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    • Title of Poopoo Head

      14 years ago


      Star Wars Comedy
      "Owww this helmet is chafing my eyebrows! I swear!"
      "May The Farm Be With You!"

      Today Is Sunday
      Alas the weekend is over. Damn, doesn't that suck? Awwe well, school is almost over. Yeah so I'm thinking about going down to Canadian Tire again and this time filling out an application instead of just dropping of my resume (Though I'm sure that isn't the reason why I wasn't called) Yeah so Ken's sick still.. But he isn't super bad anymore. I really hope he feels better in the morning. Well this weekend sucked.. well not sucked, but it wasn't as exciting as I would have wanted it to be. But hey, I got to spend a whole lot of time with Ken, so I'm definitely not complaining. If he wasn't sick though it would have been better.... ho hum. Yeah well this is a short journal mainly because I have to go and shower now (No, you can't watch xP).

      Yeah so I shaved Ryan's head. I really don't know why he trusted me. His theory: "It isn't possible to mess up on shaving a person's head." I knew I'd find a way. Actually no. I shaved his head fine.. it looks good... but still, I'm amazed I didn't mess it up. >_< Yeah so everyone twirl around in circles and say "Boopadoopadoop!"

      Oh yeah and I was talking to Josh (Azuri) on msn today and he was saying how he kind of misses RVB.. but yeah. He's doing good. He asked out his crush (Dana) and she was telling him how she feel's so lucky and such. So it's all good for him.. for those who miss him =D He's happy.

      Eye'm too lazy to find another picture =P

      Random Fact #28:

      My first time on stage performing, I was about 5 years old. It wasn't that I was supposed to be there, however. I had snuck away from my mom and climbed up on stage with my sister when she was in chior and I sung my heart out. I wonder how embarassed she was...

    • -Random Title of Sexiness-

      14 years ago


      Hello all! How's it hangin'?
      Isn't my eye sexy? You know it is. You want my eye don't you. You can't handle the sexiness of my eye. RAWR. But you know what else you can't handle? The sexiness of Kenneth. Ken is the most amazing sexy person in the world. He totally rules the sexiness of all humanity and pwns why eye with sexy too!

      Now you shall gaze at the owner of the eye and the Kenneth. Well.. I don't really own Ken.. well YES I DO HE'S MINE BACK OFF!!! GET YOUR OWN SEXY!!!!!

      Now to speak of thy Brittany (Username: Mangf) As she holds up her sexy possession of MANGF.

      Now to move on to non sexiness.. or to just get away from that damn word "Sexy"

      Today Is Friday

      Yeah so Josh, Ken, and I all dropped our resumes off at Canadian tire the other day. And Ken get's his call today telling him that his interview as at 6:30, Josh got his call and found out that he should re-apply for the job in a month so he can actually work instead of automatically taking a month off of work ((For some odd reason...))

      But I didn't get called. This is probably because I've worked there before (so has Ken...) and got in an argument with Carol (girl who hires people) so now she knows who I am.... and refuses to call me to even give me a CHANCE to work there. She totally isn't sexy.

      So yeah. Ken start's work on Wednsday as a Full time employee and he'll be making $9 an hour. I on the other hand am still unemployed. Suck me.

      =P So yeah. I dance around and I'm funny looking.

      Yeah well I'm crazy. Later days. Smile... uh... Love... of SEXY.


      Once upon a time everyone hated me because they thought I was steeling Kenneth from them. This just proves who everyone loves more. Him. Why blame them anyway? He is so amazing. More amazing then I could ever be. Even my closest friends want him over me. Ouch.. no really OUCH.

      Random Fact #27

      My eyes are blue, and flower-like. (Give me damn break. Twenty-freakin Seven.. I don't know what else to put..)

    • =D

      14 years ago


      So yeah, last night was a party in celebration to my Daddy's 50th birthday party, and let me tell you it was great =D

      So yeah a large number of family members from my dad's side were there, some were missing, but that was their problem for missing out on the fun =D

      My cousion Robert was a retard (he's 14) and he got drunk. Like seriously. He's 14 years old getting piss drunk on a Sunday night at a 50 year old's birthday party. =P He was no annoying too.. but funny nonetheless.

      So some of my Dad's buddies got him a hat and these weird glasses for him to look weird.. and I don't think they expected him to look THIS weird. Like seriously. O___o; But it was fucking halarious! My dad was awesome. All drunk and stuff, wearing weird glasses... and a hat. =D

      So as if I could only get some pictures of him and his foolishness...

      So I took more =D He's never going to live this one down.

      So through the night we all watched my Dad being his fool on his special day. I mean half a century. That's a long time =D Hopefully he can get another 50 years in.........

      So Ken and I.. well mostly me, wanted a foolish picture too.. soo...


