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    • Fan Event.

      6 years ago


      I really want to go to a fan event, I think it would be awesome. The only problem is that I will probably be able to attend only one. My question is what one should I go to? The two closest to me would be RTO (which interests me) and RTMN, The one I want to go to the most is RTX. What would you guys suggest?

    • Five for Fighting.

      6 years ago


      As a hockey fan fighting is something that comes up quite often in conversations about the league, it's something that has created a divide in a lot of fans. I, for one, love fighting in hockey I think it's part of the game, and these fights can shift momentum and rally the fans, potentially changing the outcome of the game.

      But that's not want to talk about, I want to address an argument some people who are against fighting carry. "Players in other sports don't fight, why do they fight in hockey?" Although these people have a valid point, fighting on skates is a totally different monster than fighting in shoes on the ground. When you fight on ice you can't just plant your foot and throw punches, it's a constant fight to keep your balance. Now lets look at lacrosse, it's similar to hockey in many ways, but because it is played on solid grounds fighting is way more vicious. They are street fights. People don't often get serious injuries in hockey fights, if a real fight breaks out in another sport it gets very real very fast.

      TL;DR Fighting in hockey takes skill and is a major component in the game. Fighting in other sports are basically street fights.

      Not sure if this journal is really clear so if you don't understand it, that's unfortunate.

    • My Life got Flipped, Turned Upside Kal.

      6 years ago


      So, in my journal 2 months ago I announced to all of you that my Xbox had basically blown up. I was sad. This however turned out to be a event with mixed blessing, while I was no longer able to play Halo 4, which at the time had just launched, I now had time to go back and play some of the games that I really felt I had missed. This is my story.


      I love this game. Let me say that again in case you missed it. I LOVE THIS GAME.

      For those of you who don't know Bastion is an indie game that plays much like a dungeon crawler. It's quite short, which was not surprising considering it's an indie game, but then again so was the original Portal. I think a full playthrough took me ~6 hours and every single one of them was great. This game features an story that features some amazing player development. And no, I don't mean character development, since this game has a completely silent protagonist I felt like every emotional twist was toying with me and at one point in the game I felt personally betrayed. Combine this with what I can easily call one of my top 3 soundtracks of all time and you get a great game that I think everyone should play.


      Jamestown is another indie game that I played almost immediately after finishing Bastion. It sets you on 17th-century colonial Mars and it basically plays like 1942, for those of you who know what I'm talking about. and you play through 5 or 6 levels at increasing difficulty until you make it to the final world which can only be played at a difficulty that I like to call "GOD DAMN THAT FUCKER KILLED ME AGAIN!" Now that may sound like a bad thing but for me it only made me want to play it more. I didn't play this game as much as I should have but the few hours that I did play, took me to the very last level and I don't regret a second.


      We play this a lot. I needed to play it more. I am, it's awesome. A++ Would to business again.

      Far Cry 3

      Now I'm only about 10 hours or so into this but I am enjoying it immensely, it's a fun open world shooter that can be adapted to your own play style, although you are rewarded more for the difficulty of doing things with stealth. This works fine for me since that is my default playstyle anyway but for someone who prefers to just run and gun you could find yourself sitting behind in XP. I need to play this game more, but this is my thoughts on it so far.

      Planetside 2

      This is really what this journal is about and where my problems lie. Playing this has really made me fall in love with PC gaming. It gives you an experience that you could never have on a console, on a single server you can be part of a fight that has up to 2000 people! That's crazy! Now granted, that never happens but I've been in a few fights that there are definitely ~300 people. There is a huge world to run around in with a friend or 10 or even more if you have that many. I highly suggest you pick this up and play it if you have a PC that can handle it.

      Now because of Planetside there are a few thoughts going through my head in regard to my gaming future. I know a new 360 would not cost a tonne but I love PC now and am really thinking of abandoning console altogether. It's a tough choice for me to make. But at the moment it might be the next logical step for me. I'd love your guy's input if you have some to give.

    • Two Posts in One Day!?

      6 years ago


      So, since the launch of Halo 4 I have been neglecting many of my daily tasks, the most ignored being the upkeep of my room. Yesterday I said "Damn, your room is messy. Enough is enough, it's time to clean this place up." I start to clean stuff up and then while I am dusting I make a rookie mistake. I pick up my Xbox. I realize that I don't think I have ever blown the dust out of it. I proceed to clean it.

