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    • Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth

      4 years ago


      Happy Birthday Rooster Teeth. Also a few days after that it were my 18th birthday. Well, I can finally drink alcohol since I live in the UK but if you live in the US, you have to wait another three years. However, what I just said does not make a difference to me since I don't like any alcoholic drink.

      As it has been 12 years since Rooster Teeth has begun I wish all the best for the staff and company as the 13th year is always the unluckiest. As always they have had another very successful year and from last year they released five or six new shows that will carry on bringing laughter and enjoyment. I can't wait for season 2 for both X-ray and Vav and Ten Little Roosters. Can someone comment on this journal to tell me if Ryan was doing the background singing during the trailer/intro for X-ray and Vav. In additions to this we have season 3 of RWBY and Red Vs Blue which I have not watch yet as I am only on Season 7.

      Finally, I am hoping to go to RTX this year, only if I win the VIP tickets through the contest that Rooster Teeth have announced, so it would be very appreciated if you like my next journal which will be released over the next couple of days, as a trip to RTX would be the best experience I would have had in my life, since I have not left the UK for over 10 years, so to go to America and have a chance to meet the staff of Rooster Teeth who are inspirational to me, it would mean the world to me.

    • Dronemino’s Pizza, Amazon Drones and RT Shorts

      4 years ago


      So earlier this week I read that Amazon are testing drones to deliver packages in the future, which made me think, didn't Rooster Teeth release an RT Short of Amazon Drones and how their delivery service will compete. Well Rooster Teeth better step up their game now that the drones are in testing.
      However, may be Rooster Teeth does not have to worry considering how ineffective they are going to be.

      First off the delivery range of a drone is only 10 miles which they said will take it 30 minutes. Well that's pointless cause that means that they can't be doing more than 20mph, you might as well get in a car and deliver it as it would be faster. Plus, when you hear that the pilot has to see the drone in their line of sight at all times when flying it, it would be far easier and simpler just to deliver it themselves.

      Let me tell you now, I can already think of a number of ways that the Amazon drones could go wrong.

      1) If people can hack Sony and retrieve information from both Xbox One and PS$ accounts, I am pretty sure they can hack a drone.
      2) The Amazon drone is really light weight but can only still lift 5 pounds of weight. It is said that even the slightest of wind could knock it off course.
      3) It could also lead to death or some form of injury, if the package falls from a height of 400ft in the air.
      4) When the Amazon Drone was confirmed that it was in production, people took to twitter asking if it could be used as target practices. So far the US government has not yet denied that it is illegal. On the plus, it makes the job for the pilot much more fun and enjoyable.
      5) Finally, it could have a major impact on UFO spotters' health and safety as their passion will become meaningless.

      Even though this has been said, the US government have said that Amazon Drones are too low tech and that they should work on more advanced projects. Okay, let me get this straight, they want to build something more complicated but they can't build a drone to go more than 10 miles without someone driving below it to be in range to pilot it. Yeah, they have no chance. They might as well hire Chris Demarais as his ideas for robot cars sound much more likely and also useful to the community.

      On a unfortunate note, there has been no news on Domino's Drones for almost 2 years so we have to assume that it is not going to happen.

      Personally though I hope that Rooster Teeth make a new follow up RT Short based on the recent news of the Amazon Drones and to see whether there are any new ways that Rooster Teeth can ship their stock.

    • When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

      4 years ago


      It looks like I am the newest member of the Rooster Teeth Community. Well by the time you read this I could be the second newest, wait.... the third.... oh.... uh. I am an officially a member of the community now so YAY!

      Anyway, it is just less than a year since I have been following and watching all of the Rooster Teeth content, from Red Vs Blue to RWBY to pretty much everything. The first ever episode I watched was in summer 2013, When I stumbled across (not literally) the GTA 4 Cops and Crooks on the Let's Play Channel, which feels like yesterday since I saw it, well I did see it yesterday because it was that amazing I watched it again. Anyway since then I have become a big fan of watching any animated series they produce and I wish one day I could be a part of it or even produce content like that.
      It was only last year when my friend invited me around his house to play some Halo 4 and then watched some Game Fails. After that I was then hooked into watching every series that they produce. I am still working on my goal to watch every episode of Let's Plays which is more realistic than watching every Rooster Teeth series.

      I also 100% think that Rooster Teeth deserve many more subscribers than they have as well as the recent views they have been getting on their uploads. Hopefully, as a community we can continue backing them for the years that are ahead.

      I can honestly say that I am proud to be a member of the community and that my dream of working at Rooster Teeth can eventually become reality.

    • 2019 years ago

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