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    • Will buy or trade for a Micheal and Lindsey signing

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      I have an Aaron and Blaine signing that I would trade for Micheal and Lindsey.

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    • CHAPTER 12: NO SAFE HAVEN Spoilers & Discussion

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      Hello everyone sorry I couldnt do one of these last weeks was at pax and didnt have a pc to write from. So this week im going to try something diffrent for the past few seasons ive been writing down the events of the episode and I feel like that needs to change so today were going just discuss the major points of Volume 4s season finale.

      So first off I enjoyed the battle with the Nuckelavee Grimm. I liked how Jaunes sword now has the ability to fuse with his shield to become a greatsword. I also liked how Ren got his revenge for his family and all those lost during the attack when he was a boy.

      So During Ruby's letter we see all of team rwby moving out I expect weiss and Yang to meet up with ruby early in to volume 5 and if possible we will see Blake arrive to Mistral with the white fang now under her leadership to aid in Mistral's defense. We also see Watts talking with the head master of Mistrals huntsmen academy and it seems he is league with Salem what this could mean I have no idea but i feel like he may try to prevent another Beacon by giving salem the artifact.

      In the final scene we see Oscar meeting with Qrow and asking for "His" Cane back. I wonder how much Qrow knows of this ability since he referse to Oscar as Ozpin and I wonder how Ozpin returns either merging with Oscar to become one person or maybe his body is rebuilt.

      So What did you guys think of the season finale and what do you think will happen in Volume 5?

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    • CHAPTER 10: KUROYURI Spoilers & Discussion

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      Hello everyone and welcome to another Spoilers & Discussion. So without further ado lets get this show moving.

      So we start the episode off with Oscar leaving his home to head to what i think is Haven (dont quote me on the location I may be off cant remember the slight details). So oscar leaves to a train station that he doesnt have the funds to use when our good enemy Hazel appears and hits the ticket machine and gets Oscar a ticket. Ozpin warns Oscar that he should be on guard since Hazel is someone from his past.

      Next we see Ruby and Jaune entering Kuroyuri to look for medicine then we have a flashback to when Kuroyuri was once a thriving town. We see a young Ren looking at a water lily as his mother calls out to him. they talk about taking the water lily and planting it in the garden and see tells him he cant but he can take some money and go buy his father a gift for when he returns from his hunt. Little Ren goes off to the market to find a gift for his father but all the merchants treat him like hes a kid looking to buy a toy for himself. He sees a pastry shop when he hears someone yelling. He goes to investigate and sees a young Nora being bullied by some other kids. The bullies notice Ren and he attempts to run off and runs into his father and he asks what is going on as both Nora and the boys scatter. Ren's father ask him he plans to run off to and ren just stands there disapointed and his father tells him that the worst action he can do is to take no action at all. Ren's Father leaves to go speak with the Mayor.

      With that we return to Ruby and Jaune as they werent able to find any medicine for Qrow. Ruby apologizes for bringing Jaune and the remaining members of JNPR into this mess and Jaune tells her that they lost just as much when pyrra died and ruby lost both her and Penny.

      We then flashback to our Young ren as the town is being invaded by grimm Ren's parents discuss what need to be done as a frightened ren calls out to his mother she says its alright then the roof collapse and she is killed. Ren awakes in his fathers arm as they try to run from the town.  His father trips and tells ren to run. Ren doesnt want to leave his father and yells for him to get up. we then see a grimm that looks to be a horsemen. Ren's father tells him to be brave and to take action as he gives him a dagger which i assume will become Stormflower. Ren's father has one last stand against what i belive is the horsemen grimm as ren runs off to the stream. At the stream ren is frightened which unintentionally activates his semblance which seems to calm his emotions, Ren sees a young Nora under a building and goes to her and helps her hid her emotions with his semblance. Not sensing the fear of Nora anymore the grimm move on. Ren grabs a wooden hammer thats on the ground that a merchent was trying to sell him earlier and gives it to Nora to use it as her weapon. With that they introduce each other.

