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    • dot dot dot

      14 years ago


      Meet the Window
      Meet Brittany
      Meet Brittany Propelling Through The Window

      Random Fact #8:

      All my young life my mom always called me Rugrat... because I always watched the show... and well she still does, sometimes..

    • Woah--Catch Up Journal!

      14 years ago


      Alright, so all weekend I didn't come online. Yesterday I didn't really.. and today is my catch up day. Still wont be on much though =P I have a lot of alerts to check up on.. lol =D First, the weekend.

      Thursday was the last day of school, because Friday we had an EDO (Earned Day Off) and Thursday I slept over at Dave's.. as usual... yeah. Well on Friday I stayed at Dave's fun fun.. then on Saturday I went to the bottle depot with my mom.. spent long time there, then got money out of it =D ($57, not bad) and I went to a birthday party (my little cousin's.. woah, little kids give headaches!!) Then all night afterwards I helped fix up my old trailor to sell.. yeah, and all Sunday I did the same. So that was a bore.

      Then on Monday I was tired as hell. Yup, had lots of homework too.. that reminds me.. anyway -coughs-

      Now for today!!! RANDOM THEME MUSIC -----

      Well today we had Phsed as always... and today I actually wore a sports bra so I was like 'yeah, running time!' and I didn't run.. ahaha.. and well yeah, I am not much of a sporty person.. anyway. After Gym is Math... ahaha our real teacher is gone somewhere so we have this sub dude that doesn't really care much about what we do.. and well we had a test, and Brennan, Brittany, and I were done. I was taking Brennan's music book and I went to give it back, throwing it to go on his desk, and it fell.

      Soo.. I bent down to pick it up, while sitting in my chair and trying to hold my pants up and.. well.. I fell. The funny thing is, Brittany had my phone and was taking random pictures of people, and she went and took a picture of me, right when I was falling!!!

      Ahaha, you can still see me holding my pants....

      Brittany then decided to take more pictures....
      My chair, still perfectly standing even after I fell...

      My desk, which Fell with me...

      And Brennan, laughing at me, asking Brittany for my phone. Yeah and in the background you see Tanner laughing, and in the corner you see Matt still working on his test, not even noticing me falling until after. It was fucking halarious though!!!

      Yeah, so that's my journal for today, and the weekend folks =P
      Comment ya shisno!! -- Later Days
      <3 Jessika
      Random Fact #7:

      The first song I ever sang when I was little was "Achey Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Sirius.

    • Tomorrow and Sunday

      14 years ago


      I will probably not be around.. -sigh- I have a lot to do. With my mom... and to go to a birthday party.. my little cousins. Yup. So don't expect me around much. Tonight has been fun so far though, not super fun, but awesome all in all. We had this pillow fight, it was fucking HALARIOUS.. until a pillow broke.. then it was even better than HALARIOUS but it ended.. because Andrew was about to hit someone with a pillow, I believe Brittany, and he lifted it up went to slam it on her and it ripped!! Sooo funny.

      Pictures with knives are cool =D

      Anyway, yeah... I'm a cow {MOOOO}

      Later Days - Smile or Die you Shisno - <3 Jessika
      Random Fact #6:

      I was freightened to death with ET for the longest time. I used to have nightmares.. and I can still remember them... even though he was a nice alien and healed people.. yup... I was never afraid of any other monsters though...


      14 years ago


      -random orgasm- Uh.. well hello.. -coughs-

      \¯\/¯/ |¯|)¯) /¯/\¯\ \¯\/¯/
      /_/\_\ |_|)_) \_\/_/ /_/\_\

      I woke up late this morning, rushed.. had to rush back inside.. figure out how to turn the alarm off because my mind was still sleeping, stumbled over a damn doggy gate thingy, then rushed back out the door... still forgetting items. Yup. Then I freeze waiting for the bus because I missed the first two. Yuppp...

      But it's the weekened. Wicked!!!

      Andrew hates the fact I took this. He was in the middle of saying "HELLOOOOOOO" His teeth are soo.. weirdly cool.

      Yeah well that's my journal for today folks. SMILE =D
      <3 -- Jessika
      Random Fact #5:

      Not only is Jessika addicted to gum, but she is also addicted to Q-Tips. I dunno, I just like the feeling they give when you are cleaning your ears with them.. I just use them all the time... -twitch-

    • Jessika Crazy? Naw, She's not crazy..

      14 years ago


      She just likes to think of bad things and write poems! Lol. =D I went to a phsyciatrist today.. however the hell you spell that. Yup. Good thing I've gone at a good part in my life, because if I was depressed they'd throw me away in a mental instituion! lol xD

      Hey I love my picture phone.. RANDOM PICTURES!!!!11oneoneeleven

      I took this picture at lunch time today... his expression is plain creepy.. and behind him you see Brennan.. =D Josh and Brennan. Sweet eh?

      This picture I took in social class today.. ahaha, I put it on 'antique' mode.. that is why the coloring is off.. and the lighting makes it look like he's missing an eyebrow!

