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    • omg

      12 years ago


      First Kiss.


    • The Metal Thread

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      - This is not the metal bar.
      - This is not a bar at all.
      - This is the metal thread reborn, like the days of old. We're gonna talk about metal here.
      - I had to argue long and hard with Pixie to get even this much, and I will go straight to an admin to keep it clean if I have to. This thread is for the Metal Heads.
      - There will be significantly less spamming, picture posting, and general 4Chan references. None of those things are metal, and therefore, they have no place in this, The Metal Thread.
      - If Pixie thinks we're out of line, that's it. This is our last chance. If you blow it, I'mna come to your house and stab you in the neck with a cactus. Repeatedly. Don't Blow it.
      - I call on all the real Metal Heads out there lurking to come back and help me keep this thread clean. Pixie and I called a truce, and the mods are willing to help us keep this running.

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    • Steel

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      You're rules are mutually exclusive. Our first thread gets canned because it's not a metal thread. I try to make one, but you kill it because you're positive that we can't keep it on track. Then you tell us that we're not allowed to be exclusive, but the people doing the most non-metal talk aren't metal heads at all, they just gravitated to our thread because of our inherent coolness. We Can't Help it that we're so hot!

      We Want a Metal Thread, not a bar.

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    • Nobody F'in reads this anyway...

      12 years ago


      Take 2!

      Ok, so my usual schtick is to throw up something random and leave it there for 6 months (see previous entries for more examples). Then, earlier this week I posted a rant, and realized not long after finishing it that i was totally in the wrong, so i took it down. I promised e-Drama, so here goes.

      I got Robbed at Gunpoint! It sucks! I broke up with my ex of 4 years! That sucks too.

      Then i got the Intarweb, and all was right with the world again.

      Now, there could be / may be a girl. She's very metal. I like her. I think she likes me. I can't use many words. In sentences. The ex kinda fell into my lap (she says she jumped in), and it's been over 4 years since i had to try to flirt back. I don't know that i ever knew how to flirt with girls. whiskey tango foxtrot am I supposed to do?

      For those of you who came here seeking your semi-annual dose of absurdity, then think about this for a minute.

      "What the hell happened to Pog?!?!"

      That is all.

    • So Begins Again the Dark Age....

      13 years ago


      Summer Semesters are not conducive to frequent internet sessions. Plus, Cloud is a girl.

      Until next time, my brothers in steel........


    • Back the Truck up!

      13 years ago


      Whats this? Journal Updating Goodness?! Can it Be?!?!

      Yah, but this ain't you Momma's Journal Update! Anyone over the age of 50 who suffers from a bad heart should stop now. Women who may be pregnant should also consult a doctor before reading on. If you are currently taking an MAO Inhibitor, you should not read this journal. This Journal has not been approved by Dr. Mom.

      If you (the reader) fit into any of the above catagories, click here

      are they gone?

      Fucking Sweet!
      So like......shit.

      I ran out of stuff to say.

      'Til Next Time!

    • Will the real Slim Shady please stand up

      13 years ago


      Working at UHaul occasionally has it's perks. People leave all kinds of wonderful stuff in trucks when they're done with em. Today, comin straight outta Compton, is the greatest find yet. Enjoy

      I'm steady bastin', cussin, sippin & usin
      Cruisin da strip
      4 niggs keep tight whips /w crips
      we stay clean on our team /w beams
      loaded screams upon murder scenes

      Left in the cold from the lies you told
      How you think i wouldn't know
      Actin all (unintelligible) when i called you a Ho.
      So what the deal you ain't real
      Should i redeal a new hand
      start over man
      need a plan
      I need one now before I walk out
      Grab a 243 thats you me one way out
      How some pills raises til I'm drunk
      fucked up one more hit for the road
      now the last down (unintelligible) expload (I kid you not)
      The hays been told.

      It gets better

      So what do when you feel you have nothing to lose
      Living life like i have something to prove
      Trying my hardest to abide by the Rulz
      Foolz still hatin', thugin N' takin the money i'm MAKEN is mine
      but Police stil watchin waiting for me to start slippin
      I use to be crippin now baby sittin grinnin
      chillin with my baby villin
      But it's great to change from chains and shagels
      to caddies and J. Daniels
      Shadows still follow
      bullets hollow
      I'll see you tomarrow
      leave your family in sorrow
      Bitch at your funeral let me borrow
      your coffin
      start cursin while you sleep
      Your mama weeps
      SXZ slowly creeps steady beats i'm flowin
      rollin fleets blowin sweets in heated seats six freaks fit in the back seat 2 in the front pretty cunts
      shaved doggystyle when i fuck
      like sluts nice butts forget about 3 in the drunk
      drunk passed out screams & shouts don't pout
      soon I'll let you out
      Don't make out neva kissed
      Ho's get dissed when I'm pissed
      You feel this
      this is real shit Fuck a relationship
      Fuck THA pain & shit

      Last, but not least!

      no more misery
      lonely without me you must be sad
      you fucked up what you had
      I'm glad
      time to move on be strong pass the bong
      You good not doin wrong
      Hope you fine and Okay
      Hate to say but i'd be on my way if you called no matta what
      But nothings the same you'll neva change
      YOu'll always be a slut
      you took lied and stole
      cheated on me so you'll neva see
      this dick get in my whip ain't worth
      called you a bitch
      you worse than a snitch

      I tried not to fix the spelling, but sometimes i can't help myself.

    • Just when you thought it was safe......

      13 years ago


      There will be increased presence in the Music forum again.

      That is all for now.

    • Invader Zim > j00

      13 years ago


      That is all for now.

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