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    • Lethal Ladies is back.

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      Finally, you guys have no idea on how much this series was burning a hole through my heart everyday I couldn't work on it. But now, with the release of Battlefield 4. I can finally complete this amazing project.

      If you have no clue of what I'm talking about, here's the playlist of the videos that are Lethal Ladies.

      I'm super excited to have these episodes out on a faster turn around time than ever imagined.

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    • New members.

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      Lethal Lens is looking to grow, and we could use all the help we can get. We're looking for LPers, podcasters, 3D animators, and others. If you want to help us out with stuff, we'd love the help. The more we grow, the stronger we are. The stronger we are, the better stuff we release.

      If you're interested send me a message, I'd love to meet new people.

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    • Beer vs Game (New Series)

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      Hey guys, what's up?

      I've been trying to get myself out there on the youtube space with several different stuff through my company, Lethal Lens Productions, LLC. Upon failing on almost all fronts, we finally hit a chord that I think has a huge potential. The series is called Beer vs Game. I'm sure everyone knows about drinking beer and playing games, most times drunk. However, we put a little spin on our project. Rather than just drinking our favorite beer and sitting down to an amazing AAA title, we decided to drink insanely miserable beer along with just as bad PC games. The rules are that we have finish one or the other, so rest assured, we pretty much torture ourselves for your entertainment.

      I would love to get your critique on this new series that a friend an I are working on. Like I said, it has major potential, and we're in line to releasing a new episode every week on Wednesdays @ 8:00PM Eastern.

      So please guys, if you could do me the honor and taking a gander that this series, it would really help me out.

      We're also looking for partners in a couple of other series in the works, so if you're interested in torturing yourself for the youtube masses, feel free to message me and we can a talkin'.

      Here's the link for you guys if you it above:
      Beer vs Game

      Thanks again guys!

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    • My new BF3 machinima series.

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      Okay guys, I need your help. There are reports of EA going around flagging videos that contain any kind of BF3 material. I can't let this happen, it's not gonna happen.

      I need help getting views and subs, maybe even tweets to Pixel Enemy to get one of my series featured.

      Here's one series that will be getting a new episode this Friday.

      Incompetitive Arsenal

      and my other series that was put on the back burners.

      Lethal Ladies

      Please guys, I need your help!

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    • In need of a voice actress!

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      So, my series Incompetitve Arsenal is premiering this Friday, and all of my back voice actresses have literally dropped out last minute. So, ladies, I need your help. If you have a great mic and are looking for a fun project to be a part of, PLEASE message me, OR, you can find me on Skype: LethalLens.

      Thank you, also, I love you long time.

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    • Incompetitive Arsenal

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      No clue on who is gonna read this, but I thought I'd share. My profile seems a bit bare.

      Now, this entire journal post is spoiler-rific. And if you don't want to be spoiled, and want to watch the series weekly, then watch the first couple of episodes here, and catch new episodes every Friday at 8:00 PM Eastern.

      So, this BF3 machinima series I'm working on centers around found footage in Nevada about this guy named, Alex. Alex had this great idea on showing off all the guns in his arsenal to fight the pesky Russians that keep threatening his beloved 'murica. So he grabs his brother-in-law and best friend, Steve. They set up a camera (with a tripod) and begin to record the different guns and uses. Alex accidentally shoots Steve in the very first episode, who is then rushed to the hospital and dies. Being unable to cope, Alex starts to find random people on the streets to help him record his series. The kicker, Alex believes everyone behind that camera is Steve and refuses to believe otherwise.

      As Alex slowly loses his mind, the accidental deaths of the "other Steve's" become more and more like premeditated murders. When the "Steve's" begin to question why they're there, Alex feels the need to kill them before they find out what happened to the original Steve. After doing so, he breaks down and apologizes for killing "Steve" again. And this goes on until he just starts killing random people.

      He later finds this Middle Eastern man to run the camera. Great at his job, this man never dies from Alex's "accidental killings". Frustrated, Alex, tries to find better ways to kill this guy so he can just go away. However, no matter what he does, this guy just won't die. So he finally accepts it, and moves on with the show. Finally completing his original goal, showing off every single gun in his arsenal.

      So there's that. Once that is completed I'll try and resurrect Lethal Ladies, which you can find here in all its 1 episode glory.

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