      Back in the present we see Ren and Nora climing the mountain and they find a small cave entrance. in it Ren finds his fathers arrows and many other weapons and relizes that the grimm from the attack will be going after Ruby and Jaune.

      So thats the end of the episode really liked that we got to delve into Nora and ren's past with all the teases in past episodes. glad we got to see it. Hopefully in the next episode we see Raven and maybe her clan appear to save Qrow. So what did you guys think and what do you think will come in the next episode?

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    • CHAPTER 9: TWO STEPS FORWARD, TWO STEPS BACK Spoilers & Discussion

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      So a nice slow episode today nothing really big happens but we get some nice reveals so lets get started. We start off with Tai and Yang training. Yang seems to be getting the hang of her new arm and see says that its lighter then see expected it. Yang feels ready to go but Tai feels like its too soon and that shes "off balance" he explains that she uses her semblance too much to compensate for her lack of  focus in combat he says that she thinks she can get though it by powering though it when there is more then one way to beat another combatant. Yang and Tai start another training session and she shows that she has taken tai's words to heart.

      Next we transition to Weiss where we see her practicing her summoning skills when she is interupted by her brother who is off to meet some business men with his father. Weiss asks if he is jealous of her and winters ability to summon. He says no then weiss kicks him out of her room and continues her traing and successfully summons her "knight" and now begins what looks like may be weiss's escape.

      Meanwhile with Blake and sun they continue to chase down the white fang spy. we learn after the chase that the spy is someone blake knew probably during her time in the white fang and she warns blake that she shouldnt have come back and leaves sun injured. I feel like suns injury may be fatal and if it is well the crwby team knows how to hit you with  a one two punch after Qrow.

      Speaking of Qrow we meet up with team Rnjr as they try to make there way to the nearest settlement to get help for Qrow. They reach a crossroads and see two paths to go though either though the mountains or to a town known as Kuroyuri which again hits ren hard meaning like the last town i feel like rens parents built many towns but failed every time. the team decides to split up with ren and nora heading up the mountain and Jaune and ruby heading to  kuroyuri with Qrow. The last thing we see is a foot print of what could possible a goliath.

      So a good episode nothing new to add to the lore but we are seeing that team rwby may get back together by seasons end maybe. so what did you guys think of the episode do you think Ruby and jaune will be out matched by what could be some goliaths?

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    • CHAPTER 8: A MUCH NEEDED TALK Spoilers and discussion

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      Hello everyone another week of Rwby before the new year so lets get started.

      So we start this episode off with Qrow somewhat explaining the situation to team Rnjr. Jaune blames Qrow and the others who he believes forced Pyrra into becoming the fall maiden. Jaune then says that Qrow is using Rwby as bait to find Salem and her lackeys. Qrow then goes into a story about how humanity was created by a god of light and a god of darkness. From this story we learn the relics that were mentioned earlier in the season are knowledge creation destruction and choice and we learn that salem is after all four to change the world.

      We then transition to blake as she stands outside her fathers study. Her mother tells her to go talk with her father and gives blake the tea that she was bringing to her husband. Blake and her father have an emotinal talk about her past and how she got though it and came out a better person before being interrupted by sun.

      We transition back to team Rnjr and Qrow as he explains why they dont tell the populist about whats going on and he quotes Ozpins saying about not causing a panic. Ruby asks what they should do and Qrow doesnt have the answers. Ruby then says shes willing to join the fight but doesnt want anymore secrets and then Qrow talks about what his semblance truly is about and how he got his name. His semblance causes bad luck which as he says is good when hes fighting but horrible for those close to him. The last thing we see before we move on is a "Raven" landing on a tree watching the group and it can only be one person.

      we return to Blake and sun as she is chewing him out about interrupting a family moment. Sun tells blake that her mother told him that white fang members dont wear grimm masks and that he saw one in the market. She doesnt want to get involved until she sees a white fang spy in the trees and chases after him. Blakes mother comes in asking what is going on and sun says he was right about the white fang being evil and that hes going to bring blake back.