      I need a new Xbox. RRoD, it's the bane of the older Xbox's and mine has fell prey to it's evil. I think I might get the Halo 4 Edition since it is time to replace it, but in the meantime I will have to play on PC and PS3 (I know, Boo hoo right?) So I think I might take this time to catch up on games I've missed in the last few years. I think the first thing I will go out and get in Uncharted 3, it's about damn time I go out and play it.

    • I could have had a baby.

      6 years ago


      It's been 9 months since my last journal update. Let me say that again, NINE MONTHS. In that amount of time I could have done any number of things including, but not limited to, having a baby. Granted I didn't, but if I was a girl I could have.

      So what have I been doing? Not a whole hell of a lot actually, but not quite nothing. I finished my first year of university, it sucked. I spent the whole summer living in the most beautiful place I have ever been, Whitehorse, Yukon. It was awesome. Since then I have started my second year if uni and made the decision to drop out after this term. So now my life is up in the air. I like it. It's honestly the happiest I have been since I moved to Winnipeg. I've applied to go to trade school and I hope I get in.

      So that's that. The brief version of my last 9 months. I'm happy to be back on RT and RoosterSpeak again. I kind of missed you guys.

    • n00b

      7 years ago


      Finally, one of my friends joined the RT community! He is going to be attending RvBTO with me.

      Everyone should go over and welcome him! rabidlmbrjak

    • [Insert Journal Title Here]

      7 years ago


      Hey, to any of those who care I should be putting up another journal entry soon. No, I didn't forget about you guys. I just lead an uninteresting life and I require time to think of things to write about.

      In the mean time watch this video.

      I like it.

    • Kids These Days,

      7 years ago


      And their crazy music. What happened to the good old days, when the popular artists would put their soul and feelings into the music they made? When did we make the transition from B.B. King to Kesha?

      Let's make a comparison

      B.B. King.


      I'm not claiming that all music made nowadays is bad but the popular music is not that great. You can hear the talent and heart that blues artists put into their music. And then there is today's pop artists who write lyrics about partying and going to the club backed up by computer generated beats.

      Why do I bring this up? I was on iTunes recently and I found a collection of 200 Blues tunes by the likes of B.B. King, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and many more for only $9.99. After seeing this I bought it immediately, and I started thinking; Why do these Blues greats sell there songs for so cheep after putting so much passion and time into their skill and music while pop stars can sell 10 songs for $15.

      I guess good marketing goes a long way.

      Now riddle me this dear readers... Who is your favorite artist (past or present) that I should check out?

      PS: You should all check out Andy McKee. His guitar skills are AMAZING.

    • Oops!

      7 years ago


      So, I don't know how often people read my journals, but for those of you who do I have a question...

      Remember that time I said I would post more frequently?

      Ya, I barely do too. that was along time ago.

      In other news, the holidays are over and I managed to survive the inevitable onslaught on family and alcohol. I don't know why but my mother decided it would be a great idea to have every single one of my family members over. Now don't get me wrong, I like seeing my family as much as the next guy but living two provinces away for the majority of my lifetime makes things sort of awkward. Over this season I came to the realization that, well, I don't know the names of most of the people I'm related to. This tends to be somewhat overwhelming when there are 30 people in the house, all of who seem to know my name, are having conversations with me and I don't know anything about them.

      Now, onto the important stuff... Gaming!

      I am a firm believer that the holidays are meant for gaming, this year I played one thing and one thing alone. SWTOR. Ya, big surprise there I know; but what can I do, it's a good game! One this that really makes the difference from WoW is the cut scenes, when I played WoW I didn't get into the story, I couldn't tell you why I was collecting this item or killing that monster. I just did it for the XP, but with SWTOR I understand the story and whether it's the class story or just a side mission I know why my character is doing it, which for me is a big deal.

      Looking at my last posts I can see that I haven't posted about my Skyrim experience. Skyrim is one of my favorite games ever. After putting in 80 hours I feel like I still haven't done enough in the game. I still want to level up and I still have quests to finish for The Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. I realize that length is not everything in games (eg. Portal) but I feel like Bethesda does a great job of making games that are long AND continually fun. I'm sure all of you have read tonnes of Skyrim posts lately so I won't bore you anymore with this.

      This post is getting pretty long so I will leave on this note...

      Mass Effect 3 comes out this year, and I must say it is probably my most anticipated game of this year. What games are you guys looking forward to? Are there any games for this last year that I absolutely HAVE to play?

      In the words of one of my good friends,

      Stay Awesome.

    • Quick Question...

      7 years ago


      So some of the guys on Roosterspeak were trying to figure out a very important question... What movie title would best describe your last dump?

      What's your best answer?

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