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    • 808Souljah

      11 years ago

      yeah, i guess thats true! lol. don't get drunk, hangovers suck! trust me, i should know! lol. but yeah, i play video games too! ALOT, i play gangster/graffiti games like "Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas(gangster game), and Mark Ecko's Getting up:Contents Under Pressure(graffiti game). San Andreas is the only grand Theft Auto game i like! i'll play other games when im bored, like paintball games, halo, and football.

    • 808Souljah

      11 years ago

      you know tiff, i never knew you liked video games!

    • Austino

      11 years ago

      Ugh. Not AGAIN. This is really starting to bug me =] haha jk.

      thx for the tip though. Good luck with your 7th grade friend!

      What are you talking about?

    • Templar895

      11 years ago


      But make me a sandwich first.

    • b3nd3r

      11 years ago

      hey there, welcome to the site. If you need any help don't be afraid to ask me. Oh by the way, my name is James and its very nice to meet you.

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