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    • TofuBug

      What a weekend

      3 years ago

      Hey Everyone!

      So my wife Jenn gave birth to our son Elijah Ryan on 9/11/2011 coming in at 7 lbs 9 oz and an even 20 inches long.

      But I'm getting ahead of myself

      Way ahead of myself.

      Let's back up to say Wednesday.

      It rained Wednesday.

      It rained ALL DAY Wednesday

      And Thursday

      And Our living room ceiling started leaking.

      Oh and did i mention the power went out Wednesday for the whole weekend.

      So the rains caused massive flash flooding literally tearing some roads apart. By Thursday night the section of the main state route we live on was cut off. a good 6 to 8 feet of water flooding the intersection to my parents road as well as a mile in the other direction.

      We stayed high and dry but without power we set out to see where we could get. A few scary times up some roads that were being washed away. we eventually made our way half way down the road to my parents though the ONLY bridge out that main road was completely demolished and washed away. We we're able to jog up to some higher back roads and eventually to my parent's place where my dad had a gas generator for the stove and the fridge and freezers we ate a hot meal by coleman lanterns and watched a movie together then Jenn and I crashed out in the spare room off of the rec room.

      The next day the rain had all but stopped but the main river was still rising as all the streams and creeks emptied into the river. Jenn (Who's due date was that day) had an appointment at 1:10 across to the next city (About 15 - 20 minutes away by freeway) with her O.B. to access if we were going to be induced so we headed home to get some stuff we forgot. We left at 10:30 a.m.

      So back up and down the back roads back to our place. We then had the brilliant good fortune to decide to grab our overnight bags and other baby stuff in case he decided to induce my wife's labor

      Travel time at this point 35 minutes

      We then drove back up the back roads back past my parents up over some other back roads down to the next town where we met up with EVERYONE else and their grandmother trying to get to one of the only open grocery stores or out to the next town

      Distance (from my parent's place) About 12 miles.

      Travel time 2 Hours.

      From there we made it up the next section of our main route we live off that was not under water to a short fly over down to the main traffic circle then over to the other end of 17c that was not flooded and finally to our doctor's office at around 3 P.M.

      Total Travel time: Around 3 hours
      Geographic distance: 20 miles.

      Here is a picture of how we WOULD have come to the doctors


      That Y part of the road going into the lake is our normal route. Our Grocery store is at the bottom of the other lake a little further up on the left hand side.

      Here is the article

      So needless to say despite my wife not being anywhere near labor even early labor the ascending flood waters and the long ass drive to get there we got sent over to the hospital (After a last meal as a free man and woman at the local Chinese buffet)

      The hospital had power and internet and running water so we settled in at 7 pm Friday Jenn was induced.

      44 sleep deprived hours of labor and 20 minutes of hard core pushing we got to see our son for the first time.

      He's ADORABLE btw

      We had to stay 2 days for observation (I'm writing this as my son and wife both sleep waiting for some doctors to come in and do some paper work check Eli etc etc.)

      Now we'll see if we have an easier time getting home than we did getting here.

      Wish us luck.


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      Seems Drunk Girls are DEEPLY Programed

      4 years ago

      My wife and I were stopping by our neighborhood Applebees for some after 9pm half price appetizers. It was around 10 so most of the people in attendance were at the bar and seemed to have been there for a while. We sat down at a cozy little booth across from the end of the bar

      I run into our friend Trevor that has been our waiter there for about 3 years now and he asked what was new.

      So I recounted the impending due date of our first child which he congratulated us on and then followed with the reasonable follow up question "Do you know what you are having?"

      I responded "We're having a boy"

      Of course my wife had to be the smart ass and chime in with "Well it might be a boy."

      So I fired right back (A little TOO LOUD it would seem) "Yeah he's a boy! We saw his PENIS!"

      Apparently my wife said that as soon as I said the word penis EVERY girl at the bar turned around to look.

      Ladies its a little disturbing how quickly someone at a bar can get your attention by pulling a penis out even if it is only verbally.

      But hey you were all drunk so it's understandable.

