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    • New update from SideQuest!

      2 years ago


      Haven't had a chance to check out our info on the SideQuest Community Weekend yet? Well, you're in luck! We've got a few announcements and would love for you to check them out!

      And, if you're one of the few who hasn't had a chance to get your SQCW tickets yet, we've still got those for sale, too! Check out more info and get your tickets here!

      Also, if you wanna follow SideQuest on Twitter (or me!) or like us on Facebook, you should do that, too!

    • The very first General Chatter episode!

      2 years ago


      Good news, everyone!

      We've got our very first public episode of General Chatter up now for your viewing and listening pleasure! Check out yours truly along with @16BitsOfAwesome and @PhoenixFilms as we sit down at talk about Power Rangers, Marvel, and Nintendo Switch issues. Make sure you check us out on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to us on YouTube!

      And now, without further ado... the first episode of General Chatter.

    • Haven't gotten your SideQuest Community Weekend tickets yet?

      2 years ago


      Well, you're in luck! SideQuest still has tickets for sale for SQCW! Check us out and grab them today!

      SideQuest Shop

    • SideQuest has some big announcements...

      2 years ago


      And you should go check them out!

      The quick rundown:

      -Name change: RTX SideQuest will now be known at SideQuest Community Weekend (still the same weekend as RTX!)

      -Event dates

           -SideQuest Charity Gala - July 6 at the Four Seasons

           -SideQuest Barlympics - July 8 at Buffalo Billiards

           -SideQuest RTX Wrap-Up Party - July 9 at Buffalo Billiards

      -Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 4 at 12:00 Central

           -$70 for the SideQuest Charity Gala

           -$50 for the Barlympics

           -$50 for the SideQuest VIP Lounge

           -$100 for Community Weekend Premier Passes

      We hope to see y'all there!

    • Happy New Year!

      2 years ago


      Y'all, with how much of a dumpster fire 2016 was, we're thinking that 2017 can only get better. Right?

      Let's hope so.

      2016, while super shitty, brought a lot of personal growth for me. I finally started taking my depression and anxiety seriously, I got a new job with awesome health insurance (although my issues with this job could probably be a post in and of itself), and I've finally made actual friends here in Austin. 

      When I left Corpus Christi, I knew that I was leaving behind a bunch of people I'd gotten to know over the previous 4 years. I started hanging out with them after my divorce and they became a group that I really came to know and love. I hung out with them more days than I didn't, and miss them something fierce. 

      Moving to Austin left me a little lonely for a while. Granted, I knew I had Eric to be there with me, but I spent so many nights watching television while he was at class or out working that I knew I needed to do something in order to be social. After RTX, I went to a Rooster Teeth meetup at a bar in downtown Austin and met some really great people.

      I didn't really start hanging out with the RTATX people until a couple of months later, when there was a chance to be in a live studio audience for a still-unreleased project put together by Rooster Teeth. We went to the tapings, hung out beforehand, and I eventually joined their little group of, as one of the guys likes to call it, "internet monsters". 

      Through Extra Life (both the community stream and the official RT stream), more filmings, and our meetups, I've gained a group of friends who mean a ton to me. I'm so glad that I finally found my people here in Austin, and I look forward to what 2017 brings for RTATX.

      Love you guys!

    • Extra Life 2016 with RT ATX

      2 years ago


      So Extra Life 2016 is all said and done on the community side and let's just say I have never had so much fun as I did hanging out with my RT ATX friends last night.  Our fearless leader @JDSchu has a hard job of herding the cats of RT ATX and @MrShawnsies had the equally difficult job of hosting us, but both of them did amazing jobs with getting our asses in gear and organizing our stream last night. The awesomely awesome @16BitsOfAwesome got us all set up (of course, with a great deal of help from @sp33dl3mon) and everyone was just generally... amazing.

      If you saw my other journal, you saw that I put a challenge out on Twitter to get some visibility to my Extra Life campaign, so I said I'd donate $1 for every retweet I got on a certain tweet. I'm pleased to announce that my tweet got a total of... drumroll, please...


      This means that I'm donating $601 of my own money to Extra Life and to Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX! Thank you to everyone who gave the tweet a push - you guys are what make this RT community awesome and I love y'all so, so much.

      I'm really looking forward to the RT stream next weekend, which will also be enjoyed in the company of my RT friends - if you're a local to Austin, be sure to check out the RT ATX group here on the site and come hang out with us! 

    • Extra Life!

      2 years ago


      Hello, Rooster Teeth family!

      I've got a challenge going on Twitter right now - for every retweet I get, I'm donating $1 to Extra Life! Get in on that action!

      You can also donate directly to my Extra Life campaign by going to the link below!

    • Not even RT related, but oh well.

      2 years ago


      I have been so run down lately - it seems like everything I do, even though I always feel like I don't do a lot, just takes everything out of me. I'm exhausted and I need a vacation.

      Anybody wanna go to Jamaica with me?

    • Catch 'Em for a Cause!

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      Hey y'all!

      RT SideQuest is putting on Catch 'Em for a Cause! A Pokemon Go Themed Fundraiser on October 29 from 5-9 PM benefiting Dell Children's Medical Center! Grab your walkin' shoes and come catch some Pokemon with us!

      Check out more details at including event registration, FAQs, and more!

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    • RT SideQuest Catch 'Em for a Cause!

      2 years ago


      Hey y'all!

      On October 29, RT SideQuest is bringing you Catch 'Em for a Cause! A Pokemon Go Themed Fundraiser benefiting Dell Children's Medical Center! Catch some Pokemon while raising money for kids - it's, like, the two best things ever!

      Find out more information at!

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