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    • My PS3 camping story

      12 years ago


      Note: I was one of the myriad of people who put their's up on ebay, I am not a rabid sony fan, bash them all you want.

      Ask Target what is going to be happening with the PS3 and what the return policy is. Get told I'll be kicked out if I camp starting wednesday, better wait till thrusday.

      7:45 Get a calll saying people are camping outside already
      8:00 After gathering some meager supplies I fly down the freeway and get into line at #4
      8:15 Get told that three Sony "Representatives" are going to be coming friday morning to grab three units. I laugh at him.
      10:00 Friend arrives, I go home, shower, and gather more of what I'll need (IE chair, sleeping bag, work stuff)
      12:00 Go in and buy a DS and New Super Mario
      5:00 Go to work.
      9:45 Get back from work and find them all playing Gears of War on the wall. I begin to play as well
      12:00 Go to bed

      7:00 Go to school and work on paper
      12:30 Get back and learn that I almost lost my spot because of a couple of dicks with no sense of honor in the back of the line.
      1:00 One of the supposed Reps arrives and begins talking about "testing the reaction of people in line" and "testing how easy the unit is to hack" He also goes on about some terrorist blowing up a warehouse with six MILLION units thinking it was a uranium warehouse (Reaction: WTF? Someone is full of crap) He goes inside to talk to the management about what he'll need.
      4:30 Begin to panick as I can't get my shift at work covered. Finally, under the guise of going to the bathroom, sprint over to my work (they're only like a 1/4 mile apart) and learn that my manager has got it all covered for me. Sprint back.
      10:00 Up until now I've been playing multiplayer Mario, Metroid and Children of Mana on my new DS. Now we get to bust out GoW.
      12:00 Begin to watch the movie Descent. Frakking scary.
      2:00 Rep arrives again and we all begin to bash him with the gaping holes in his claims (Like he flashed us a card from the Sony Fanclub to prove he works for Sony) He goes over to the bar across the street and brags to some drunk guy about how much money he makes (apparently 1.2 million but all he has to drive is a 98 honda civic)
      3:00 After some more DSing I curl up in my sleeping bag on the bench and sleep
      6:00 Wake up. Go to take a pee and see the Rep and another guy who is supposedly from Atlanta in a car. I walk up and ask why they aren't inside like they claimed they'd be. They fail to produce a worthy answer
      7:00 The first 10 of us are allowed inside where we are treated to coffee and popcorn (wonderful for me as I don't drink coffee) we also get our tickets.
      7:30 I get my ps3
      9:00 Said ps3 is put up on ebay

    • w00t for downtime

      12 years ago


      So a forum that I've been frequenting for three years has decided to periodically blow its brains out.

      This means that I've rediscovered the RT forums.

      So yeah, w00t for another way to waste my time at work >_>

      And I just realized I failed to follow the first day of school trend.

      w00t for college! I love only having to go to school two days a week adn then working full time the other three. Granted I don't get to make as much money as before but it's still good to keep my job.

      And my schedule is as follows:
      On Tues/Thurs only
      7:15AM-9:20AM - Math 29 (Pre-Calc)
      9:30AM-10:50AM - College Succes (Easy units)
      11:00AM-11:50AM - Institute (Mormons FTW!)
      12:30PM-1:50 PM - Political Science (With a not half bad liberal prof for once)
      2:00PM-3:20PM - Swimming Conditioning (Nothing really to comment on just a lot of laps)

      College is great except for all the smokers. I miss the "j00 c4n't sm0k3!!!" rule back in highschool.

    • 2019 years ago

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