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      14 years ago


      Those stupid assholes that do these things to animals... I'm going to fucking puke. I am an all out animal/nature lover. I've always loved all creatures... but I can't love even my own race of animal. HUMANS. FUCKING DICKS.
      Some of these people, I wanna beat with a bat, in the face, take a nice and slit into their flesh and skin them. LEAVING THEM ALIVE TO FEEL IT ALL. Sell THEIR skin to big expensive stores so that pop-stars, famous idols can wear their skins on television make it known on how GOOD they look wearing other peoples skin.

      Anyone who fucking thinks these videos are fine are fucking SICK. I'm crying. YOU FUCKING MAKE ME SICK YOU ASSHOLES. FUCKING DICKS!

      Please, if you bloody can... donate money, make your voice heard.. please. If you want to see the video's I talk about go to MissNely's journal.

      I warn you though, I didn't even watch them all.. not that I don't care, but because after the first 4 I feel like hunting those fucking people down, burning down KFC, and become phsyco towards any jerk I know that would agree with what those jerks do.. and I'm NOT a violent person.

      I'm even starting to hate J.LO and many of my other prized idols for even WEARING animal fur. I'm going to be sick.. I wanna throw up.

      I don't know about you, but I LOVE my dog.

      Random Fact #18:

      I love ALL animals, ALL creatures, I love NATURE. My love is less for Humans. Why can't all people be like Ken, Brittany, Josh, or my friends. Why must they be like this. I FUCKING HATE THEM.

    • One And A Half

      14 years ago


      That's right folks. Read the title. Today is Ken and my One and a half year anniversary.

      Oh my gosh.. I cannot believe it's been that long.. but yet it feels like I've been with him forever.

      Well I'm not posting long because I will be going to cuddle with him =P



      Oh and P.S: YAY Josh, AKA. Azuri is staying!! <3

      Random Fact #17:

      One year for halloween I wanted to go as Sailor moon.. but not to school because I was soo embarrassed. So I went to school dressed up as a 'teenager' and then when I went trick or treating I dressed as Sailor Moon. Yes I was a creep back then.. it's not as if I just only started =P

    • Arrrrr--I'm a Pirate

      14 years ago


      I was on the bus going home right. ((I take an hour bus ride home everyday since I go to see Ken every day.. I won't have to take such a long bus ride when I move to Abasand though... Anywho...)) and I just got off my phone with Ken because it died right... so I was bored. I reached into my backpack grabbed my diary.. and started writing in it. Deciding that I should put it away after writing a page, I turned to put it back into my backpack. Having perpheriable(sp?) vision I have a good range of seeing stuff.. so in the corner of my eye I saw a guy.. leaning right up against his seat staring at me.

      I was creeped out! I turned, looked at him as he stared at me and then turned around. HE KEPT STARING! I was thinking that the distance he was he could have easily read my journal as I was writing in it... and well yeah.. that's creepy. So I glanced back a couple of times and he was STILL looking at me..

      Well anyway I was thinking about how creepy he was, how he could easily over power me and rape me or something.. all scared to shit right.. well anyway... my stop was coming soon, I would have called Ken back but my phone was completely dead.... so there was my stop... I was ready to get off soon... and before I had a chance to pull the string for the next stop someone else had... and that someone wasn't in front of me....

      I stood up, and got off the bus, that man did too.. OMG was I scared... it was raining, I had to go to the bathroom, I had a heavy backpack, bad ancle, asthma.. how the hell was I supposed to outrun this guy? I thought I was screwed.. boy was i happy when he didn't follow me.

      I think I'm just paranoid... Yeah well later days...

      I don't think I look like myself in this picture..

      Random Fact #16:

      I am against killing things. Even insects, sometimes even picking weeds... there for I don't kill things/insects on purpose... I try not to. If I find one inside I pick it up and put it outside...

    • MeeP =3

      14 years ago


      Haylo everyone!!! Today has been good I guess.

      We had fun with everyone today. Everyone came. Josh(Rogers), Jen, Haley, Ken, David, Brittany, Andrew, and me... and just now Jaxx and Brennan walked through the door... but Haley and Jen are gone. Oh and Josh(Agar) might be showing up soon

      Psst... can I tell you a secret? Most of the time Haley was here I felt like throwing up. I felt like throwing up all the food in my stomach, and all my stomach acids.. so I could be skinny like her. Ken finds her attractive... and I just wish I was her size.... I feel so huge compared to her... and she's Ken's ex girlfriend.. so I felt really sick. She's an awesome person though. Really nice.... I wish I didn't feel this way...... It was just last night I was crying in Ken's arms about her. Yup..

      Ken doesn't want me upset though. He says that he loves me, and that I'm the only one he loves, and that he loves every part of me... but I still wish I was exactly what he wants in a girl.. if only I was thinner....

      Anyway... so we were all roasting hotdogs and such. =) Yay fire.. I smill like camp fire right now.. lol.

      Then Andrew climbed a tree... and I wanted to get a picture of it so Brittany climbed in through the bedroom window to get my camera phone, but by the time she pulled it out we looked at the GIANT tree and Andrew wasn't in it anymore... we got mad.. so....

      Can you guess what happened next???

      Yup, Britt climbed into the tree and I took pictures of her instead. Yup well everyones still all here so I have to have fun with them!! Later days guys =)

      You know what would make this get together even better though.. if Mandy was here.... =(

      Random Fact #15:

      I used to love the Spice Girls... when I was little. My favorite was Baby Spice, her birthday was the same as mine and her first name (Emma) was my Mom's middle name so I thought it was destiny for us to be the same characters ((My friends and I used to pretend we were them...))

