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    • Conflicted

      1 year ago


      I decided to cave and get my first RT merch. Was gonna go for a camp camp shirt, rt hoodie and then a patch or something for my bag .

      But...I can't decide between the max or Nikki shirt. Max is my favourite character but blue is my favourite colour and I hate red :/

    • Show retention on RoosterTeeth

      1 year ago


      What are the key characteristics that will cause/enable shows to be able to be continued within roosterteeth? 

      I'm assuming:

      1.) Profit

      2.) Viewer/Audience feedback

      3.) Creator/Management want to continue

      Basically, what increases the chances of shows such as RWBY and Camp-Camp (which, probably have a slightly more niche audience) being continued until completion? 

      I'm tempted to get Camp Camp merch even if it isn't necessarily the best merch available, just because I want to support the show. Same goes for RWBY.

    • Audience interaction

      2 years ago


      Audiences of productions tend to have a strange vocal minority that really annoy me. Most people don't do it, but I just can't understand people that try to live vicariously through the RT Cast members or act as though they mean something to them.

      Like, people cause drama and insult the members they don't like which just makes no sense. They are working to produce content for you, consume the content and move on. You're allowed to admire them and be a fan, but the only effect you should have on their life is the content they produce. 

      If there's a problem with the content, fair enough, point it out and RT will change it because it's the way they make money, but if it's the people in the content that bothers you it's not your place to judge. Just leave, it's not FOR you.

      It actually makes me angry when I see comments aimed at specific members, for example Lidsay/Michael's parenting and stuff. Because, unless they bring it up in a podcast it's not your fucking business to butt into. 

      And yeah, sure, sometimes the cast are partly to blame by posting gripes on twitter or something but even then, personal social media is different to actual RT content. 

      If I go on twitter and complain that school sucked, that's not a call to arms for people I know to attack my school it's just my daily gripe. If I had a popular production company and I did the same thing through it's official feed that's different.

      Basically, some people suck and I've lost my sympathy for it.

    • Drunk via tiredness?

      2 years ago


      So, I had a late night, followed by an early morning yesterday/today and the previous days I didn't get much sleep either. I'm in a weird state of feeling as if I were slightly tipsy/drunk which is fun. 

      Also, in one of the Sponsor bonus bits of On The Spot there's a hilarious part where Jeremy sounds exactly like Johnny in 'The Room' where he goes "Oh hi doggy!" only, Jeremy is pretending to see a fucking whale. "OH HI WHALE!"

      I'm in bits. Help.

    • Getting my shit together.

      2 years ago


      Well, I fucked up. E in maths, U in Further Maths D in Physics.

      My only good grade was a Merit (B) in Engineering. So, I've set myself a minimum to achieve next year and I'm gonna actually put the work in.

    • Exams

      2 years ago


      So, I get my results tomorrow. That's fun. I'm uh, not really looking forward to it though, I know I've done sub-par at best.

      One thing it's made me notice though, is that, I've got a really weird lack of effort/motivation to do stuff. I guess being apathetic would be the right term for it? I dunno. But uh, lately it's really annoyed me. I know I could get straight A's if I revised, and tried but I just can't find it in me to bother.

      Anyone else in my shoes would totally take the opportunity and I'm lucky to be able to understand and learn things the way I do, a lot of people genuinely struggle, but I take it for granted and waste it.

      Even worse, I'm bitching to internet strangers and I'll complain about it but the exact problem I'm talking about stops me from fixing it. I just kinda...can't break the laziness/lack of motivation.

      IDK. Anyone relate?

    • Laziness

      2 years ago


      So, I'm too lazy to do daily posts, I'll just do them whenever I feel like it. Not exactly like I'm the most interesting person anyway lol, but yeah :P

    • Yawn (Daily Post #6)

      2 years ago


      Welp, today was pretty boring. Did nothing all day, and am super tired somehow, which makes all of the sense. 

      Looking for some teams for PUBG though, seems more fun with a freind :P

    • Whoops...? (Daily Post #4 and #5)

      2 years ago


      I uh...forgot...heh. I've had a really nice last few days though. I finally picked up PUBG and I absolutely suck at it even though I love it. 

      In all seriousness though, not much of note other than PUBG. Generally average days, no work to complain about. Just...relaxing :)

    • R6S has taken me again...

      2 years ago


      So, I used to really like Rainbow Six: Seige then I got sick of it and had to quit for a while. I've been suckered back in and am more addicted than ever now. 

      Anyone else enjoying the game? If so, wanna squad up maybe? 

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