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      9 years ago


      smiley9.gif Allow me to explain my last journal entry:

      I play a lot of Modern Warfare 2, to the extent that I would say I've gotten rather addicted to it. While I have already reached Level 70 (the highest level you can go) for some time, I have opted not to enter Prestige Mode (which is to basically reset and do it all over again) and have just been trying to complete challenges, and what not.

      Now, I wouldn't say I'm all that great at the game. I'm not some l33t sniper or perfect with a throwing knife, but I hold my own and I've got my good games, as well as my bad games. Currently, my Kill/Death ratio over all is something like 7,000 K / 4,000 D so I guess a +3000 or so is not so bad; but, the point of all of this is that I've been on a mission for a few months now: achieve a tactical nuke.

      For those who don't play, you unlock special support weapons/equipment for every set number of kills you get without dying in a row during a game which are called "Killstreak Rewards". The more powerful the unlock the more kills you need to acquire without dying. The highest of these is the "Tactical Nuke" which basically ends the game, and gives you the win, regardless. In order to get this you need to get 25-kills in a row without dying.

      I finally achieved this on Monday night, just a few days ago.

      It was a normal Team Deathmatch game, on Wasteland, and I had my Killstreak Rewards set up as Harrier Strike - AC130 - Tactical Nuke. I finished the game with 31 Kills / 3 Deaths. There was no hardline (a perk in the game that allows you to achieve killstreaks with one less kill) and no nuke-boosting. Just me, doing it legit.

      It was awesome, and it was epic. My heart was racing the entire time. Now, I just need to get one more to complete the challenge of getting two nukes... hmm, well, stranger things have happened, I guess...

      smiley9.gif I dropped out of my Pre-Calculus class. Oh well. Time to reevaluate my life, again... :-/

      smiley9.gif I need to start searching for a new car... but I hate shopping around, such a bother...

      smiley9.gifKING RAMSES.

    • 9 years ago

    • Oh, Conan...

      9 years ago


      ...hurry up and come on back now, you hear?

    • Ya-Harh-Harh!

      9 years ago


      This video be a hard one to be stopping me gazing; It pleases mine only eye!

      Also, it reminds me that I've always wanted to be a part of some kind of "team" comprising of a bunch of interesting characters with their own quirks and abilities, which they all bring to the table, in order to form one whole cohesive unit that's only as good as the sum of it's parts...

      Aye, I be resting me eye now... Zzzz...

    • Top Ten Favorite Video Games Evar #3

      9 years ago




      One of my favorite books evar, of all time, would have to be "1984" by George Orwell. For some reason I've always been fascinated by "utopias gone wrong", so to speak. Humanity is always trying to perfect itself and I often wonder, "How far would we go to reach that level of perfection"? Of course, just what IS that level of perfection that we all tend to seek? Either way, it always seems as though the human condition will always fail us in the end, unfortunately.

      Such is the case with the story of Bioshock. It's the tale of an underwater city, built by a man named Andrew Ryan, who sought to distance himself from the rest of humanity whom he grew tired of due to their constant intrusion in his life and work. He envisioned a place where the artist could be free to express himself the and the worker would be rewarded for his own hard work. While his dreams and ambitions were sincere, and not to mention quite sound, like many men with visions of utopia it would eventually end up quite flawed.

      That's where you, the player of this game, come in as you find yourself square in the middle of a war zone within the confines of Rapture, the city under the sea that Andrew Ryan has built, which has all but been destroyed at this point. Clearly, things have failed. As you fight to survive through the dark hallways, wet floors and crumbling scenery you start to unravel the truth of why you're really here and why that airplane in which you were on that crashed, being how you got there in the first place, might have been no mere accident...

      And that's one of the major reasons why I love this game. It's one of the most original games that I've played in quite some time and it had something going for it from the get-go that I could really get behind and appreciate before I even pressed start: the lack of multiplayer. Now, don't get me wrong, I enjoy multiplayer. It's great, sure, but sometimes I wonder about certain first person shooter games that include both a single player campaign and the multiplayer. I often feel like, basically, due to the inclusion of multiplayer the single player campaign can suffer, at times, because they tend to spend more time focusing on the multiplayer aspect.

      That's why I enjoyed Bioshock, and only slightly disliked Bioshock 2, because of it's lack of multiplayer. In my mind, it allowed the game developers to really focus on the story, the characters, the setting, the art and the enemies; and boy, does it show! If there is only one word I can use to describe Bioshock it would have to be: MEMORABLE. I'll never forget the first time I went mano y mano with a Big Daddy, and won, nor the first time that I was presented with the choice of harvesting or rescuing a Little Sister.

      That and, really, just the whole presentation of the game. With this sort of story you could have just as easily had it take place in the future, in some space station, or even still underwater; but it did something unique, at least in my mind, by taking place in the 1960s. I just love the whole retro-setting of the game. The old advertisements. The clothes. The way that even the character talks and act. It's the subtle things in the game that you really can appreciate. Often times I would just stand around looking at things, admiring them and just taking in the whole atmosphere of the game.

      Really, there's nothing more I can say; I just love it and if you haven't played it, well... would you kindly?

    • The Truth Hurts

      9 years ago



      Except I work in a grocery store...

    • Funny how that is, sometimes...

      9 years ago


      Driving home from school, leaving my class after horribly failing my Pre-Calculus test, a song came on the radio that just made me laugh... and cry... oh, the irony... /soseriouswtf


      9 years ago


      Seriously. To anyone that is able to comprehend this stuff, work with it and better enrich their lives through it, well, I give you all the credit in the world. Really, I wish I knew half the stuff about Math that some of you do. Hell, even a quarter of what you know would help me immensely.

      It's like another language to me. No matter how hard I pour myself over it I just can't get it. It's frustrating and it's annoying as all hell. Urg. I'm gonna fail this test tonight and, once again, I'm going to fail a math course and take another step back from receiving my associates degree.



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