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    • *SCREECH* I'm alive!

      13 years ago


      Yes, I'm alive. I'm just never on here because I'm too busy. If you really want to know what's up in my life, check out my My Space. And here's a few pictures from the last few days to appease those of you who wondered how the boyfriend thing is going...




      It's still going strong. We've been bickering here and there, but what couple doesn't? We just try to work things out. He'll be back in town July 28 for a Bowling for Soup concert and to spend the day with me and my parents.

    • Long time no update...

      13 years ago


      So maybe I'll update now.

      Disney rocked over winter break. I got to do two parades, worked crazy hours, and had a blast for New Years Eve.

      Now on to school: Classes are a little more difficult this semester. *sighs* Oh well.

      Funny story of the moment: so I'm on this Jewish dating site. And a little while ago, I decided to search for Jews in my area (at school). I thought there would be no one, and a guy happened to be in the same TOWN as I am (which is rare- for a Jewish guy to be in this small town). I send him a flirt (which is pointless, if the guy can't even see it. Who wants to pay $35/month for an online dating service?)
      At the beginning of this semester, someone e-mails everyone in Hillel, to let them know that if they were interested in going to services any time, he'd be up for it (services are 30 minutes away- it's a challenge to go alone). He was looking through all the profiles of the students in the Hillel group, and recognized me. He looked at my profile a little more, and saw what my AIM screen name was. So he thought "This must be the girl I saw on JDate back in June, when I just moved down to Radford."
      He looks on JDate, and sure enough, I was the same girl. So he e-mails me. We correspond back and forth for a few e-mails, and he asks me if I'd like to go for drinks some time.
      So on Thursday, we meet in person for coffee. When the coffee shop kicked us out at closing time (9 pm! And we met at 8!), we head over to a pool hall, and shoot pool, have a drink, and talk.
      Friday morning rolls around- I e-mail him, and say that I have to go see the play that's being performed on campus that evening, and if he'd like to come along, he's welcome to. Then he mentioned dinner along with play. So we go out for Indian food. When I go into my wallet to grab my student ID for the play, it's not there ( smiley11.gif ). Thankfully, the play was free. During intermission, he was mentioning that his home computer wasn't working, so I offer to take a look at it (NOT using it as a "I want to bang you" tactic).
      Once we figure out that his hard drive is fried, we're talking for a while. At 2 am, we're thinking "it's time to go home/to bed". And we remember- my ID is in my room. I can't get into my dorm. So I crash on his couch for the night (he was a gentleman and didn't expect me to sleep in his bed).
      Yesterday- Super Bowl Sunday. Neither of us have anything to do- his friends were going to stop by his apartment for the game, so I head over to watch the game with him (it would be sad for him to have watched it alone). After the game, we watch Grey's Anatomy. 11:30 rolls around- should Robyn go back to her dorm, or stay at Kerry's?
      I stayed there for the night.

      So now, my friends, I would like to report, that after all the jackasses I've dated, I am now dating a really nice Jewish guy. A really nice Jewish guy that's a bit on the shorter side (which I don't mind, seeing as I'm 5'0" myself), that works in Admissions, has his bachelors and masters degrees, is 24 years old, and cute. He's not engaged to another girl, he's not into wearing lingerie and bondage, he's not a drug addict, he's not some creepy guy that just wants to get in my pants- he's abso-fucking-lutely long-term material. And he's really sweet. I'm either hoping that he's the beginning of a lot of better relationships, or he's the last relationship I ever have. And I know, it's CHEESY! But hey- I'm a girl. I tend to dream of marrying every guy I date. Until we break up.
      In any case, I have finally found a local guy that fills many, many of my ideals in a guy, and I'm happy that I've met him.

      I shall update when the term "the girl/guy I'm dating" becomes "my boyfriend/girlfriend". Or if it doesn't happen like that.

    • The Damage Tally

      13 years ago


      2 Red-Headed Sluts

      1 Scooby Snack

      1 Surfer on Acid

      1 Buttery Nipple

      1 Screwdriver

      1 Killians

      1 Mind Eraser

      ...and then I was cut off. Jeremy and Matt tried to order me a Screaming Nazi, but the bartender asked if it was for me, and then said that I don't weigh enough.

      Maybe drinking all that in 2 hours could frighten a bartender if someone as little as me could handle all of that...

      It was a fun birthday nonetheless. I didn't puke. I didn't black out. I was just moderately toasted. I could still walk in a straight line, my words weren't horribly slurred...I didn't think anyone is supposed to come out of a bar in that state on their 21st birthday.


      13 years ago



      I'm 21 years old today! Hooray!

      I spent last night at the bar. It was laid back, so I enjoyed it. Tonight my friends and I are supposed to go to the bar, and tonight I'm supposed to get abso-fucking-lutely WASTED...I'm worried...

    • Bad things come in threes...

