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    • 9:30 Ish

      12 years ago


      And I'm off to bed. Tomorrow morning I write my English Part B Exam.. though it is the first of the diploma I have written. We do Part B first.. Joy.

      Anyway, yeah.. I just finished the last touches on my essay.. now I'm going to bed.

      Sirius is as good as dead... yeah.. that's what I was told today by my sister.
      I doubt he's actually dead yet.. but my mother is going to kill him, and I don't think she can get it done legally.. IF even Terry or her would actually PAY to get it done....

      In any case...

      :'( I HATE MY MOTHER.

    • . . . xD

      12 years ago


      Alright, so I told you all about my teachers being worried about me? Yeah, so after eating and sleeping properly for the last two days, I've been getting myself on track. But, I still am overloaded with all my work and such. As Ms. Gerriets told all my teachers to be easy on me, Ms. Pilsner lets me go do what I want during block three, and Mr. Newman gave me an extention for all of my outstanding homework.... I'm feeling a lot better.
      In fact, right now I'm working on my essay which I'm going to get 100% on because Mr. Newman basically wrote the outline for me.. o_O; (From what I already had), and he edited my rough copy so that everything is accurate and... suitable.

      Anyway, here is what my schedual has been like the last couple of days...
      Wake-Up: 5:35-5:45 (10-minute-snooze)
      Bus: 7:00 (providing it's not early)
      Before Classes: Jazz Band
      First Block: English 30, Mrs. Walch
      Second Block: Math 30 Pure, Ms. Dozeman
      Third Block: Math Class/Social Class, Homwork/Study block
      Fourth Block: Social 30, Mr. Newman
      After Classes: Choir or Tour band

      Yeah, so... I've been busy in school.
      In other news: Ms. Dozeman said she admires me.
      Yeah, awkward. That was almost as bad as when she told me that my pants looked good on me.. (tight, dark, ass-showeroff, jeans) . . . O____x;

      Mr. Newman... Oh I'm going to miss him the most. He's amazing. He always talks to me out of class and tells me that I am such a great person, and that he thinks that the world could learn a great lesson from me... because he says that he has learned a great deal from me. I inspire him... (:

      I got the highest mark (I believe) on the poetry project in English. I got an 85% on it. Yeah. My mark is now 80... which is wicked. smiley0.gif

      Enough about school.
      I recently learned that Josh's little sister, Mackenzie, listens to the song I wrote and recorded with Josh all the time. Like she listens to it over an over again because it's one of her favorite songs.. O_O; I felt good to hear that... ahaha

      I love my Daddy.... (: He picked Josh and I up last night from the mall and drove Josh home and we talked about my passport.

      I'm actually feeling okay now about my tests and my diplomas... I'm happy, and very relieved. I can do this, any of it, I'm ready.

      And rather excited for Mexico.. and my sister's wedding..
      And also excited about the Bahamas and Disney world... performing with band and choir.


      I know I said I wouldn't mention school, but Mrs. Walch told me yesterday that if I write something similar to what I did in class for my diploma exam.. (and I wrote that in like.. 50 minutes, not even... and I don't even think it was that good) then I'll ace it. xDD

      Yeah so, off to finish my essay of awesome. xD
      Hehehe. smiley12.gif

      (: (: (:
      I love my life... and I have no regrets.

    • I'm tired...

      12 years ago


      Josh and I still need to do our homework..
      Josh's dad is being a dickhead..

      It's way too late for my liking. My back hurts...
      Did I mention that I am entirely and overwelmingly tired.

      Oh boy. tiredness...

      But I'm happy... (: Josh is so sweet.

    • Upppppddaate.

      12 years ago


      Yesterday I had 4 teachers (Ms. Gerriets, Mr. Newman, Ms. Doseman, Mrs. Pilsner, and Mr. Clayton..)

      Oops, I mean 5 teachers all worried about me.. throwing me around to councelling office and places..

      So... to make a long story short... they want me to start sleeping and eating. Funny. xD
      Oh, and I got an extension in social class.. and yeah.


      In other news.... uhh.. shit.. I wanted to post this.... argle...

      I forget now. Stupid not remembering what I was going to type.. O_O

    • I can tell now..

      12 years ago


      that this not sleeping thing might do me over after school.. O_o;

      But.. I'm here now.. and that's all good. XDD

    • Jooyyy

      12 years ago



    • Journal Pwned

      12 years ago


      How many have I posted? O__o;
      yeah, it's 3:30.. I haven't gone and showered yet. I will. Haven't gotten any farther on my homework then I was two hours go..