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      This is my life

      4 years ago

      My wife just pelted me in the stomach with a marshmallow.

      Something about wanting tacos for dinner.

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      Internet Journal? I Lack the DISCIPLINE!

      4 years ago

      Man It has been forever since I have been on.

      Been spending the last few days flipping through some of your journals and catching up. It's cool to see how many people are doing fun and exciting things with their lives.

      I just looked and my LAST Journal entry was February of LAST YEAR.... Wow I am definitely NOT a brooding teenage girl with the desire to record all of her thoughts in a pretty pink notebook with flowers and ponies on the cover.... ALTHOUGH.... maybe if I had that kind of motif on my profile i might be motivated more to.... nah.... there's no way in hell i'll ever be motivated to journal like the pros :-(

      So for those of you who still follow despite the year and a half disappearing act...


      Lets get you all up to it.

      August 9th 2010 I got married to the AWESOME Jennifer Renee Marshall.

      We had a small outdoor wedding at 11 in the morning in the wild apple orchard down back behind my parents house.

      It was really gorgeous day and a fun exciting experience (The highlight of course being when Jenn was coming down the aisle her mom yelling at her under her breath to spit out her gum... to whit she looks around confused for a moment then spits it in her mom's hand smiley12.gif )

      We headed down to the gym at our church at 12 am for a buffet style reception with some spiedies, hamburgers and hotdogs and other summer picnic foods. We ended up decorating the centerpieces to the table with pink and yellow water balloons that we filled up with water and set on colored plates. When people were done eating we let the kids that came with their parents take the water balloons outside for some fun in the sun.

      All in all an exciting day. I got to make a lifetime commitment to the girl of my dreams and almost a year later I am so incredibly happy that she is by my side smiley12.gif

      Oh and in case anyone is as dorky as we are just to clarify we got married on on August 9th 2010 at 11 am with a reception at 12 am. Yes 8-9-10 11, 12 we ARE that dorky smiley6.gif Oh but we can't just stop there I can't just have something THAT simple to relate the biggest day of my life so far so here's more breakdown as to why we choose the day we did.

      8,9,10,11,12 of course is a nice sequence [+2 I Can Count Past 10]

      8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 = 50 [+4 Basic Arithmetic]

      Which in Roman Numerals is L [+5 Ancient History]

      So when ever we have the funds we are each getting an L tattoo somewhere to commemorate our big day. Jenn's still deciding exactly what she want's with her L I've got two simple but adorable little snails that she drew for me that are going to be one climbing up the inside of the L and the other on the top of the flat bottom part of the L

      Now if only we could find the money for the ink smiley6.gif

      Which leads me to big ticket item #2

      We are expecting our first child September 9th 2011!!!!!

      The baby is already giving Jenn the fits punching and kicking her ALL the time smiley12.gif We actually didn't find out till some time into the pregnancy due to some miss diagnosed minor medical issues. Here's the short version of how it all went down (minus the embarrassing girly details of course smiley6.gif

      January ish went in to emergency room for girl related issues (NOTE: At this point we had literally taken 30 + pregnancy tests over the last month ALL negative)

      Told after blood test which was negative that at the point Jenn's body wasn't doing it's part for the whole Embryo Tango and that we could not get pregnant

      Fast forward about the first week of April:

      During a checkup our family doctor decides to mention to Jenn that the next time she comes in she's going to put her on birth control to try and kick start the natural "cycle of life" if you catch my drift. HOWEVER before she wanted to do another blood test to MAKE SURE we weren't pregnant.

      So.... Of course that means we headed to dollar store for another home pregnancy test....

      Jenn sat in the bathroom for a solid 10 minutes laughing her ass off.....

      It was so positive all we could sit around and say is

      "really??..... REALLY??????"

      So a few days and a lot of medical assistance paperwork later we were told well looks like you are 8 - 9 weeks pregnant. So we're thinking wow 3 days into our pregnancy and we are almost a quarter of the way through we kick ass!!

