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      4 years ago


      Hey folks,

      So I've been out of the loop. Done with hockey season and working freelance till fall season comes around. Getting some time to rest the thinking box, travel a bit, and work on smaller stuff. If you guys want to see my stuff click here. Interested in seeing some criticism in what I do, so please do it would very great for me! Warning: it's sports related, no gaming videos since Vimeo is against it. Will upload some other stuff towards the beginning months of summer. Till then I'll be around the forums and watching content. Hit me up if you want to play and game or record some stuff. Gamer info at the bottom. Big things playing now are Smite, Destiny (Both consoles), & some DBZ Xenoverse.

      Xbox One: MA5TERCH3AT
      PS4: Almost_Gandalf
      Gaming Channel

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    • New Job. Horizon. Movember.

      4 years ago


      Hey. I know some of you are thinking one of two things:
      1. Who are you?
      2. Hey I know you... where have you been?

      So I been very busy. I got hired as a video production assistant for a hockey team close to home.
      Usual 9-5 or 12 hour days... it kills my social life, gaming life, love life, etc. It's cool so far the last two months, but thats not the newest crazy thing in my life. After missing NYCC again, I decided that I should start thinking how long I can devote going to conventions and balance work, because at this rate... I'm not sure. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is my schedule:

      Pax East 2015 --- I'm going; have been since 2011. No stop
      RTX 2015 -- Going to start saving $$$ for it now. Boston is covered, so it's 50-50
      NYCC - Maybe in two years or I get a raise or more time off.
      PAX Prime -- Maybe if I decide to move to Washington; maybe
      E3 - THE TRIP I WANTED TO COMPLETE FOREVER.... If I get a permanent place to live, job, car before.
      ANY OTHER CONVENTIONS -- if it's close, cheap, or last minute

      If you're going to this places, see you there! The next topic is gaming & recording. So I want to get back on to a realistic schedule, but I don't want be editing at work and continue editing at home. I think that's an unhealthy lifestyle, so I just avoid it till the weekend when I have free time. If anyone wants to join me here is my info: XBOX: MA5TERCH3AT PSN: Almost_Gandalf; just give me heads up (a week) in advance. FInally it's Movember. My company I work for is doing a completion for whom can grow the biggest beard or coolest mustache in the month... For those who never seen me with a beard.... here

      So yeah. That's been a quick update. I'm going to bed. Miss this and the community. bye.

    • 7.7

      5 years ago


      OH SHIT!!!!! IT'S BUNGIE DAY!!!!!
      Destiny Beta

      What's your favorite Bungie game?

    • E3 2014 DAY TWO

      5 years ago


      Summary of Nintendo Direct Event:

      Smash Bros, New Legend of Zelda & Hyrule Warriors, Mario Party 10, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X:
      ALL FOR 2015...


      Nintendo is going all in for next year, which will probably be the make or break moment for the Wii U, but at least the 3DS is gaining speed right now. Probably going buy one of those with Pokemon. Overall, I was very pleased with the conference.

    • E3 2014 DAY ONE

      5 years ago


      Summary of E3 Press conferences for today:
      Microsoft: Games, Games, Halo is forever, GAMES
      EA: Trailers & promises for great sequels (Mass Effect & Mirrors Edge), EA Sports montage, BATTLEFRONT, Cops & Robbers Simulator 2014
      Ubisoft: The Division, France vs. USA, AC: Unity (Earth, Wind, Fire, ...), Rainbow Six Patriots ... I mean Siege
      Sony: Games on your PS4, PS4, PS Vita, PS TV, PS NOW, Sony Smart TV, TV on your PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS TV, PS NOW, & Sony Smart TV (See what I did there), & Uncharted 4

      Like the previous generation of video game consoles, the year after release of consoles; it becomes a heavy year of software. Although I notice that this October is going to be crazy, there is alot going towards next year. Either way, this year is roaring with excitement & new standards of gaming for these new consoles


      3rd - EA : I wish more information for Battlefront & Mass Effect, but Dragon Age looks Awesome
      2nd - Ubi: Rainbow SIx Siege gameplay is sick, sad Just Dance got more time on stage
      1st - Tie Microsoft/Sony: Xbox hit on all the right notes, games to show, but some not as strong as Sony's exclusives. Sony had cool first party exclusives, but didn't care for the PS TV & not much love for the Vita. Where is the Last Guardian?!?

      Can't wait for Nintendo's event tomorrow. What is your option so far?

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      Happy 11th Birthday!

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