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    • David Dreger: My Thoughts

      6 years ago


      I never personally knew or met David, or "Knuckles" as he was often called, but it's always sad when anyone leaves us this soon. I know I'm a little late on this, but at the time I really couldn't think of anything to say. I'm still kinda sparse for words now.

      From what I've heard, David was someone who was heavily invested in our fine community. And, as the weeks leading up have shown, the community was also invested in him. Lucky for us, this community is filled with friendly, caring people who, in this particular circumstance, didn't stop until there was closure for the rest of the community, and of course, for his family.

      If this is any indication of the motivation and love among this community, I believe if Rooster Teeth ever met its end it would never be because the community abandoned it. It's times like this that we should really reflect on the great things the community has brought to us on the personal level. The videos may be what brings people here, but it's the friendships and the welcome atmosphere that make people stay.

      My condolences,

    • State of Decay: A "Brief" Review

      6 years ago


      I like to think of myself, in small part, having some authority on games like this. I'm a big fan of the zombie genre, like a lot of people on the site, and while I don't have a bunker hollowed out in my backyard or a stockpile of weapons stashed away for the eminant zombie apocalypse, I have played quite a lot of these games. Sure, you could nitpick for a few hours at me, like "blahblahblah you haven't played this game blahblahblah", and for me that game had always been Resident Evil (a game which I'll journal about why it isn't technically a zombie game tomorrow). One of my friends in particular has been bitching at me for the longest time to play RE and I feel like I just can't enjoy that kind of game.

      Where were we again? Oh, yeah, State of Decay. State of Decay is an open world (for the most part) zombie game, a subgenre that I really love. I was always frustrated that I could never play Day Z. Well, it's not that I couldn't play it, it's just that I wasn't willing to buy Arma 2 and download Day Z on a nearly 10 year old PC that has a hard time with Google sometimes.

      STATE OF DECAY. Sorry for going off track like that. Anyway, the gameplay is sometimes a bit shoddy, especially near mountainous areas. For example, if you're driving a car through a hilly, wooded area, it almost becomes the Skyrim horse, climbing 70 degree inclines fairly easily. This is in no way the perfect zombie game, but its heart is definetely in the right place.

      This game is at its most intense at night. If you're ever going on a supply run late and you love the stealth element, you're in for a treat. The main town that your base is near has plenty of bushes for cover if needed. If you want to raid a house, be sure to scout it out first. There's bound to be a few stragglers left inside. The horde element is also something to be aware of. Every now and then a horde will show up on your minimap. You can either go face to face with the group of 10 or so zombies or you can hide in the brush, staying out of their field of vision. There's a third option though. If you find yourself in a car, bowling them all over is pretty damn satisfying.

      State of Decay offers a variety of ways to off zombies. While in stealth mode, you can sneak up on unexpecting zombies and take them down Halo-style. If you're driving and you see a straggler in the middle of the road, you can drive up beside him and take him out with the door attack, no doubt borrowed from Sleeping Dogs. Probably the most satisfying kill I've gotten thus far was when I had a zombie on my driver side door trying to get in and I managed to get him off by ramming him into an unsuspecting zombie in the middle of the road.

      As far as difficulty goes, I'd say it depends how many zombies you manage to get on you and how prepared you are to fight them. one or two zombies at a time is pretty easy to deal with, but once you get a horde after you, you pretty much just have to book it. There's also special infected to deal with, but they're a lot more rare than in L4D. Dealing with them gets especially intense in a "zed hunt" mission, which comes up from time to time, (Honestly, the mission system turns out to be a little overwhelming at times, missions coming up faster than you can complete them.) which pit you and a fellow survivor against a special infected. Not gonna lie, if these things get the drop on you, especially the Feral infected, they'll tear you to pieces. Well, maybe not the screamers, which will alert other zombies to tear you to pieces. There was a pretty emotional moment that came up at one point where one of my guys got mauled by a Feral infected (torn in half really) and I went out thirsting for revenge and mowed it down in a truck. It's moments like that where you tailor your own story that make me like this kind of game.

      Anyway, this review turned out to be a little less brief than planned. See you all tomorrow when I'll be talking about...well..zombies again

      Fallen, out.

    • Achievements&Achievements&achievements...