      I miss Joshua.. (: I need to talk to him badly though before you get to him and tell him misleading stuff. Aha!

      Woah. I better stay awake in school... ahaha, I can see it now.. in the middle of a math test and I'm all drueling on the page and I shout out "FUCK YOU MS DOSEMAN"


      . . .
      I guess I ought to say some stuff.
      I am not unhappy right now.. I'm not mad at anybody... I'm not upset with anybody..
      I'm stressed out with school.. and my comments about you two were just me finally saying something to you.. because it sickens me to see your blindness to how aware of it I am.. I've read the msn convos, I've read the messages.. the e-mails..
      ... hmm ...
      and I suppose there will be another posed question to him asking what these journals are about? Well I'll answer for him.. they are about nothing.. nothing at all.. just me babbling about stuff and about nothing.. about old stuff that now that time has passed are healthy enough to post without conflict.

      Unless you choose to start conflict, of course.. again.. grr. Lawl!
      I'm laughing at mysself right now.. it's early. I haven't stayed up for school like this before. i wonder how it will work out.. WILL it work out? ahaha.

      Awwe.. I want Joshua.. misss himmmmmm <3<3 Need to talk to him... and hug him lotsers. xDDDDDDD

      I'm happy... until school reminds me of the stressfulness again.

      (look familiar? aha. you probably don't even know what i'm talking about.)

      I hate the shift key on this laptop.. screw that, i hate all the keys on this laptop.. they're like... we suck... and make you look like you can't type/spell/capitalize.

      All of my "I"'s are little unless I delete them and try over and over again. Stupid shift keys..



      Who needs sleep?

    • 765 Users Online.

      12 years ago


      I cannot think of what else to write.. stupid homework. i may just shower now.

    • Pulling an all-nighter.

      12 years ago


      Probably isn't healthy.. but I'll go to sleep tomorrow night.. and by tomorrow night of course i mean tonight.. the 10th.

      I'll just sit here, attempting to do my homework.. until 4 when I'll shower and start getting ready. Sounds good to me..

      I need to talk to Josh Agar, Brittany Sutherland, Jess Klug, and Ryley. Let me not forget.
      Oh.. and maybe Shawna.
      I need to talk to someone I can trust... God.

      School is stressful, but I'm happy that my Joshua is back. I love the earrings he got me... and I love the conversation we had the other night.. ahha he's crazy..

      "I would never, never, never ever purposely hurt you Jess.. Never ever, never ever ever." and he giggled with the cutest expression on his face
      "Then could you not drive so close to the ditch? The roads are icy"
      He laughs, swirves "Shh."

      I'm hungry..
      Damn it all..

    • The earrngs that Josh got me.

      12 years ago


      Have Alexandrite stones in them.. they change colors...
      Ahaha, right now one is blue-green and the other is white-pink

      One of the most fascinating gemstones throughout history is alexandrite: a gem variety of the mineral chrysoberyl that actually changes color from green in daylight to red in incandescent light. The first time you see it, it is hard to believe your eyes! Gems that show special optical effects are known as phenomenal stones. Chrysoberyl dominates this category, because not only is alexandrite the most spectacular color change gem, cat's-eye chrysoberyl has the most dramatic eye. Alexandrite has a distinguished and glamorous past: it was discovered in 1830 in Czarist Russia. Since the old Russian imperial colors are red and green it was named after Czar Alexander II on the occasion of his coming of age..

      Dude, the stones in my ears are named after a Czar.

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      Caboose does kick ass.

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      I like donuts. The vanilla-y frosting with chocolate filling....nummy.....

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      Caboose is awesome.

      Donut is really feminine.. I guess that's why he's funny..

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      Caboose kicks ass xD

      (: I like fish too!

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      I like fish.

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      yaaaaaay u like the newer people (caboose & Donut) too!!!!

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      I actually found that poem someone sent it to me.

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      Can i have your sisters phone number (no offence!)

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      lol yep to bad ...bye bye

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      HAHA, when i post this ill be the only one with an avater in your personal comments! bwahahahahaha.....but sadly it wount last

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      HEY ^^ wats up nice avat

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      lotza luv
      none 4 me though

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      Feel the love....haha

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      my beautiful jessika

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      Heeyyyyyyyyy! It's Maddam Water Butt!

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