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    • 7 Years of chickens and dentures...

      9 years ago


      wow, 7 years, less than a year after, i was introduced to the internet and Runescape. o-o

      anyways, Happy Anniversity Guys! and Gals!

      Can't wait for new series and Reach ones if any!

    • Questions...

      9 years ago


      There have been a few questions asked about how I make my twist tie dudes and figures. If you have one, share it, if not, you'll learn something new about a fellow RT member, or have some time to spare.

      1. How many of these dudes do you have?

      A: About 30, but I change how they look like I make 1 and then he has 30 different looks.

      2. How many twist ties does one take?

      A: depends on their size, the smallest would be about 30, the biggest would by about 100+

      3. how much time does one take?

      A: As much time as I need, and when I feel it's done.

      4. where do you get them?

      A: All over, manly at stores in the produce sections.

      5. So you steal them?

      A: I take them, they're not priced, and I haven't been caught. I'm saving to buy some off the internet.

      6. Where do you get your ideas?

      A: Everywhere, from games, movies, news, anything.

      7. What was your first twist tie dude?

      A: when I was about 6 years old, i bought a toy plane from a flea market, it was the coolest, while I was in the car driving home with me family, i was able to open the hatch and found some space to put the pilot. but I didn't see him at the market, so i forgot about the hatch for about 30 minutes. after I had helped my dad take out the trash, I found garbage ties in the box. I broke one off and bent it, it looked like huge TV bunny ears (yeah that old) , i folded them til' the were the size of 2 beans together. so I grabbed 2 more did the same with 1 and tied them together with the 3rd. at that moment, in an instance, I had so many ideas, but I concetrated on the plane. it was hours of enjoyment, then, i found a bundle of smaller ones about the size I use today, and made my first Alien. he was abole to turn into a skateboard. as the years go by, I tried many different ways of making these figures you now see today. some were manly lego parts held together by twist ties, some were made with just 1 tie! bu now, they are my passion, my drug, and my inspiration to invest further into video games.

      hope that helps. if you have more just ask, I alwasy check my messages

    • MAY 1st

      10 years ago


      .. IS my birthday Yay!...

      lots of gaming.

      hopefully a Halo weekend like my last birthday.

      play Halo 3 for 4 days straight. stopped to eat and bathe

      and hopefully history will repeat itself, but with LIVE

    • If art matters to readers.....

      10 years ago


      i am making TF2 dudes for the hell of it. i think its a fun game so i know what each one looks like and what they do. if anybody is interested in looking at my current work

    • Hi

      11 years ago


      so can anybody tell me what the voting is for because i haven't been back for so long

    • Attention Readers!

      11 years ago


      if any............. as you can see i can make people out of twist ties... so please give me ideas.... if you want....... nothing is gained but a picture of your game character that you chose for me to make. that is all. if people read this, thanks.

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY.........MAY 1st

      11 years ago


      i finally got a 360 and HALO 3!..........missing a golden skull.....tilt.............and the last three silver people read this?..............

    • ????

      11 years ago


      i can't make up my mind!....... i have two choices: i either get a Wii so that i have a chance to geta new LoZ game if they make on and for my family, or get an Xbox 360 so that i just have one............

      decisions, decisions.

    • This sucks

      12 years ago


      there is no more LoZ games (beside phantom hourglass which i hope it will go out will a bang and TP for GC and Wii). what i mean is no NEW Original zelda titles

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    • jclfjanet FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      8 years ago

      Hello, fellow RvBCA member!

      It's June already (holy crap!), so we are gearing up for another Comic-con weekend meetup.

      We are planning something along the lines of a bonfire, so EVERYONE can come, regardless of whether or not you were lucky enough to snag a Con badge before the website crashed for the 30th time. smiley0.gif

      If you are interested in attending a RvB meetup in San Diego and meeting your lovely rooster teeth friends, come to the RvBCA group and check out the latest news!

      Thanks and hopefully we'll see you in July!

    • TwistTieDude FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      sorry, thought he did a comic. -_-;

    • MrJacinto Hey I'm Grump

      9 years ago

      The latest RT comic, genius.

    • TwistTieDude FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      Have you used PhotoShop before? because I perfer CS3, it's pretty new, and it's easier. CS4 just has too many tools for me.

    • Tetrameth

      9 years ago

      I have a free trial version of CS4 for 30 days atm.

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