      The following week we went in for our first ultra sound to get a better estimate of our due date. We get in the room, Jelly on the belly ready to get the first view of our little bean growing inside. The first pass of the wand over Jenn's tummy she of course is getting comfortable and is NOT looking at the monitor. The first thing out of my mouth is

      "Wait THAT is a SPINE!!!!"

      The rest of the dialog went something like this

      Me - "Babies don't have spines at 9 weeks right?"
      Jenn - "Oh Let me see"
      Nurse - "Yeah your definitely NOT 9 weeks pregnant."
      Jenn - "Look the head, this is cool"
      Nurse - "You are about 17 weeks pregnant"
      Nurse - "And you see that thing?"
      Us - "I think so...."
      Nurse - "You're having a boy."

      So not even a week into being pregnant and we are now 17 weeks down

      AND our FIRST kid is a BOY!!!!

      General consensus

      WE ROCK!!!!

      So to keep with the geekiness that is our life together we are hoping his due date is one day later than predicted so he can be born on another sequential numbered date 9-10-11 because that would just fit perfectly with everything else

      Either way I am super excited that I'm going to be a daddy soon. I enjoy rubbing Jenn's tummy to get him all riled up and sometimes reading some Shel Silverstein to him.

      Oh and him would be Elijah Ryan.

      That's about covers the big points of the last year and a half we're actually heading down Tuesday to VA to visit Jenn's family for a baby shower (NOT for us though) Jenn's older sister got married on December 12th 2010 (Yeah 12-11-10 they COMPLETELY STOLE the idea from us) and she and her husband are 3 weeks behind us with a little baby girl (We are STILL FIRST with being AWESOME!!!).

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      Epic Greatness

      5 years ago

      KXCD always makes me laugh a little but this one is just awesome.


      Devotion To Duty

      Now I want to be a SysAdmin just to kill people.

    • TofuBug

      Random Funny

      5 years ago

      This is an old one but i just rediscovered the song and this video.

      Tenacious D - Dio

    • TofuBug

      Holy FUCKING E to the PIC

      6 years ago

      Nom Nom Song

      It is the "Nom Nom" song

      And it is ALL you need to know.

      Your life is now COMPLETE

      You're welcome.

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      We're a Dying Breed

      6 years ago

      to every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait"

      To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful."

      To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her.

      To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick.

      To every guy who has given her flowers just because.

      To every guy that said he would die for her.

      To every guy that really would.

      To every guy that did what she wanted to do.

      To every guy that cried in front of her.

      To every guy that she cried in front of.

      To every guy that holds hands with her.

      To every guy that kisses her with meaning.

      To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.

      To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.

      To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.

      To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe.

      To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.

      To every guy that would give his seat up.

      To every guy that just wants to cuddle.

      To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what.

      To every guy who told his secrets to her.

      To every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath.

      To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one.

      To every guy that believed in her dreams.

      To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them.

      To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams.

      To every guy that walked her to her car.

      To every guy that gave his heart.

      To every guy who prays that she is happy even if you are not with her.

      ...This one bulletin is for you...

      Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore...
      And because of this, there are not many left out there...

      I guarantee 90% of the men on reading this page will not repost this because they care more about their image.

      If you are the other 10% of nice guy's, repost this as "We're a Dying Breed"

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      weekend debacle followed by weekend fun

      6 years ago

      So Jenn and I took a trip out east from where we live in NY to go to her cousins wedding at a place called the Eagles Nest in Bloomingburg NY.

      Now I had to work through till thursday at work so i got out at 4 got us packed up and drove the 2 or 3 hours to get there we actually didn't leave until 6 or 7 with all the packing up and such

      But we thought no big deal we had room reservations at the resort mind so we get there around 9 and the check in office is closed and locked and no one is around.

      STRIKE 1

      So we go to visit some of her family already staying in one of the rooms their back door doesn't lock.

      STRIKE 2

      The "luxurious" beds are about have the size of a twin.

      STRIKE 3

      We are out of here so we drove another 11 minutes up the road to the next town that had a walmart because we had planned to go there to get some last minute things and i had printed up directions.