    • Jessika Loves Kenneth

      14 years ago


      Oh so much I love that man =)

      I cannot wait to marry him.
      It's almost our one 1/2 year anny!

      On other news... It's Friday the 13th. Odd hey?
      But it's been an okay day, despite it's significance.

      .. -inserts random picture of Brittany holding Master Chief-


      Yup.... so lets enjoy the rest of this weekend, shall we?
      smile you shiznos =P Later days
      <3 Jessika
      Random Fact #14:

      My lucky number is 121. My birthday is the first month, the 21st day. My sister's birthday is the 12th month the first day. Ken and I started dating 11/21 and Brittany's birthday day backwards is 21.

    • I'm So Tired.... of this...

      14 years ago


      I'm Fat.
      I'm sick of people lying to me, and saying I'm not.
      I'm sick of looking in the mirror and crying for hours.
      I'm sick of getting insults at school.
      I'm sick of trying to hide my stomach with sweaters on hot days.
      I'm sick of not being good enough for you.
      I'm sick of not having the stregnth to do something about it
      But Mostly, I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself.


      ((To those of you online that have never met me in real life and say that I'm not, you are sadly mistaken. You have never seen me in real life, nor have you seen a full legnth picture of me.))

      Random Fact #13:

      My eyes, my favorite feature on me. Blue, and flower-like. Too bad nothing else on me is that beautiful...

    • Ho Hum Dee Dum

      14 years ago


      Grr, this is the second time I'm writing this stuff.. trying to remember all the stuff I wrote before I pressed submit and read the "Missing Peramiter" on the top of the screen in a red box.. I forgot the title the first time.

      Yesterday was pretty cool I guess. Some guy made an offer on my old trailer of $41,000.. and that's pretty awesome since my Mom bought the place for $24,500... and it's not really a nice place...

      One of the Gods of this website locked a thread.. I think it was a MOD and I believe it was Pixie. I PMed her about this guy (username: terfu) who took her screen shot of the 1.5 versioned site and put his username and image in replace of hers. Everything else remained the same though. He claimed that he was a MOD for the new version of the site, but he wasn't a MOD at all. It was a really retarded situation to try to argue with a complete idiot. So I'm glad that's over.

      I took this picture a few days ago on the bus. Josh has a retarded expression on his face and well... you can guess why I love it so much.. LMAO. The background.

      Random Fact #12:

      I have this weird, disgusting thing about me. Whenever I see popable pimples on people I feel urged to pop them. I mean they are like little bubbles.. bubbles are soo fun to pop......

    • "Shape, I am in shape, round's a shape!"

      14 years ago


      Lol, I love Kenneth. Yeah well anyway.

      Today is mothers day, what I am going to do with my mom is beyond me. She got the flowers yesterday, and was really happy to get them.. but about today.. I don't have money to take her out to eat or such... grr. I feel like such a bad daughter.


      Yeah well have a good day all =P

      Random Fact #11:

      Depending on how you look at things, I either have two middle names, or two last names.

    • Karma...

      14 years ago


      I don't care too much about my Karma right now, since it's going to be reset when the new version of the site comes out.. but when it does come out, I will care -coughs- anyway =D

      What's up? Well I've been destroying a shed in David's backyard for about a week now.. not even a week and We finally pushed it down, literally! After removing the walls, and roof we all decided to have a little fun =D
      Brittany and Andrew! Partying it up! (Jaxx and Brennan in background)
      Timber!!! What a blurr..
      Yes! We did it!! Take that you fucking wall!!!
      Well anyway, we plan to build our own two story fort thing back there. =D it's going to take a lot of work, but it'll be worth it =D YAY!

      Comment you shisnos!

      Go Here To Take The Quiz Yourself

      Random Fact #10:

      Paula, my middle name, was given to me in respect to my deceased uncle that I never met, named Paulo.

    • Randomness

      14 years ago



      Public, people everywhere I go,
      staring at my like I’m an ugly hoe.
      Put on a sweater, suck in real tight.
      No matter what I do I’ll never look right.

      Laughing, smiling to replace the pain….
      Hiding my looks is driving me insane.
      But I gotta keep at it, gotta keep my cool,
      Don’t need any rumors going around at school.

      Stop it people! What are you looking at?
      Do I really, truly look like that?
      Calm down, and take a deep breath,
      Still wondering what’s better, my life or death?

      Sun blazing down “I’m not hotâ€Â
      Gotta keep this sweater on, “No truly I’m notâ€Â
      Beauty doesn’t matter, that’s what people say,
      But that’s what everyone cares about in the world today.

      So exercise daily and don’t eat too much,
      Gotta try so hard, or I’ll be too ugly to touch.
      Look at those pretty people complaining about their perfect figure…
      All while I sit here trying to stop getting bigger.

      No you can’t look, that would be forbidden,
      Sitting, Crying, Trying to stay hidden.

      Written by me a long time ago. Go to my website for more poems. The link is at the top of my profile.

      Anywho... BOOO I'm a ghost. More like MOOOO I'm a cow!!!

      Later you shisnos! <3 Jessika
      Random Fact #9:

      I was named after Jessica on Roger Rabbit. My sister named me and spelt it Jesika. My mom liked the 'k' but added another 's'. That is my first name.

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