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    • We've got Armadillos in our trousers...

      7 years ago


      Well I know I must have been the only person on Earth to not play MW3 but I changed all that by finally stealing my roommates copy of it to pass the time. And as is my tradition I get as many single player achievements as I can before even touching any online multiplayer. Ya I know, I'm an achievement addict. Its a fun game and all but I can't believe how over the top crazy every single moment in the game is. Its like the developers took all the cool/exciting moments from the previous games and cranked them up to 11. I don't even want to get in vehicles in the game anymore because I know that every time I do its either going to be shot down, or crashed. And then I end up running across the entire level anyway to get to a new vehicle that will either be shot down or crash. Whats the point anymore.

    • Well Im Back

      8 years ago


      Its been a long and lonely time away, well actually it hasn't. Im not big into the community social sites. I prefer to meet people in real life, face to face. But ill make an exception to Rooster Teeth because they are the greatest and only online videos that I follow. To me they are comedic geniuses and it will be a sad sad day when RvB is no more. So bring it on community, show me what your made of.

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    • Fishguy

      9 years ago

      From the team that brought you "Red vs Blue Calgary" comes a new and exciting project...

      A fresh take on the traditional PC LAN; Project X: Uprising includes a PC & Console LAN, Red vs Blue, Movie Theatre, Guest Speakers & Much more!

      Red vs Blue the way it was meant to be viewed... On a huge, freakin' screen!

      Visit for more information and to Register!


    • Magnethios

      13 years ago

      Hey, Tell your friends, Check this out... Click here:

    • Keedron

      14 years ago

      Not sweet, dude. This is sand we're talking about. Have you ever tasted sand?? It hurts like hell on the way out.

      I agree. Math sucks. However, I highly doubt an exploding zit makes you laugh. That's just nasty.

    • Scotty

      14 years ago

      Hey Dude

      You sound alot like me interest wise.
      And I hear your pain for Math 20.

      There making us take it watered down in Grade 9...

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