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    • Does anyone else...

      4 years ago


      Does anyone else become self aware of their own breathing and then you sort of have to manually breathe and it kind of becomes a pain in the ass as you find yourself concentrating more on your breathing than anything else? Or is that just me?

    • 4 years ago

    • I've been accepted into the uni I was aiming for!

      4 years ago


      So I've been conditionally accepted into DBS Music in Bristol, to study Music and Sound for Games and Apps. (

      I'm dead excited as I'm a big fan of writing music for film and TV and in the last year have expanded to the non-linear sound design that is designing sound for video games. I love the fact that the games industry has taken a form of media that was once set in stone as a linear art form and have changed it so it can be manipulated to react to a person's actions. A big player in this for me is of course the Halo series and Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori's scores for the series.

      As mentioned in my last journal, Monty Oum was also a big inspiration for me a few years back before I had even ventured into sound design for film. I'm hoping that this course will allow me to expand my knowledge and skillset so I can eventually create something that Monty would have been proud to be an inspiration for.

      I just need to get the grades in my current course, and dig out my GCSE certificates, as the university has requested those as well.

      Needless to say, I'm very excited about this course. smiley0.gif

    • The Passing of Monty Oum

      4 years ago


      So I've been thinking a lot about the events of the past few days and honestly, I'm devastated.

      Although I never met Monty in person, I fell in love with his work as soon as I saw Haloid back in 2007. I was a huge fan of both the Halo and Metroid Prime series, mainly Metroid Prime Hunters on my DS, haha, so it immediately drew my attention. I loved the way he managed to mix the two so well, in such an awesome animation sequence.

      Admittedly, I didn't follow Monty's work after that, I was only 12 in 2007, so I had the attention span of a fly. I did however, continue watching Red vs Blue, which I had been a fan of since about mid-way through season 2. (I live in the middle of nowhere and the only things 9 year old me had were an xbox with the Halo: Combat Evolved Silent Cartographer demo, and a computer with a mediocre internet connection, so Red vs Blue was the greatest thing to 9 year old me)

      This meant that when that warthog crashed through the wall, my mind was blown, even more so when I saw that this was the work of Monty Oum. It was truly magnificent.

      My reason for writing this post, however, is because of Monty's work in season 9. I occasionally have a play in software such as Poser and Maya, but I am by no means an animator. I am a student in music production and at the end of last year I applied to several universities to study music and sound for films, video games, or something along those lines. Monty's work with Jeff Williams really drove me to follow that path, rather than the more traditional path I was originally going to follow. The following scene being a major player in that:
      And the following is an extract from my personal statement in my application for uni, which I sent off at the end of last year:

      His ability to work with the music in complete synchronisation gave a whole new meaning to a form of expression that I had known my entire life. He literally created new possibilities for me that I had never thought to pursue, or even knew existed. His work changed my perception, and my life goals. I had never really been too sure what I wanted to do with my life, until I saw Monty Oum's work within Roosterteeth.

      A while back I created a track using samples from Red vs Blue. It was for a college assignment and isn't the sort of music I'd normally create, but I love a new challenge, and I enjoyed making it. So it kind of sucks, but I thought I should share something I've created pursuing my dreams. It was made in a very limited amount of time, which I guess is appropriate as Monty was famed for creating amazing things even with lots of limitations. I know this is in no way going to live up to Monty's work, but here it is anyway:

      I know that I'm kind of a nobody on this website and I am far off creating music to the standard I hope to be at eventually, but Monty Oum genuinely had a huge impact on my life, even if he never knew it, or even knew I existed. Even though I'm a musician, and not an animator, he still managed to inspire me to go in a whole new direction. A direction that I love.

      Thankyou, Monty. You are my inspiration to succeed. You will be missed, always.

    • 4 years ago

    • What A/V setup are you using?

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      Just wondering what the community is using for their movie/TV/gaming/whatever else set up. Be that just a TV or a full 'home cinema' set up. I want full details people. ;) Anyone in the community got a dream set up?

      I'll get the ball rolling;

      I'm using a pretty basic projector; The Optoma HD70, with a 75" screen and a (again, pretty basic) Sony 5.1 surround sound system, the str-ks1300. Hooked up to this is my 360 and my Apple TV. (Saved up the money for an Xbox One on a couple of occasions, only to have things such as car problems suck it away again, I'll get it eventually!)

      It's pretty much sufficient when you consider my living area is very much compact and I only have about 8 or 9 feet from my viewing position to the screen, so I'm happy.

      What's everyone else using?

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    • So I've got two responses on UCAS thus far...

      4 years ago


      I've had a conditional offer and an unconditional one, but still no response from the uni I'm aiming for. They emailed me saying they received it and it could take a couple of weeks to get a response. So now the agonising wait with my fingers crossed... smiley4.gif

    • My only journal's so far have been about an iPhone...

      4 years ago


      I need to think of something witty to post to change that fact.

      Fuck, I've fallen for my own trap and made another journal about iPhone's.

      .. I'm not an Apple fanboy. Promise.

    • How do you pronounce 'DAW'?

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      A question for the audiophiles (or whatever it is you feel like calling yourself) of the community.

      So I was talking to someone today about DAWs, and I pronounced it like 'jaw'. This person looked very confused at me and I had to elaborate by spelling the letters out.

      Does anyone else pronounce it like this? Or am I alone in the world on this one? Thinking back I've only ever heard it spelled out... smiley4.gif

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    • So the iPhone 6 Plus is great and all, but I do have one big complaint.

      4 years ago


      The iPhone 6 Plus introduced a cool new feature which was a big selling point for myself; The landscape mode for the home screen. It sounds like quite a small feature, but I'm a big user of my phone in landscape mode and the idea of not having to constantly switch between portrait and landscape mode really appealed to me, and it's one of the features I really liked about the iPad, among other tablets.

      The problem is that a lot of the apps have not adopted this landscape orientation, so I still find myself constantly switching between the two, defeating the purpose entirely. I get that it's a new feature and developers need time to implement a feature, but it's been a good three months now and I don't know of any apps that are implementing a landscape mode that weren't before.

      I also understand that Twitter and apps like that make more sense in portrait mode, but it would be nice to have the option for people, like me, who are too lazy for switching constantly, and like the landscape keyboard for typing.

      It's my understanding that almost all, if not all, apps on the iPad are required to have a landscape mode, and I don't know why we don't have the option to use these apps on the iPhone 6 Plus. The screen size difference between the 6 Plus and the iPad Mini is the same as the difference between the iPad Mini and the full sized iPad, so I imagine most apps would work. And with the exception of the Air 2, all the previous iPads have had almost identical internal specs to that of the same gen's iPhone, so compatibility issues can't have much of a play in it.

      Clearly I've put too much thought into this and maybe I'm the only one effected, but it sure does bug me.

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