      PS: To all the food lovers out there. -COUGH-JOSH-COUGH- The food was good and you didn't get to have any. I mean REALLY good =P lol.

      Random Fact #26:

      My sister was so mean to me growing up. I mean she threw me down stairs, cut my hair when I was sleeping, threw bottles at me and gave me bruises and black eyes... It's amazing we get along so well now.

    • It's Saturday!

      14 years ago


      -Starts dancing and singing a play she did in grade 6- "Saturday, the best day all week looonnngg! It's Saturday, saying it loud and clear, Saturday, can't believe it's here. Out of my way, the weekends coming on strooooong. It's Saturday, the whooolllle, the whole day long.... Saturday, the whole day looong... the whoooooooooole...."

      Alright I'll stop =P So I haven't posted anything about my trip yet.. well that is because I'd like to do that when I have a lot more pictures in my reach. =D It was awesome though, yes certainly it was. Too bad we missed the talent show though, but it was worth it.. they just should have put that damn show on another day. =P

      I bet Brennan was awesome though...

      Yeah so tomorrow I have this thing to go to, a party thing, for my Dad's 50th birthday. Isn't that insane? And for those of you who remember his terrible accident I'm happy to say that he seems to be normal again. He still takes medicine and stuff, but my Daddy's still alive! =D

      So I feel like posting jokes, it might be my new thing.... Rob and Shawna have jokes in their last journals, and I thought they were funny.. so I'm going to get some to post in here so you guys can have a laugh too. It'll be my joke of the day thingy.. =D



      It was Christmas eve and a beautiful young woman stayed up all night waiting for Santa. When he had come and was ready to leave the girl emerged in her robe. "Santa please stay," she asked him. He replied, "Ho ho ho gotta go, gotta give presents to the kids you know!"

      The girl dropped her robe, stood there in her bra and underwear, "Santa can you stay now, please?" He replied, "Ho ho ho, gotta go, gotta give presents to the kids you know!" So the woman removed her bra, and asked Santa yet again, "Santa please, oh please stay!"

      He replied, "Ho ho ho, gotta go, gotta give presents to the kids you know!" So as a final attempt the woman dropped her panties to her ankles.

      "Santa please stay!"

      And the jolly old man replied, "Hey hey hey, gotta stay, can't go up the chimney with a boner in the way!"


      Yeah well I first heard that joke when I was like 8. My mom was telling it to some friends, and I pretended I understood it then. But really I didn't have a clue what a boner was =D yeah, I love it now.

      So, keep on smiling, later days!

      Random Fact #25:

      Once upon the time I was riding my bike down the street, helmet less, I fell, hit my head really hard against a car. I ended up denting the car to hell, and getting a giant bump, bruise, two black eyes, and I told my mom when I got home that I had fallen on the pavement, not wanting her to deal with the giant dent in that persons car. I wonder what they ever did about that....

    • Jessika = Nerd

      14 years ago


      Yeah I should be packing and stuff, preparing for the trip tomorrow.. but hey, I decided to come on for a bit.. well at first it was to put music on.. but, why not =P lol.

      So afterschool I took the bus to go home, which is different because I usually take the bus to go to Ken's place... so when we got up to Timberlea I was surprized to see Mandy get on the bus. Besides me tripping up and hugging her, looking like a fool limping back to my seat we talked on the bus.. then this guy got on.. and she got extremely uncomfortable, so she asked if she could come over. Alright she begged if she could. I was like DUHHH! =D So she came over for a little while. She had to go though, because her dad already grounded her.. yeah.. So I walked her to the store and she was taking money out so she could call a cab. I end up calling her a cab.. we stood around waiting for like half an hour for the cab to come.. and when it FINALLY came she was like "Jess, pretend that you didn't call the cab" I was all like Why? Because the cabby dude creeped her out.. and I don't blame her =/ So we just ignored the cab until it left!! =D lol.

      Mandy rocks my pants socks!

      So then we decided to wait for the bus.. well she was waiting for the bus, and I kept her company.
      She didn't want me to take a picture of her, so she was all avoiding me.. and she was in the middle of talking to me.. and I snapped the picture =D It looks like she was happy! lol, well she was, kinda.. but yeah.. I don't think she really was..

      So we were bored waiting for the bus.. and the wind was crazy.. but not crazy enough to cool me down from the intense heat from the sun.. but it did blow my hair around.

      Yeah well. Trip tomorrow. I really have to stop procastinating =D

      Random Fact #24:

      I have exersize induced asthma. I cough up blood when it's really bad. I hate it.

    • The Daily Life Of Jessika

      14 years ago



      Ahaha! That was me yesterday by the way. I'm not wearing my hat today. Yeah so, I've been getting numerous amount of PMs asking me how I got my award, and how I got the title beneath my name. Well I have three words for you people

      Read Burnie's journal.