      We get to the exit and found a super 8 motel went in and they gave us a room for the two nights we were in town

      now to add insult to injury (on part of the poor people who stayed at the other place)

      Eagles nest - Tiny
      Super 8 - King Size

      Eagles nest - 2 channels
      Super 8 - Cable

      Eagles nest - Key lock back door won't lock
      Super 8 - Key card lock

      Eagles nest - There wasn't one
      Super 8 - Didn't use it but it was there

      Needing food at 11:30 P.M.
      Eagles nest - on the top of some mountain in the middle of the boonies
      Super 8 - Applebees down the street about 2 street lights open til 1 A.M.

      Price per night
      Eagles nest - $90 + taxes
      Super 8 - $75 + taxes

      And we HAVE A WINNER

      So needless to say we weren't pissed off any more after that :-P

      The wedding Friday was fun Lots of pictures were taken since i was driving back to the hotel i could not drink which was ok at least until Jenn actually got the bouquet so she starts screaming for me to get up there for the Garter didn't have much competition but I used my superior 5'6" height to snatch it out of the air :-D

      So I got to put it on my fiance's leg in the middle of the dance floor and then she put it on my leg while everyone was watching. It was a blast!

      Mind you I don't know how bad it was for us to snatch both items when Jenn and I have been engaged since the very beginning of the year. But it felt great to do something that special with her.

      We're now home to out apartment in desperate need of cleaning and we need to go grocery shopping and do laundry so it's back to the routine for us but we have her flowers in the window getting some sun and the garter hanging on our bedroom wall

      I'm sure once Jenn is done messing with all the pictures she took i'll post some for people to look at :-P

      Cheers everyone


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    • saygoodnight


      4 years ago

      Oh wow! I'm so sorry to hear that!

      I hope you feel better soon!

      Are you still looking for a job in IT like you've had in the past?

    • saygoodnight


      4 years ago

      Its been good.. not too much has changed here for me.

      How's Jenn? I think the last time we talked was either right before or right after the wedding smiley1.gif

    • saygoodnight


      4 years ago

      Hey ^_^ Long time no see! How's it going?

    • saygoodnight


      5 years ago

      Lol, that's understandable ^_^

      Yeah, I have your FB

      I can't check it while at work but I'll look up the rock on your page when I get home later smiley0.gif

    • saygoodnight


      5 years ago

      I feel ya on the work stress bit :P
      I've been placed as lead admin for 4 programs & one I had no idea we even used until the environment crashed a few weeks ago & my boss told me it was my job smiley7.gif

      Thankfully I've got some good friends that I can surround myself with during my off hours to help bring the blood pressure levels down lol

      Not much else is new at the moment except that I've been trying to save up $ to travel more. That and I've also gathering the guts to travel alone, lol

      I'm so glad to hear things are going well with the wedding plans ^_^

      You'll have to post the pics come August!! smiley0.gif

    • saygoodnight


      5 years ago

      What's up dude?
      It's been a while!
      How's the job working out?
      How close is the wedding date? smiley0.gif

    • saygoodnight


      5 years ago

      Haha, thanks dude ^_^

      My contact with stupidity should be fairly limited today.. Lest something breaks smiley4.gif
      This is actually the one day a week that I don't have some kind of pointless phone meeting, lol

      Time to finish my scripts today & then maybe even a little downtime to study up on my new programs smiley1.gif

      How are things over in your part of the country?

    • saygoodnight


      5 years ago

      I've been dubbed the new Go-To person for WebFocus in the office..

      The program that no one understands lol!

      So now, since 2010 started, I've become the lead Tibco administrator, WebFocus Administrator, Junior WebSphere Administrator & Infogix specialist

      Adding all that with the hats I currently wear in my personal life.. I feel like I could give the Mad Hatter a run for his money in quantity XD

      Post edited 2/16/10 10:59AM

    • saygoodnight


      5 years ago

      My mind would seriously be blown to bits if they offered us that much awesome XD

      I know what my niece will be getting for her birthday! Lol!

    • saygoodnight


      5 years ago



      I haven't bought a Barbie since I was 10 but holy crap, I want that one XD