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    • Perfect Video Game Companion #1

      5 years ago


      If you could have any video game character as a companion in real life who would you choose?

      This is a question I have posed to myself countless times and I'm sure the majority of gamers have too. With the massive number of interesting and unique characters to choose from it seems an impossible choice, but I'm going to try to whittle it down to a few of my personal favorites.

      1) Serana - Skyrim Dawnguard DLC

      Skyrim was one of my all time favorite games I have ever played. It was the first game that I was truly excited for and one that I got the day of its release and have continued to play it even though it's been two years since then. I have poured hundreds of hours into my PS3 version of Skyrim and have loved almost every minute of it. One of the features that I enjoyed so much was the vast array of followers available to choose from. Their primary cause was to aid you in battle but I primarily used mine as a beast of burden, they would carry all my precious loot that I was never going to use but felt I desperately needed just incase. Before the Dawnguard DLC, I dabbled with Faedenal and Lydia but never felt they fully complemented my spellsword archetype but then came along Serana.

      Serana, no matter what form of combat you preferred, would almost always be a perfect fit. If you were a hack'n slash, heavy armor, go all out with your dwarven battle axe type of guy/gal, she would provide a nice Magicka balance, being able to use powerful spells at a distance to cause some serious damage while still being able to hold her own. If you were a distance fighter, be it a wizard relying on strong spells and such or an archer, she was also very adept at close-combat fighting if you supplied her with a melee weapon and perfect at soaking up damage while you take a much needed rest-bite to chug down some potions and jump back into the fight. It's also very important to note that Serana CANNOT DIE because she is main character in the Dawnguard quest line which is extremely helpful.

      Her occasional comment on her surroundings allowed for a nice breakup of the silence though sometimes at inopportune moments such as when you're sneaking up behind a bandit to slit his throat and she comments for the umpteenth time about how she can't understand our tolerance to the sun, it's usually fine. That's a good segue into my final point about Serana. She's a vampire. Though having its disadvantages such as weakness to the sun and people don't really like her, it actually boosts her stats quite substantially and gives her some perks otherwise unavailable such as the iconic red drain-health spell that all vampires posses.

      All of these coming together make Serana a powerful and formidable foe that I would someone who I would want on my side at all times.

      I will be uploading my next journal hopefully tomorrow or sometime in the next week with my next character. I didn't want to bung all of them into one journal because it would just turn into an eyesore. I plan to do four in total all from well known AAA games, sorry Indie lovers, so stay tuned!

      Comment your favorite Video Game Character and if you agree with me or not.

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