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    • Sitting there waiting for the new Let's Play to come out...

      4 years ago


      ...And then you realise it's Saturday.

    • My cat is really cute..

      4 years ago


      .. And it's distracting and stopping me from getting stuff done.

    • 5 Facts...

      4 years ago


      So I'm bored and I can't sleep. So I'm going to shove facts about me into your face.

      1. I'm originally from a place called Surrey in England. I come from quite a posh family, but I grew up with a lot of kids from London, as I lived relatively close to their, and I have the most mashed up and weird posh/South London/Somersetian accent. Though after a few drinks I go completely London with my accent I don't know why and I don't even realise I'm doing it.

      2. I wish I had more time. I'm constantly motivated to work and I wish I had more time for people, I hate sitting around doing nothing and sometimes I feel like that's what I'm doing when I'm with people. I don't know why and I hate myself for it, I just like getting things done and I often find myself isolated and alone. Which sucks.

      3. This kind of ties into the previous one. Other than lately due to a lot happening that has knocked my sleeping patterns completely out, I have a very strict routine. I get up at the crack of dawn each day, which lately has been around half 6. I then either run through the fields where I live to a beautiful sunrise scene, or I lift weights. Each day alternates. This is followed by a breakfast, while I get some work done of some sort, and then a day of work/college. On my days off or in the evenings, I work on my college work and write music. I then go to bed between half 9 and half 10. Half 10 at the moment, due to the fact it's not light enough outside to run before about 6.30-7am. The process repeats, with my sleeping patterns gradually shifting in the summer and then getting ruined by daylight savings and me having to readjust.

      4. I've always wanted to learn to sing. I have a good ear and can play several instruments, and can critically analyse just about any track that is given to me, but I can't sing to save my life. I'm always flat and have a very limited vocal range. This doesn't deter me, as I know that with practice I'm sure I can do it. And I'll probably have time to try when I finish college this year.

      5. I'm not someone who spends hours reading, as I always feel I could be getting something done in that time. But I do hate not understanding something. I will go out of my way to discover how something works, even if it's completely not relevant to me. If I don't understand it, I feel stupid. My brain is filled with information that I'm never going to use simply about how stuff works.

      6. Bonus fact! The above pretty much confirms that I am super lame. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • So I thought I'd make a journal about my music taste over the years...

      4 years ago


      I've been into music my whole life, even if when I was younger it was just bands like Busted; who are probably lost on anyone who isn't from the UK, still awesome to this day though.

      When I was around 12, I got into 80s heavy metal and glam rock; Aerosmith, Motley Crue stuff like that, as well as bands from the current scene. And I pretty much remained exclusively listening to various metal genres until I was about 16 or so. Cue embarrassing image of my massive dyed hair. TheJamesP51b90252dd101.jpg
      Yep. And that wasn't even the longest/biggest it was, to find that image I'd probably have to reactivate Facebook and find it somewhere on there.

      Anyway, I grew up a lot in the last few years, and have come to realise there is no bad music. If somebody enjoys music, then let them enjoy it. All music can be appreciated with an open mind. When I listened to stuff like death metal, I'd always have people telling me that 'it's just a guy screaming into a microphone' or 'it's just noise'. Forgetting of course, that fundamentally all music is just noise. Metal doesn't necessarily always have a melody, but music by definition does not require a melody.

      Melodic and repetitive music will always do better in the charts, because it's easier to listen to and it's catchy. Does it being repetitive make it bad? No. There may not be as much technique to a lot of pop music as there is with a lot of other genres, but music should be defined by it's audiences enjoyment of that music, rather than the amount of technique that went into it.

      Same goes for the view that metal music is too aggressive, to some people, that is a release and an enjoyment.

      This is something we're all guilty of, and it doesn't mean that we should like the music other people listen to, it simply means that we shouldn't disagree with somebody for enjoying it.

      Another comment I see a lot of is the "You only like that band because you think the lead singer is hot." This is true for a lot of fans out there, but its not necessarily a bad thing. If a musician puts the time into their image to make themselves attractive, why shouldn't the fans appreciate that? The music industry isn't just about putting out good music anymore. You need the entire package. The looks, the personality and the music. Without these an artist can never hope to build up a community of 'superfans', which is where most of their money is generated.

      As bad as it may seem to some, the music industry simply isn't about music anymore. Is this a bad thing? I don't think so, it gives artists more of an opportunity than ever to build up a community and a more solid fanbase, especially with social media. Rooster Teeth is a prime example of this, obviously in a different form of media. Rooster Teeth has a community that would have been so much more difficult to achieve 20 years ago, and it's the same case with music.

      Basically what I'm saying is, appreciate all music, even if you don't like it. The internet is great. And I went completely off of my original topic. Oh, and my current music taste I can simply define as 'music'. I'll listen to anything. From orchestral music to house music, whatever gets thrown at me that day.

    • So sometimes I use the lightning smiley..

      4 years ago


      This one; smiley13.gif . And I just realised I have no idea if it has an actual meaning. I just like the look of it. I hope to God it hasn't got some meaning that everyone on here is in on and that I had no idea about. I'm going to look like one of those mum's on Facebook who awkwardly comment 'lol' on things thinking it means 'lots of love' or something.

      I am stupid.

    • 4 years ago

    • Trying to decide between two guitars..

      4 years ago


      I'm planning on buying a 7 string Matt Heafy signature Les Paul or a Mockingbird ST TR. I've always wanted a Les Paul, but I do like the idea of pretending to be Slash and I love the Mockingbird shape, and I don't know how often I'd need a lower B string anyway...

    • Well, it looks like I'm single again.

      4 years ago


      It's been two years and I can't remember whether being single sucked or not.

    • What if...

      4 years ago


      I was thinking about the effects of nuclear warfare and then I thought to myself, what if our atmosphere is the result of a species, just as or more intelligent than our own, that wiped itself out with a variation of radioactive weapons? And all the species alive today are just the result of evolutionary and mutational changes over billions of years to adapt to the newly created unnatural atmospheric variation. What if the ozone layer breaking down isn't as a result of global warming, but as a result of this non-intentional artificial atmosphere reaching it's half life and breaking down? And what if tree's started producing this atmosphere as a result of a cancerous effect the weapon's radiation had on their ability to photosynthesise?

      A lot of what ifs there...

      Nah, it's probably nothing.

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