      In the final scene we return to Team Jnpr awaking to move on and Qrows wound from the fight seems to be getting worse. I feel like in the next episode Jaune will have to use his semblance to help Qrow if his semblance is about healing.

      So a good episode with allot of lore dumping im wondering what relic beacon was guarding. I also hope that the Crwby team doesnt kill off Qrow in the next few episodes. So what did you guys think of the episode and what do you think will happen moving forward?

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    • CHAPTER 7: PUNISHMENT Spoilers & Discussion

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      Hello everybody and welcome back hope you are having a wonderful Christmas weekend. So we finally got the episode we were looking forward to so lets begin.

      So we start off again with Oscar who is gettting ready for supper then he hears Ozpin's voice. Ozpin tries to convince Oscar that he isnt crazy and he just isnt hearing random voices. Ozpin asks Oscar to tell him what the headmasters office in Haven looks like. He does and he discribes a tea set that "He" gave the new head master. Oscar questions it because he never did that and then Ozpin tells him that their Auras are combined and that he had to deal with the same thing Oscar is dealing with. I feel like we may not see Ozpin again it seems like hes training Oscar to take up his mantel as what I believe is the wizard from the maidens story.

      Next we meet up with Weiss and her father who tells her she will not leave her home and that the title of heiress has been stripped away now given to her brother. He leaves and weiss confronts Whitley asking if he knew about this. Whitley only says that he believes that his father is always right. Weiss then locks herself into her room until she relizes she has to fight back and she brings Myrtensater from its case and prepares for what she must do.

      Finally we get the Qrow vs Tyrian Fight. Going to say this is probably my favorite fight now I just love how it played out. As the fight ends Ruby cuts of Tyrian's tail causing him to flee. I feel like his eye for an eye bit at the start of the season wasnt ment for ruby since now hes lost a limb just like Yang did. Anyway Qrow was hit in the stomach by Tyrian's tail and ruby asks if hes alright the rest of team Rnjr ask what is going on and who is Tyrian and with the final words Qrow asks ruby what is her favorite fairy tale.

      So this was an amazing episode im looking forward to what happens to weiss and to see if Qrow will explain everything to team Rnjr. So what did you guys think of the episode and what do you think will happen next. Finally I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and hope you have a wonderful time with you families.

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    • CHAPTER 6: TIPPING POINT Spoilers & Discussion

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      So another week another episode of Rwby and this is probably the best so far so lets begin discussions.

      The episode starts with team rnjr continuing their walk to mystral and they happen apon an abandoned settlement named Oniyuri and we find out it was to be a settlement for those that didnt approve of the Mystal government. we also find out that Ren's parents were a part of it and that they died when the grimm attacked.

      we then switch over to Weiss at her singing resittle. I will say Casey lee does an excellent job at being the vocal singer for weiss. Anyway we then switch to and after party for the show where we find weiss staring at a painting of beacon and we meet Henry Marigold who weiss tells to leave when he thinks the party is just another party for another mantel fundraiser. he leaves and then Weiss hears a woman talking bad about what happened at vale and weiss calls her out getting the attention of the room. Her Father tries to stop her but weiss resist causing her to summon a boarbatusk and it goes after the woman. Ironwood shoots it preventing her from getting hurt and he believes that weiss is the only one making sense in a room full of people who dont care about anything but their own problems.

      Finally back with team Rnjr we have our confrontation with Tyrian. we learn Tyrian is a Scorpion faunus and that hes interested in jaune but because of his orders he is after ruby. Finally we get the confrontation that Qrows semblance allows him to turn into a crow which allows him to stop Tyrian from using his tail against Ruby.

      So this is probably the best episode of the season so far. I find it nice that we finally got confirmation about Qrow's semblance and im wondering if the crow in the last episode he was in was Raven. I cant wait for next weeks episode to continue the fight with Tyrian with Qrow in the mix. So what did you guys think of the episode and where do you want the next episode to go?

