anything that was meant to be kept a secret.

         Now for anyone who doesn't know, the old scheduling system for RWBY went like so:

      1) An Episode of RWBY would release to the public on Saturday. Being starred as "first only" up until Monday or Tuesday where it would fully release to everyone; and then the following Saturday, the new episode would release and repeat.

         The great thing about the old scheduling dates, was that I was free to watch the new RWBY episode on Monday or Tuesday and then I would be free to post and talk with others about it until the next "first" episode on Saturday.

         I would then take myself out of the forums and wait two days until I started posting/talking with people again just so I wouldn't spoil the new episode. Then by that time, the first members who watched the episode already talked about it, and I could read all of what they said without spoiling the show and respond to them in a decent amount of time.

         I could be active.

         But with the new system, there is no way to be active anymore. Let me explain.

      2) With the new scheduling dates, a new episode of RWBY releases to everyone on Saturday. Not so bad right? On the Saturday of that release, the very next episode releases at the same time to all first-members; and guess what. That episode doesn't become fully released until a week after on that same Saturday.

         This means that I cannot participate in the forums for an entire week until that episode switches to non-first. But guess what happens after that!? The next episode releases right when the old one goes non-first!!!

         Oh Shit!!!

         For people who don't contribute to the RWBY forum posts and threads, it has basically no impact. But for someone who actively participates in the forums. Getting completely locked out of the forums for RWBY is insanity!

         Now yes, I am not literally locked out. But, one week later, when I can finally start reading the redacted posts, the conversation has already started on the newest episode and is already over! Not to mention there are pages and pages of posts that I cannot respond to because there are so many and that was literally last week!

         This new schedule limits a fan's capability of what to post, where they can post, and who they can interact with. And let me tell you, its NOT ANY FIRST MEMBERS!!!

         Yes, this was most likely a "business decision" on the part of ensuing more first memberships. But honestly there are better ways to do it than locking fans out of the forums. Because trust me, you can't have a conversation about something that happened a week ago when everyones already talked about it.

         I could talk about it with non-first members. But a lot of the people I used to talk about RWBY with are first-members.

         There is a divide here. A divide between first, and non-first members. And it is really pissing me off. I used to interact with the forums like every day. But now I can't read ANY of the forum threads now because RT has successfully divided their community in half.

         The old schedule allowed me to talk with both members. And I didn't mind missing out on Sunday and Saturday because that allowed the first members to talk about RWBY by themselves away from the mass that is the rest of the community. And even then, I didn't miss anything because the posts are only two days old by the time I am able to watch the new episode. Then the forums are open for everyone until the following weekend.

         But now, I can't post on the RWBY thread because right when I get to watch my episode, the forums are bombarded with posts from next week's episode!

         So please RT! Revert BACK to the old schedule!!! You have sliced your RWBY forum community in half. And I miss the old days of where I could talk about the newest episode of RWBY with everyone. And most people I talk with are first members. So not only have I been locked out of the RWBY forums, I can't even discus RWBY with the usual people I talk with and have productive conversations with!

         So I am asking you RT. Please fix this! I love RWBY and I love talking about RWBY with like-minded people. But I just can't do it now. Not with this scheduling. Not like this...

         So please. Fix It

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    • Been Forever! What should I do?

      1 year ago


         I haven't posted anything on my journal in forever! Its always been on the RWBY forum thread(s). Maybe I'll think to post some written up fanfictions or some awesome idea I have for RWBY. Someday..........over the rainbow!

    • Chapter 1 overview

      2 years ago


      Here is the long awaited Chapter One Overview!!!

         Ok. Maybe not that exciting but it gives good info on why I wrote chapter one the way I did along with other things. Hope you find it intresting and hopefully it will help you guys who are somewhat confused about Chapter one.

      WARNING: Don't read untill you have read chapter one or it will spoil it!

         Chapter One Overview

    • AT LAST!!!

      2 years ago


      The fan fiction has finally been posted after a week of delays and reviewing!

         I posted this on Deviantart .com because its the only place I know/use to post things. I would have loved to post my RWBY fan fiction here but I just wasn't sure if it would turn out well.

      So, first off...

         If anyone has any problems I do have a disclaimer post.


         If you guys have any helpful tips or suggestions on where to post or what to do/post/say, I am open to every idea out there as I need all the help I can get starting this up.

         I will be adding an Overview at the end of each chapter in a different post two days after each chapter so people don't go accidentally reading the overview(s) and spoil the good stuff.

         I also would love if you guys share the link/fan fiction with your friends to grow a bigger "viewer base". Just don't go copying and pasting things.

         Other then that, any tips and suggestions are awesome and will be welcomed.



      Chapter One

         The folder that I throw all this stuff into is a nicer "browsing" way of finding chapters that I will probably end up linking instead of the chapter itself. But for now,

      Enjoy reading and share as much as you want!

    • The Fanfiction is arriving!

      2 years ago


      The fanfiction shall be posted sometime later today (Friday) as I have not had much time to post after going back over it, school and whatnot. It will be linked/posted later today. If you guys have a time you would rather me post, I don't mind considering the time. :D

    • RWBY: Fanfictions!

      2 years ago


      I have finally finished at 2:00am the first chapter of my RWBY fanfiction! So tired and so amazing that I did it. I will trim things up with it and see if I can find a way to link it to you guys if you want to read it.

    • Test Post

      2 years ago


      Just testing to make sure I know how this works.

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