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    • Archer Kid Stories: Why I Play Videogames

      6 years ago


      Now that the header and teaser pictures got your attention, allow me to explain the purpose of this blog here:

      One day I was writing a comment to Alpha Unit's awesome blogWhy Did You Start Playing Video Games when I realized that pretty much everyone skips long comments on blog posts and that I had been procrastinating on writing anything for SA, so I just decided to post my reply as this boring, yet un-inspiring story about my childhood...
      I was never really a sociable person, while other kids would go out and play soccer on the streets, I would stay home and play around with Microsoft Paint for hours, learning some really awesome effects on it and generally just living on my own little world on the computer.

      Drawn by Jack Archer, Age 20

      One day, just a few weeks after my 3rd birthday, my dad asked one of his favorite students called Ramon to babysit me for a few hours. Not knowing what to do to entertain me, he decided to show me a game he had just bought a few days before for his Sega Genesis:
      Mortal Kombat 2

      Kind of explains why I turned out the way I did, if you stop to think about it...

      Right off the bat, I was amazed at what was happening on-screen, I didn't care about the characters punching each other nor did I care about the massive amount of pixelated blood. What I cared about was the fact that the characters moved everytime a button was pressed on the controller. I was marveled by the thought that I could control every single move of this tiny person on the screen with my own hands.
      Over the course of the following 2 years, my parents started buying a few educational games for me, including, but not limited to: the Carmen Sandiego series, Disney's Art Studio Collection, the Incredible Machine 2 and the Trampolin and Vermic series, furthering my interest and curiosity on this whole new world I had been recently introduced to.

      Although, I was always creeped out by this thing....

      1997 hit and I was sent to summer school because of my parents' busy work schedule. It was there where I made contact with my first arcade cabinet. It was the sequel of the game that started it all:
      After I came back home, I enthusiastically told my dad about the game, always avoiding the details about all the violence in it and begged him to buy me some non-educational games. He accepted and asked Ramon to help him pick some games I'd like, coming back with one game that had just come out that day.
      After installing it with Ramon's help, I enthusiastically sat in front of the computer and started playing. Something in this game immediatly made everything click in my mind and changed my life forever.

      I'm not gonna lie, people, I just had an orgasm after posting this picture here...

      MDK is the whole reason why I'm here today. Even though it was Mortal Kombat the one that got me interested in videogames, MDK was the one that really got me obsessed with them. I wont really go into details about why it had that effect on me (that's stuff for a future blog), but if I had to say, in a nutshell, why I continue to play videogames to this day is because I'm still trying to find another game that can capture my attention the way this one did.
      Well, thank you for reading this bit of my extremely boring and uneventful childhood. I hope reading this has made you a better person or something.
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