      6 years ago


      So, for about the past week or so, I've been on a quest for achievements. A quest that I'm sure many, in this community especially, can understand. But I feel as if it may be too little too late for me at this point. I was never really the guy who obsessed over a game until he had all the achievements. I normally just went through games with the mentallity of, "Hey, if I get'em, I get'em. If I don't, oh well." It was clear that with that mentality, I wasn't getting anywhere.

      Around a week ago, I looked through my games, trying to go as far back as possible to the game that I had played the longest ago that I still had. This turned out to be Hexic HD. As I'm sure many who have played this game before can attest, this is a difficult game to complete with many of the achievements coming down to luck. I managed to get some of the easier ones, but some of the more difficult ones proved to be just that. Pretty goddamn difficult.

      So I decided, "F*** that.", and moved on. I then remembered that Fable 3 was free and decided to download that with the limited space left on my 4 and a half year old 60 GB harddrive. This was a game I had owned for several months and got rid of to get some money towards Portal 2. Because of this, I had already made quite a bit of progress in the game. I had left off as king of Albion and I had aquired quite a sum of money toward the treasure room already. Unfortunately for me, the achievement difficulties ranged from manageable to downright f**king impossible. I was able to quickly get the 'corronation chicken' achievement straight away and I am currently working on 'Henry VIII' among other relationship achievements. Plus, with it being free and all, the multiplayer achievements shouldn't be too difficult (except maybe the one where you have to acquire every f**king legendary weapon in the game).

      I have since moved to playing a bit of Portal 2, mainly yesterday with friend and fellow RTer ToastyToast7. We got some of the co-op achievements, though I still have some left (including the ever illusive 'professor portal'), and today I started, once again, on the single player story just to go through and mop up any achievements I hadn't already gotten.

      As I'm typing this right now, Toasty is asking me to play Castle Crashers with him. Yet another game on the quest...

      Fallen, out.

    • Microsoft vs Sony @ E3

      6 years ago


      Alright, so I'll be honest right now, I didn't really see much of the Sony E3 conference so all of my info on it is based on word of someone who did see it and relayed it to me. Also, what I saw of the Microsoft conference was from people in my classes who I was able to goat into bringing up the live stream on their laptops with me sitting behind them.

      I'll start with Microsoft. I have to say, it definitely wasn't their best. I don't want to sell them short though, I mean, they did have some pretty cool looking games. My favorite of the show would definitely have to be Ryse just because it didn't seem like they were hiding anything or limiting our look at the gameplay. And it's a damn good looking game! My only concern is that the quicktime dynamic get tired out after the first few levels. We also got to see some cool games getting teased. I liked the Halo 5 teaser for what it was. It's a TEASER people. We're obviously going to hear more about it later. I also really liked seeing Dead Rising 3 and Dark Souls 2, and I feel like it got a little awry at the Killer Instinct gameplay. I'm sure you've all been beaten to death with this all over the internet, but if you have only one female on stage for your entire presentation, the words, "Just let it happen", should probably be avoided at all costs.

      To conclude, Microsoft's conference was so-so, it wasn't their best, wasn't their worst. OH! another thing: I am really excited for the free games with gold membership every month. That's probably gonna be the only reason I don't sell off my 360 when the One comes out .

      Now on to Sony. Where to begin...So, you guys remember when Sony fans were all like, "HA! The new Xbox looks like an old VHS player! It's so boxy and STUPID! It's only for TV! Where are the games?", last month? Guess what.


      Y'know what that is? A MOTHERF***ING BOX! (By the way, I'm sorry if it wasn't very obvious toward the beginning, but this journal is gonna be kinda biased.) It was also pretty cool hearing about movie and VOD deals and features. Remember the other big thing Sony fans made fun of the Xbox reveal for? And even when games were shown, the only ones that really sparked my interest were Assassin's Creed (Both consoles) and Destiny (Both consoles). The only real points I could find in their favor were the price and the whole used games thing.

      On a different note, I am extremely excited for the new Walking Dead DLC, 400 Days. Although I couldn't really tell much from the trailer, besides the fact that it will involve new characters.

      Also, this, this times infinity. I felt REALLY bad for this guy...who received only silence.

      " alt="This Poor Guy Received No Applaus

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