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    • Update-y Goodness!

      13 years ago


      Got the new PC that i was pining for, and it's every bit as Metal as i thought it would be.

      School still sucks.

      Vacation was cool, and 2 weeks of it was enough.

      I've been whoring Ghost Reveries out to myself 24/7. This album is high quality stuff.


      14 years ago



      Sweet Buttery Goodness!

    • Journal-gasm!

      14 years ago


      I haven't (re)discovered a new band for myself since i started listening to the older Opeth albums 2 months ago. I'm ready for somethin new and kickass.

      In the spirit of that statement, I have decided to dance!


    • French the Trench

      14 years ago


      Have you ever heard a more vile way of putting it?

      and the Trench isn't in front........

    • ...

      14 years ago


      Chuck Behler is a hard man to track down.

    • <Insert Title Here>

      14 years ago


      I cut my hair short(er) to see if i liked Load or Reload any better.

      Didn't help.

    • Gettin a new computer!

      14 years ago


      Now, I've had The Beast (my current computer) since early 2000, and it's startin to creak in places it shouldn't. Very few of it's original parts are left, and the few that are aren't even hooked up to anything anymore (SBLive XGamer, 2 CD-ROMs that don't work). I'mna miss The Beast.


      The case i'm gettin is called the Nemisis. If you're looking at their page, it's the one that looks like a Transformer might bust out of it at any moment. Dual Video Cards on an SLI hookup...........that just warms my cockles. Athlon XP 3800 with an ASUS board. Now those of you out there who know me (and thats exactly none of you!) know I eat, sleep, and breath Abit boards, but there just isn't one available from this manufacturer. Not too bad on price either.

      I'm so freakin happy, i'mna stop postin this stupid journal to the 3 people out there who watch it and do a little jig.

    • Time Flies When You're in a Time Machine

      14 years ago


      See? I jumped ahead 2 anda half months and it's still true!

    • Crazy is what i do best...

      14 years ago


      ...think there might be something to that?

      Stuff that makes perfect sense to me never makes sense to anyone else. Sometimes, i have the most natural, intuitive understanding of stuff thats insanely complicated. Sometimes, i can't carry a value of 1.

      This is why, when i take over the world, we will be implementing my "New Math" system. More on that later. First, we will take Delaware, (A)because of Tax Free shopping for more supplies!, and (B) cus it's way small. I can take it with a few dedicated soldiers and my friends cat, who is the devil. He should be landing near Rehobeth Beach within the hour, btw. From there, we're conquering France (and why not? Everyone else does), and then around Africa to Madagascar (where i will launch my rocket to Mars so i can set up my super secret fortress in the base of Mons Olympus).

      After that, you're all screwed. Better get on board now, or you'll regret it.

    • As i softly nod my head...

      14 years ago


      ....the world goes in slow motion around me. Slick beats pour from my speakers while my two puppies slurp at the fresh water i just set out for em. Got math homework to do. Not yet, though. Urgency has always been my best ally. Got a few new chapters in my Malkavian novel wrapped up earlier, feelin stellar about that. My hair is long. Too long. Need a haircut.

      This is one of those moments when i curse birth defects. The reason i'll never play guitar. The reason i never notice my fiance's perfume. The reason i can't make sense. Sometimes, it feels like Mom had one too many cosmopolitans, and i've been payin the tab for 24 years.

      I'm not a good person. Sometimes, i don't think i have a conscience, just a well adjusted super-ego that knows whats wrong but waits til i'm done doin it to tell me that was naughty, and that i'mna hafta sit in the corner now. Dunce Caps aren't very slimming.

      I've always been a skinny kid, but my new job is puttin on weight in all the right places. If anything, i'm even more dissatisfied. I think i know how girls feel sometimes.

      Am i this crazy? Sometimes, i look at all the stunts i've pulled in my life and wonder how i'm still alive. How i still don't have a record. How i'm not institutionalized. Most days, i'm lucky if after i get in the shower, i actually clean anything. Flowing water is too distracting.

      w3a2 is an ass, and there was a time in my life when i would've pursued my arguement with him. Said things like "when your blinders come off in a few days and you stop bein mad, you'll see i'm right". Right or wrong, i've lost that conviction in myself.

      Do they make LoJack's for sanity?

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