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    • Shisno -- My New Damn Word

      14 years ago


      Andrew's birthday is on Friday.. and he is turning 18. Wow. How bloody awesome is that... though I think everyone else is more excited then he is. Hmm.. perhaps if he could have a decent conversation with me I would figure out what is wrong.. but nooo he just goes around humping peoples legs... then I have to get a crowbar to get him off of me.. then he runs into walls down the hallways at school...

      He's lucky I'm patient.


      Mandy's birthday is on Saturday. (: I think I'm more happy then she is too... I don't hang around with her as much as I used to... but I still love her to death, and she is still my opposite twin... -sigh- and there was this boyfriend of hers that was a real big shisno so now I have to kick his ass for treating my best friend with such disrespect.. then he goes around saying that she should go fucking kill herself. WTF?! I tell you when I meet this guy, I better be chained to the ground.....


      All in all.. my favorite people to roleplay with are: silverwing51 and Azuri .... yup. Some stuff is going on through Triix' mind too so.. relationships might change. I think you have all started to know that.. except Aramil... Aramil is probably the reason why she has the whole sudden make-over. (: yup.

    • OH my GOSH

      14 years ago


      Lol. Remember when I got my hair cut and new clothes I felt so good about myself?

      Well Ken got his hair cut and got new clothes today and I saw him and I'm like all crazy about how good he looks. =D He also got new calogne for he ran out.. my favorite calogne.... -drools- So great.. He is so sexy.

      He's mine though :P now just to keep all those ladies off of him.

    • Jessika's Life Update

      14 years ago


      MY DADDY

      I would like to thank you all that have prayed and are still praying for my dad. Those of you who messaged me, sent friend invites and such about my father have been greatly appreciated. I truly believe it is help from you guys that my daddy is doing way better. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you guys mean to me now.

      It's nice to know there are kind people in the world. People who would lend a hand to other people that they haven't even seen before.. people that live miles away. Thank you <3


      Today was very painful... physically. First lets start with yesterday morning:
      I was playing badminton(spelling anyone?) in Phys-Ed yesterday morning, It was doubles. Brittany and I were on a team. We lost against Neesha and Brigette so we had to verse other peoples which included two guys. Pricks. You know those types of people that throw insults at you and make you feel like you can't do something.. yeah, those time of guys. The two pricks. Anyway, they were trying to make the game hell for me. Brian was smashing and spiking the birdie so it would fly so fast and high that Britt and I were barely getting any shots.

      I was getting fed up. I wanted to show them that I was better then what they said. So I started to play hardcore. Seeing that I was doing pretty good, he started to try harder himself... he hit the damn birdie so it went so high.. Me being only 5'2" he knew it would be a damn challenge. But I was ready, at least I thought.

      I backed up and jumped the highest I could, swiping at that birdie and hitting it. Oh it felt good, until I hit the ground. When I jumped high I curved my left foot to the side, and in my moment I hadn't noticed until it landed sideways on the ground. Crashing and snapping. The sound was the worst.. then the pain sinked in.

      I didn't cry, I wouldn't let Brian have that fucking glory. It hurt bad enough though. It got swolen to hell and is hard to walk on. I went to the hospital and it isn't broken, it could be cracked.. the x-rays didn't show any signs though. It's just a really bad sprain.

      So yeah, today I am going around on crutches, and my right leg is getting tired of supporting my weight.. and my hands are tender from the crutches.

      I swear, that Brian kid... grr.


      I'm pretty happy with my life. I am so lucky to have Kenneth in my life. To have the one I love and not have to worry about that sort of thing.. because he is always there for me.

      Special people on RVB on my mind right now: Azuri, Jaxx, and all of you who cared about my daddy.

    • I can't write much but

      14 years ago


      my Dad is doing way better. my sister says he's cracking jokes and fooling around and stuff though. he says it hurts but he's okay.

      Thanks to everyone who prayed and cared about this. <3 you don't know how much it means to me.

    • Fucking.. FUCK!

      14 years ago


      My dad got attacked today, almost got killed.

      Fucking pricks robbed him. Took $1500

      Why would he carry that much money?

      They hit him with something hard.. and cut the back of his head open. Knocking him out cold.

      When he woke up, he dragged himself into the house and called 911.

      I Cried...

      He's being sent to Edmonton for better care..

      His brain has a blood clot.. he's bleeding internally.

      Whether you believe in God or not -- Please pray for him.

    • Triix Stats

      14 years ago


      "Hey, wanna play pirates?"

      Name: Triixandra {{Triix}}
      Species: Unknown
      Notes: Just appeared one day... in the body of an 18 year old. Ages really fast, only a baby for one day, stops aging when she turns 18. Is a very punk-like character, sweet, loves to tease the boys, hates killing, she is very smart, and learns languages fast. Can read brainwaves, but is not powerful to control minds. She is very witty and will use her intelligence against people. She tends to be snotty to people who kill for the wrong reasons. Very threatening, but has no stregnth to back up her threats. Is not very fond of girls other than Jaxx.. though she doesn't agree with her killing ways xD Enjoy.

      She has this thing with nature and wild animals.

      Stregnth: 1
      Intelligence: 10
      Defense: 9
      Speed: 10

      Other than the fact that if you just normally punch her she's badly injured. Consider this: she may be immortal, but she doesn't come back to life. There are things about this though. You cannot kill her from behind.. it just isn't fair. Why would you do that anyway? Fight equally.. face to face... I'm not saying she wont run away though.. O_o;

      LOVE has to be her worst. She falls in love easily. She tends to make moves on guys too.. but I guess no one knows that yet, or do you?

    • Break = Awesome

      14 years ago


      This week off has been amazing so far. xD
      1 full day with my mom, no arguing xD SHOPPING!
      1/2 a day with my sister xD SHOPPING/HAIRCUT!
      So much time spent with Kenneth, Andrew, Wickens, and a day with Jackie!

      New clothing, it feels good to look your best. Hair short.. makes me feel more comfortable with myself. (:

      I am so lucky to have my mom and my sister... and KENNETH! xD I am so happy guys. I don't remember the last time I've ever felt this good about myself. (:

      Plus I'm in the mood for roleplaying.. but I can't scan any of my drawings to show you what my character looks like.. which sucks.

      But I'm HAPPY xD

      LOVE YOU!! Smiles xD (Good ol' Kathleen got me into that.)

    • Most Common Reasons I'm Talked To On RVB

      14 years ago


      1. My Sister: Yes she is hot, she is 21, I live with her and her BOYFRIEND.
      2. I'm Canadian: Wow, so what if our Country in whole has less then the whole population of LA.
      3. Jackie: A wonderful friend of mine on this website
      4. My Oddness: Seems to attract people... How odd...
      5. Random Browsing: People randomly browsing as I commonly do..
      6. Messaging/Commenting: I tend to ramdomly comment/message people and they actually reply...

      Yurp. That was my random Journal entry for today. w00t for me.

      EDIT:: I am proud to be Canadian EH! And no, I do not want our country to become part of the USA ::TIDE

    • Worst Day Of My Life..

      14 years ago


      that's right.. the worst day of my life happend two years ago on this day. 03/18/03 ... When someone I loved very dearly died in my arms. I remember the look in his eyes as I looked down at him.

      I could have prevented it... If I had he'd still be with us today..

      Rest In Peace old friend.. Rest In Peace.

      ~RIP JMB~

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