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    • AND NOW BOSTON 2014

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Pax East is coming up my calendar, so here are things I'm planning to do those three days:

      Meet new People:
      Usually I meet a couple of people usually with the same love and enjoyment for playing video games, geek culture, or other Pax related things from the last four years up in Boston. Last year while waiting in line for a panel, I bumped into a couple dress up as characters from the My Little Pony Series, and I had a great chat about Rooster Teeth & some games on the event floor. I'm hoping to meet more great people like them this year.

      Play some Games:
      They're are a lot of variety with games, especially going to Pax East. Generally, there are Triple-A titles (Last of Us & Splinter Cell Blacklist), your MMOs (Firefall & League of Legends), and some Indie games. I'm probably to head to couple of booths and panels just as usually, but I hope to go as media on a couple of years. Maybe I can do a video on my youtube channel if I plan ahead.

      Friday at noon is the big panel, so I probably head to line about an hour or two ahead to get a nice spot. For those never been to the panel or going this year, here are some tips. DON'T PISS OFF THE ENFORCERS! They are volunteers trying to keep things in order, so don't cause problem if the line is too long or someone cuts in front of you. Other than that, the panel is awesome. My first time at the panel I sat next to Geoff by accident during one of the videos they showed off. Usual the Q/A portion is hilarious as well. There booth usual gets a big line as well, so make sure to time out when you want to get some merch, an autograph (remember to say please & thank you), or to say hi.

      Site See:
      This will be my first year arriving a bit early to Boson. I usually make it the Friday it all starts, but I be arriving a couple days, so I probably enjoy downtown life and see if anything is going around town. Boston has some good downtown bars & restaurants, plus they have nice streets and decent subway to travel day or night.

      Finally here are my tips to first timers going to Pax East:
      *Enjoy every second of it*
      *Be nice, clean, and act mature around everyone*
      *Follow all rules of the floor, enforcers, and convention at all times*
      *Plan out which events, panels, or booths ahead* (download Guidebook App)
      *Spend wisely*
      *Bring conformable shoes to walk & decent size bag for free stuff*

      Good luck to all and I hope to see you there!


    • Winter editing coma

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Hey y'all. The weather in my area is predicting 10-12+ inches of snow, and I have already got notice from the university that classes are canned for Thursday & Friday.... so that means many things.

      ***Stuff I could do during this snow in event***
      1. Catch up on recent missed movies
      2. Play some games online with friends
      3. Attempt to go outside & build igloo
      4. Editing Youtube videos (for march schedule; yeah I'm ahead)
      5. Watch RvB Season 11 & RWBY (I missed it due to internship)
      6. Start looking for jobs after graduation
      7. Plan final preparations for Philly, NY, Boston, & Virginia trips (traveling a lot in the next couple of months)
      8. Write more in short film script (lolz, yeah I have a idea for something)
      9. Work on Computer programming classes (I'm glad it's almost over)
      10. Make a lot of hot chocolate
      11. Work (part time television production gig with university)
      12. Clean room (for the three time this year)
      13. Sleep

      In the mean time, I just watch the snow fall.


    • 5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life
    • Two 2s

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Today I turn 22 years old and I begin to reflect on my previous years I spent in college, gaming, & life in general. College has been more of a blessing. Recently, the internship was fantastic, my overall performance in the classroom has been good, and I have cumulated a lot of great friends and love ones. I want work in a production environment or in video presentation dealing with sports (NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, etc.) as my career. Its something I feel the most passionate about compared to film, news, or even the gaming videos on my youtube.