      14 years ago


      So yesterday was an absolute shit day. Let's start off with the lost company ID.

      I lost my company ID somewhere in Disney. I have no idea where it went. And I have to pay $35 for a new one.

      After going to the outlet mall with a friend of mine, I dropped her off and decided that I needed gas, so I was going to go to the local Wal-Mart, which sells gas. Puttering along on International Drive, I turn around a curve and *whomp* I hit a car-eating pothole. And start to hear a funny sound...Thankfully, there's a bank with a large parking lot that is well-lit about 100 yards up the road.
      So I pull into the parking lot, and there's another car sitting there. I get out of my car, and look around at my car to see what's wrong. My hubcap isn't on the front right tire. And my rim is dent. And my tire is starting to go flat. "Shit," I think. "And Dad told me he'd teach me to change a tire when I come back from Florida. I need to know now." I turn around to see if the other car is still there, and sure enough, it is. I read the side of the car. Florida Highway Patrol SCORE!!
      So I go up to the car and ask if he can help me change my tire, because I don't know how. He does, and in the process, teaches me how to change my tire, should I get another flat ever again.
      I get home, bitch about this to my roommates, and chill out for a while, trying to relax about this bullshit that's happened to me today. Bad things come in threes. Lost ID, lost hubcap, flat tire...there's the three things.
      Who knew that Fate would compound the lost hubcap with the flat tire...
      I'm talking to Jeremy on the phone about how shitty my day's been, and I'm about to head to bed. I look to my bed, and there are black things all over my bed. Ants. Figures that I had to sleep next to the window...
      I start to cry. What else can I do? I've had a really really shitty day. But one of my roommates helps me out. And her boyfriend takes me to Walgreens to get bug killer spray shit.
      So it's 3 am, my bed is stripped, I'm going to sleep in the spare bedroom, and I'm still upset about all of this bullshit. I was planning on lounging around today. But no. I had to go to an overpriced gas station to fill my car and put some air into the donut, then drive to get my car fixed. Then I have to go to Epcot, get a letter from my manager, allowing me to get a new ID, and then to the Magic Kingdom, to GET the new ID.
      Fun shit.

      More thorough examination of boy issues:

      I was the victim of a one night stand, and the guy that I slept with has been nicknamed the residential whore, according to two of his roommates. Yummy, right?

      Jeremy and I are talking about dating, but he keeps saying "who knows what will happen between now and when we get back to school." I could say what I think, but I don't want to jinx it. I'll post what happens when whatever happens, happens.

      So yeah. Life in detail. There. My life.

    • Maybe it's about time I posted something

      14 years ago


      So yeah. A lot of people seem to be interested in me. Maybe I should post something...

      I'm in Disney World. I am a character. My repertoire includes the following:
      -Mickey Mouse
      -Minnie Mouse
      -Donald Duck
      -Winnie the Pooh
      -Robin Hood
      -Br'er Rabbit
      -White Rabbit

      No joke. I play all of those characters. Betcha never thought Mickey Mouse is female, did you?

      So yeah. That's the initial entry about me, since I'm too lazy to post much.

      I've had a lot of boy issues lately (victim of a one-night stand, for instance), but they seem to be working themselves out. And roommate issues.

      Tonight, I made one of my roommates storm out of the house, pissed off that I called her out on talking shit behind people's backs and saying she didn't care about my health behind my back. You know, other people in this apartment watch backs, not talk shit behind them. She needs to grow up. She's acting the most immature, and she's the oldest one in this joint. GROW THE FUCK UP JACQUE!

    • Beat on the Brat

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      Yeah, I used a Ramones title for this thread. But that's not the point.

      Have you ever been to a concert and seen a [band name here]-obsessed person that you want to beat the crap out of?

      I had VIP passes for Evanescence, but I had to be let into the venue at the front gates (it's an outdoor venue). I'm waiting at the gate, my brother (the second ticket person) was next to me, and one of the employees at the venue comes up to the gate and yells "I'm looking for VIPs from 99.1, 99.5 and DC101."
      This guy pushed me out of the way and said "I'm a VIP! I have their first album, Origin!" And he shoots his arm up in the air to prove it- hitting me in the cheek while doing it.
      I pushed back towards the gate and said "yeah. I'm Robyn, with DC101." And the guy goes "Yeah! I'm her guest!"
      I grabbed my brother's arm and I said "No, THIS is my guest."
      The guy said "Yeah, but I slept at the ticket booth to get tickets. I could only afford lawn seats, but still! I'm a VIP! I've been a fan from the beginning!"
      Then the DJ from DC101 came over and said "Dude, shut up. I'm looking for a chick. She said she was short. Are you her (pointing towards me)"
      I grinned and said "Yes!" The DJ then said "Okay, let's get you away from this idiot. I have your backstage pass at the table."
      The guy wasn't very happy. But I really wanted to beat his ass for elbowing me and trying to get in.

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