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    • Thundera

      The Australian

      3 years ago

      Someone just knocked on my door a few minutes ago at almost 4am. She tried opening it first and was apparently unphased by my vicious dog barking loudly and crazily. She kept knocking because she believed the apartment belonged to a friend of hers (despite the barking dog and now crying baby). I told her to get out of the building, I don't know where her friend lives, and asked her to stop harassing my family. She mumbled something about wanting to use my balcony, and so I countered with "go home and sober up" since she kept pointing at the top of her head whenever she said balcony. Her response: "I'm not drunk, I'm Australian. It's my accent."

      She eventually wandered off.


    • Thundera

      June 23

      5 years ago

      3 more sleeps...

    • Thundera

      June 14

      5 years ago

      Hello again.

      Got the bonbonieres and their gift boxes. Everything's going well there except we probably need to put a few days aside to just put them together.

      Missed out on getting my engagement ring back because I keep staying late at work. Will try again tomorrow.

      The Amsterdam/London trip will be completely booked tomorrow afternoon with all the tours and sightseeing stuff. We've been looking into different ways to travel between the two cities, but have decided on plane since it's fastest and we don't want to lose any time on our Euro-Trip.

      Still trying to book a hair appointment in Hamilton. Not as easy as you'd think since most of them don't answer their phone during peak hours (lunch time) and I don't have much time to call them any other time.

      Got the most amazing purse. I usually don't like purses, but this one is stellar. Can't wait to put my new iPhone in it. Also, a friend of mine went searching for the perfect cheesy-blingy case for my iPhone so it will be decked out in zebra-striped-crystals as part of the wedding ensemble! Gotta love cheese!

      Best Man is still showing off his jerky-ness. Mother/Florist is still being impossible. Small sister not really a jerk, but if she was anyone else, you'd think she was trying to sabotage my wedding on purpose. - All in all, I'm being selfish because I want these people in my wedding because deep down I care about them (or the friendship we used to have) and I will still treasure the wedding photos without regret. However, after the wedding, we'll see how generous I am with my love and attention...

      *bridezilla out*

    • Thundera

      June 8

      5 years ago

      June 8
      Brought engagement ring to the jeweller so it can be polished and replated with rhodium to make it sparkle.
      Went to the passport office to apply for my passport.
      Talked to the Best Man. Found out he's a complete jerk. He's upset that we planned our wedding on June 26 because he had a party to go to and he thinks I'm being unreasonable to expect him to stay at the reception after dinner because he will take off and go to this other party instead. *Bridezilla unleashed*

      June 9
      My brother (also a groomsman) arrives in Toronto from Afghanistan for a 5-hour stop-over before his next trip. He will be back in time for the wedding, but I'm going to meet him to go over the schedule so he knows what his responsibilities are.
      *Bridezilla will eat your young*

      June 10
      Eye appointment to get contacts (because four-eyes and my dress don't match).
      My cousin (bridesmaid) has her final dress fitting at the bridal shop.
      Going shopping to pick up wedding party gifts and parent's gifts, my hair piece, jewelry, a purse/clutch, flower girl's gift, and photo frame for the engagement photo on display at the hall.
      Pick up my sister's bridesmaid dress and stop by the party store to get placecards.
      *Bridezilla still angry*

      June 11
      After work, pick up sparkly engagement ring at jeweller's.
      Finalise guest list, seating arrangements, and meal choices to send to the hall.
      Print placecards, programs, and menus.
      *Bridezilla will continue this tomorrow - duck and cover*

    • Thundera

      June 2

      5 years ago

      Ok, so I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but it was pretty close.

      I'm still needing to get contacts and my passport. We need to order the bonbonieres too.

      Those are the big things. I should be able to take care of these this week.

      We did end up booking our honeymoon! We're spending 5 days in Amsterdam and 5 days in London. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My maid-of-honour was able to get everyone to write travel tips in a book that we can take with us, but I can still add to it.

      I'm super excited about travelling to Europe. I haven't been there since before I met Morgan!


    • Thundera

      May 30

      5 years ago

      I had to go through some old photos to send to our photographer for a slideshow he's making for our reception and also for a game that people are playing at the bridal shower. I came across these:




      No one ever believes me that I knew Rachel McAdams before she was a big star.
      I completely forgot I had these pictures! Photographic evidence!


    • Thundera

      May 26

      5 years ago

      I picked up the wedding rings today. They're really nice and I'm especially happy with Morgan's. He decided to do a satin finish with a groove along the middle of it and it stops at the top to join a green diamond set into it. Mine is simply a polished finish with one white diamond in the top. Morgan's ring was too wide for it to not have any detail and the green diamond looks amazing against the white gold!

      I still need to get contacts...
      I don't know if I'm going to finish my list by the 31st. I'm still working on it though! Saturday will cross a lot off the list, but who knows if I'll make it out alive!

      *sigh* smiley7.gif

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