      Which brings me towards my actual channel. I want to say that it's been great on some levels the first year doing something like this, but poor on others. Honestly, I like putting out these videos, because it catalogs some of my favorite moments when I play video games with friends. I can still get a laugh from a video I made about a year ago and enjoy making new content for each week. I feel sad that the views are sometimes lower than what I expected them to be, but in end it's how I place them out in the public eye. I don't do these videos for monetization... because of copyright law. I don't want a piece of this "Youtube $$$ Pie", since there's already a lot out on the market already & it will probably keep growing till it gets too big. Right now I make the videos to benefit my friends showing other friends, co-workers, & other people our stuff and for me to work on my editing skills. That's the end goal of Corner Couch Productions. Not the money, nor the fame, but the memory and determination to do something fun with friends.

      EDIT: If anyone wants me to join their lets plays, let me know. GT:MA5TERCH3AT

      Finally... on a personal note, I will going up to Pax East 2014 in April for my forth time. I love the city of Boston & the awesome convention. It has been a perfect opportunity for me to go around the same time during spring break and as a vacation outside the norm. Plus I like the atmosphere & people I meet each year. After Boston, I will be finishing up college and starting the hunt for a real job or my career. I'm saving up money to buy a nice camera, since a lot of my friends have bought these DSRL brand camera, but I'm looking into sometime unique. Something with the 4K technology build in. Before doing all that, I slimming down once again. Now last time I went from 285 - 300 lbs to 169 - 180, right now I want to go down from 215 to 180 by graduation in May. I keep you all posted. Here's to 2014 and kicking off right! smiley7.gif

    • An hour early

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Merry Christmas Folks!

    • Internship Update #3

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Hey Internet! I'm back. Internship was a blast and I got to meet a lot of cool people during my last four months in Philly. Now I'm back home enjoying the break and playing a lot of video games. The list of game video ideas have shot up supper fast. I even excited to do some live streams again, but at last I have a serious question to whom ever reads this. I am at the point were I feel my time here as a Sponsor on Roosterteeth website is coming to a sudden halt. Most of the time I really feel the perks are not worth the money. I really like watching the podcasts live, but I usual catch the recordings either a week later or as the audio form. I have no interest in watches shows like RvB & RWBY ahead of time, even though I both shows have been incredible and wish the success to keep continuing, it's just doesn't feel right to me to keep paying a service I don't use. Maybe I'm acting like an idiot, being a little impatient, but I'll wait and see what the new site provides. Till then I got other shit to do. Later smiley13.gif

    • Internships Update #2

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Hello Amigos! Home once again for the weekend. Here is what been happening since the last journal.
      -More Media Shoots
      -Dubs, logging, ingesting
      -Got my Xbox One
      -Shooting new campus show
      -new videos on my youtube

      So yeah. Things are busy, but good. Caught up all podcast episodes since last October. Still need to watch the Lets Plays... Probably doing so this Thanksgiving.


    • Internships Update #1

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Hello folks! I'm back home for this weekend. I'm at the half way point of my Philly Internship. Here is a short list of stuff I'm been doing.
      -Media Shoots
      -Creating graphics for jumbo-tron
      -Logging & Ingesting
      -Working at Game Events
      -Not making Youtube videos

      The last thing on that list is about to change. I had a couple of weekends to edit some videos to re-launch myself back into the world of Youtube. I can't push any videos online where I live and work in Philly. It's to the point that I can't really watch any videos at all. I haven't been watch any RT or AH stuff since late August... It saddens me. If you haven't check out my channel, tune in Monday (that's tomorrow) for some new video goodness. I still have another two months left till I return back home till I finish college, but I miss RT & AH each day. smiley12.gif

    • Moving

      5 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life

      Hey folks! I start my internship in Philly on Monday. I'm moving towards South Philadelphia/Sports complex area and I don't know when I'll return. My official end date for internship goes to December, but I might be down there a bit longer. Anyway, if anyone needs anything from me just give send a message. On another topic, I'm pre-planning my Pax East 2014 trip. Booked a location in Boston and just waiting for tickets to go on sale later in the year. I might also miss out RTX due to a possible internship location I missed this fall and going to re-apply for next summer. Cheers!

    • 6 years ago

      TiberiusVIII Pizza 4 Life
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