      Oh wait, I have more words for you people: Burnie tries to inform everyone he gives an award to, why he gives them that award. He usually does this by leaving a message in their personal comments with stars around it.

      Oh, and I feel special.

      So why does my title say "want2sponsor" well perhaps because I told Burnie that I do. I really do want to sponsor.. unfortunately this involves finding someone who will do it for me. I am fine giving them the money and all.. but the credit card deal or the whole being over 18 thing.. yeah. =/

      How long is your tongue?
      I can stick mine out more, but in this picture I thought I looked funny so I decided to put it up!

      Yeah, so I'm still wondering why the hell can't I mod Josh up? I've tried modding his posts, his images, his journals.. but WTF it doesn't work. It always says "Invalid" it's only when I try to mod him too.. It doesn't do that for anyone else I try to mod.. Grr..

      Yeah well. I love Kenneth, Brittany, Andrew, Josh, Mandy, Kristal, Ryan, Corinna, Mommy, Jackie, Agar..... and lots of other people too.. =D

      Later Days!
      (Jackie's sunglasses... social class =D lol) Keep it real, word up yo! lol.


      Random Fact #23:

      Come to think of it, my first kiss on the lips with a boyfriend was a dare too..

    • From What I Can See

      14 years ago


      1.5 - For people who are as low as Karma as me, and aren't sponsers
      -you can mod images
      -modding is now a scroll (along with search engine, cool advertisements... well just a new look)
      -can't spam (YES!)
      -change visibility of journals..
      -Karma system looks cool now
      -Tells you views of Journal and Profile
      -You can clear ALL alerts =D
      -Everything more organized
      -When it says "new _______ comment" it brings you straight to the comment =D
      -And it's holy and makes me melt.


      Another one of those insecure days. But you know what. I'll always be insecure. Whether it's about my looks, my singing, or whatever. So =P Poo on anyone.

      I love Kenneth so much. He is so sweet, and he loves me.. and that is really good to know.

      My back hurts.. but that's nothing new.

      Today was an okay day.. nothing too exciting went down.

      LOL. I painted my legs during art. Now to scrub it all off...

      Brittany called me sexy today =D

      1.5 is soooooooo wicked, but I want my Karma back =3 And Mod points so I can spend them all again on all my awesome friends, and those really cool people that I watch.


      EDIT:: Yay, Burnie is awesome. I got an award for commenting.. then he gave me a title.. lol. I really hope I can get sponsored soon guys. This is amazing =D YES!

      Random Fact #22:

      My first french kiss, was a dare.

    • No Time To Waste Online

      14 years ago


      I'm off to enjoy, or liven up this little party here at Dave's.. So yeah. Later..

      -Inserts Random Pictures-

      Eating an all you can eat buffet. Brennan, Jackie, Shawna, Rob, Brittany, and David EDIT: AND JOSH all go on redvsblue.

      We went to the hotel and had food. Most of us got the all-you-can-eat buffet, and knowing Ken and Josh that is like heaven. They eat soo much. =D lol. I only had one plate, not worth my money.. but I had lots of fruit for dessert all while Brittany, Ken, and Josh had cakes. =D

      Ken likes this picture, so I decided to post it. I was fooling around.. O-o;

      Why is the coloring weird? I don't know. None of the pictures are truely accurate with coloring.. My eyes aren't green. They're blue. My shirt is brown.... O__o;

      Random fact #21

      You know how I said I prayed? well I pray about everything. People I don't know, not even their names, animals... everything. I pray to help.

    • Too Serious.

      14 years ago


      Some of you people are too serious about your internet lives.

      Get over it, seriously. You know what should me taken seriously? Actual people that you know in real life. Like your parents, or friends at school. I know you guys care about your online friends, but when something goes wrong on a website (RVB) with a bunch of people (ultimadragon, azuri, penguinmint... etc) then it shouldn't be taken seriously.

      Also suicide is stupid, especially over something on the interent.. O_____o; Yup.


      Do yourself a favor and go outside, breathe the fresh air, and think about the important things in life. Realize what really should be taken seriously. Oh and do me a favor and enjoy life, smile, and laugh.. with people that you can interact with. =)

      Random Fact #20:

      I was never baptized, yet I believe in God, and pray every night.

    • New Discovery.

      14 years ago


      I love it. I've listened to in millions of times.

      Well... I still am STRONGLY emotional about my last journal so I will not react kindly to anyone that disses my beliefs on that subject. Anyway, on to my new discovery.


      CHECK IT OUT!!

      Yes! It's awesome. I want to meet these guys.. and give them giant hugs =)

      Why did humans have to fuck up all this...
      They shouldn't be in cages, we should.

      Random Fact #19:

      I don't have a favorite color, this is because I love all colors. For if one color was gone, I would see less of the beauty in life. This also reminds me, I would never want to lose any of my scenses..

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