      Oh yeah, so I took pictures today.. ahaha.. then I was taking pictures of Brittany as we walked down the hallway.. and most of them were all creepy and blurry because of our movingness.. but look at this one..

      It's so creepy O_o; But I like it!! Ahaha.. yeah..

      Well anyway.. Mandy is still depressed but she doesn't want me to worry about her... I still will though, I always will. Brittany and Andrew are finally dating... so yeah that's fixed a bit.. but the issue with Josh is.. well nevermind.. and yeah. That is my journal for today folks.

      Later days -- Jessika
      Random Fact #4:

      I am addicted to chewing gum. When I don't have gum I tend to go a little crazy. Unless I'm eating of course...

    • I LOVE YOU!

      14 years ago



      A couple of the people that helped out don't even know me in real life. I mean it truely is amazing to know there are good people left in the world. I wish I knew you guys in real life.. I wish you guys were part of the crew in school.

      Azuri, or Josh is such a cool person too. Oh how I wish I knew this kid! He totally used over 250 mod points to neg that guy for that jerk comment. I mean, WOW... he doesn't even really know me... and he wrote a poem! He made it as if he was me.. Ahaha, and I always say that I am a cow and I always say moo.. XD Look at the poem!!

      I am oh so in love with my Kenneth,
      He is the best person I ever have been with!
      He dates a cow (moo!), and I am now
      happy with my oh so sweet Kenneth.

      Wow.. I am so happy now. You guys made my day that much better =) When I marry Kenneth I'll find a way to show you guys pictures if RVB isn't still around.. ((OMG! I hope it still is..!!!!!))

      Mandy is still depressed, and I feel so helpless just not being able to help her... I love her so much..

      Random Fact #3:

      When I spoke my first words it was a sentence. What was the sentence? "What's That!?!" And I'd repeat it for hours, pointing around at everything.

    • Cam Whore?

      14 years ago


      What me?! No I just like taking pictures with my phone.. and I usually only do that when I'm alone..
      . I am not comfortable with my looks so when someone says this I grow even more uncomfortable. =P


      Congradufuckinlations asshole =P

      On other news.. Brittany. Oh Brittany... =( And Mandy.. oh poor Mandy... Then Andrew.... pfft.. The Andrew and Brittany thing is just too easy to solve, but no one is making any move to solve it. =P Then Mandy.. oh how I love Mandy.. and she is so depressed lately... =( I really hope she doesn't do anything stupid...

      How come when I am happy all my friends are depressed? It is like the curse of Jessika.. I think I should just be depressed again so they'll all be happy... -super sigh-

      Random Fact #2:

      I potty trained myself.. first I thought I was a cat and copied my cat, in the litter box =O and then I taught myself by copying my sister. =D Interesting hey?

    • School = Moo

      14 years ago


      Guess what everyone?!? I am sick and tired of waking up... what it is only a Monday? What are you talking about sleeping in for the weekend?!? Ahaha.. well yeah. I will most probably add pictures to every one of my journals... yup.

      Oh oh look! I'm a fool =P


      Yup.. oh and getting the idea from MissNelly I am going to be adding random facts about me to my journals.. Maybe then people will read them =P

      Random Fact # 1:
      When trying to go to sleep I rub my feet together.. it relaxes me.

    • Mood = Good; Until Further Notice

      14 years ago


      =) I am a cow, look how big my nose is xD


      Yeah well I am in such a good mood. I guess people can already see that. I guess Andrew's party gave me a natural good mood. =) Which is odd.. ahaha I have councelling on the 27th.. I'm going to be like "What are you talking about doctor? I'm all cured!!!" Sweeeeet.

      Besides, you all know about my new cellphone right? How do you think these pictures were taken??!!??!!? I like get bored and pull out my cell and take pictures of random things. Sweet hey? I can make it black and white, make funny frames... like putting peoples heads on macho men and such. xD It's so cool.


      Oh and to show you more of my fun weekend experiences.. enlighten yourself with some random pictures of Andrew...

      Ahaha, Ken is draggin him, he is dragging the island..

      He looks like he is dead....

      Anyway, keep on smiling you dirty shisnos!! Later Days =)

    • YAY! PARTY!

      14 years ago


      OH I had so much fun this weekend. Damn.. it's midnight.. that means it's Sunday.. that means the weekend's over!! NO!! Anyway.

      ANDREW IS 18! W00T ANDREW! We partied.. I didn't get drunk.. but they all were drunk. It was a fucking blast. Oh my gosh I loved every moment of it. I laughed, I cried, I played with a blow up doll.. I kissed girls... I mean I kissed my boyfriend.. uhm... WOW I LOVED THE NIGHT!!!!



      Downside of my weekend is this: I haven't seen Mandy... Today .. err Yesterday was her birthday. I bloody love her and I haven't seen her. Bloody hell hey?

      Yeah well.. I am so in love with Kenneth.. and Brittany..


      PS: I was talking to Andrew about his party and him and the blow up doll and he doesn't remember it.. but the picture kind of explains some stuff. xD Yay!

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