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    • CHAPTER 5: MENAGERIE Spoilers and discussion

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      So this was a very one sided episode so not much to talk about.

      So Blake and Sun arrive in Menagerie. Blake heads back home to here parents where we meet Kali and Ghira and we learn Ghira is the chieften of Menagerie. Ghira is interrupted from his reuinion with his daughter by members of the white fang and we learn that Ghira was the former leader of the white fang. once the white fang members leave they discuss telling adam that Blake is in Menagerie. 

      Finally we see Tyrian arriving in the bar i assume where we last say qrow at asking to waitress if they can help him find someone ie ruby.

      So there isnt really much to talk about i like learning about blakes parents and now knowing how she originally joined the white fang. Im hoping that we have a blake vs adam fight later down the road and i wouldnt be suprised if Ghira learned of the fight and called out the white fang and removed them from menagerie. I would also like to say im looking forward to the Tyrian Ruby fight and i wouldnt be too suprised to have qrow get involed. So what did you guys think of the episode and where do you think this new info will lead us?

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    • CHAPTER 4: FAMILY Spoilers & DIscussion

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      Hello once again everyone another week of rwby is here now lets discuss it.

      First we see our farm boy known as Oscar and he notices something in a mirror and long and behold its our favorite mystery man Ozpin. Now what i think is happening is Oscar is a reincarnation of Ozpin or Ozpin is in a mirror like world where only certain people can notice him.

      Next we see yang having a nightmare where she is facing adam. We then see Professor Port and Oobleck having a good time talking with Tai talking about the days they tai was a student. Yang seems to have cheered up though this interaction though when Tai started talking about yangs arm i thought she was going to be pissed but she took it as a joke. 

      Meanwhile with Team RNJR we see Qrow protecting the team from random grimm attacks. Once in town we finally get to see Raven after a season of no information we learn allot more about her and Qrow. Its intresting how Raven is the leader of a clan of mauraders and im wondering if its the same clan that may have attacked the last town we saw Ruby and the others were at. Qrow seems to not approve of his old families ways and im wonder if he knows exactly were the relic is and is trying to keep it a secret. and with the last scene we see Yang accept the arm from ironwood and now its time to test the new arm out.

      In final words im hoping Raven is explored more in the rest of the volume she wasnt explored at all in volume 3 and i felt that was a miss step with what happened at the end of volume 2. So what did you guys think and do you think we will see more raven this volume?


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    • CHAPTER 3: OF RUNAWAYS AND STOWAWAYS Spoilers & Discussion

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      So episode 3 we get to go and meet with the two girls that make up Bumble bee. First lets start of with what Blake is up to. So Blake is on her way home and has left her bow behind im wondering if this means that Blake will accept that she is diffrent from others and not hide the fact that she is a fannus. Later in the episode we see an amazing fight scene with Blake and the stowaway sun and i love that CRWBY team has now confirmed aquatic grim and im looking forward to seeing more unique grim in the future.

      Now for Yang not much is said but mainly implied with her scene. Ironwood has sent Yang a mechanical arm which im hoping by the end of the season that she either accepts but makes her own modifcations or completely ignores it and turns her biggest weakness right now into a weapon. From what we see of yang she doesnt feel and confident as she once did and seems to still fear the fact that adam took her arm and made her weaker.

      Finally we get a return to Cinder and Salem still trying to deal with the side affects of the maidens power. Im wondering with Salem asking Cinder if Ozpin is really dead and making her answer if he really is dead because the way cinder acts when first asked makes me think shes hiding something. Finally a small tidbit from this exchange is the fact that theres a relic hidden under beacon im wondering what that relic could be could it be ozpins cane or could it be something else. From this i feel like we will be seeing good old uncle Qrow next episode.

      So what did you guys think of the episode and what do you think yang will do with the new arm and finally what do you think the relic could be?  

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