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      5 years ago


      I am very excited that I'm all set for RTX this year. I have wonderful friends coming with me, I have everything planned out. literally, the only way this could go wrong is if suddenly the world exploded *knock on wood*. I'll be dressing up for the first time at a convention and my wonderful friends have agreed to join me. I can't wait to be in Austin and be celebrating the wonderful RoosterTeeth community, cast, and crew. I can't contain it. WEEEEEEEE!

    • 5 years ago


      I've been interested to see what's in the new Champions Bundle for Halo 4. Not a list of what it is, no. I want a picture gallery of every last item or feature that's in the new DLC. I looked into it and can't find all of it. But the search did get me thinking that I want some older stuff that I can't or won't get (due to certain aspects that will be explained).
      As is well known, Halo 4 had a special Xbox released for it. This bundle came with a copy of the game, a new XBox model, a new controller model, and some exclusive DLC. The DLC for the bundle was an awesome armor, a matching armor for your avatar, a prop, a weapon skin, and an emblem. Ahh, yes, the Fotus. A majestic unicorn armor styled after the Promethean Crawler. It looked awesome. I wanted it. I still do.
      The problem? it only came with the bundle and I didn't have $300 to lay down. I also already had an Xbox and I like the sleek black look. So, I watched online chatter about the armor. Some people, I noticed, didn't like the look and said they would get rid of it. Well, maybe they might give it away or sell it for a few dollars. Boy did I underestimate the price! Or maybe I was overconfident in a human's moral integrity. I searched high and low and the best deal was for $20. I wanted the armor really bad, but at most it's a $5 DLC. some people were even selling it for $50-$100. Not the whole bundle or maybe the controller and such, just the code for the DLC.
      Anyway, I decided I might check out pricing for it now (about a year after, right?) I can get it for a minimum of $40. Or I could use a code generator.
      This whole rant brings me to a question for you, my friends:
      What do you think it is that allows a human being to be so ridiculously greedy that they would ask such a steep price for something so trivial? They didn't want it to begin with, why are they asking for $100? How can anybody live with themselves asking for so much in return for so little? What has the world come to that this is a thing? Why are people so terribly selfish?
      Sorry to drag on but I have a short story to finalize. I had a friend of mine ask for a subscription code until they could renew their Xbox Live Gold status. D'you know what I did? I dug out the free code that came with my Legendary Edition of Halo 4, typed it into a direct message on twitter, and sent it off saying " I hope this helps. tell me if it worked." I didn't ask for money or any special treatment. I just got rid of it. I wasn't going to use it, I buy a whole year the week before my subscription runs out. I'm sure this person simply forgot it was running out shortly. But I didn't need that card. I also, didn't need money. I just wanted to help.
      Think about it.

    • RTX Plans

      6 years ago


      I'm so excited for RTX 2013 but I nneed my friends to get their shit together and actually confirm that they're going. I can't wait to see all the wonderful fans of the RT community and my favorite people gathered in one place. It's going to be great and I'm really excited. See you there everyone.

    • ToastyToast has Arrived

      7 years ago


      What's up people of RT, I am huge fan number (insert gigantic number here) and i just wanna say i love you guys. i just got here but anyone who's a part of this has something right in their brain. So, i'm glad to be here and i hope i'm welcome :).

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