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    • freaken brilliant.......

      14 years ago


      yesterday was pretty fun, cyler and i took alicia to the zoo, ali had a blast, it was great. we got to feed the billy goats and get alot of cool pics of the animals.

      then we came home and i slept for like an hour and a half. i only had four hours of sleep the night before, and it was on the couch, i ended up going out with scott bry ben and derek. that was pretty hilarious, i made five bucks. the guys started throwing sauce packets down my shirt and then they started with dollar bills, i can't complain five bucks is five bucks. anyway i didn't get home till after three and ali woke me up at seven.......

      last night i went out with the gang again, we sat and bs'd for quite a while. lit off some bottle rockets, and just hung out, i didn't stay out as late.... i wasn't feeling well, i was up all night with really bad stomache pains.

      so i got up this morning and cleaned and baked cookies, but they aren't as taisty as usual. and now i'm waiting for bry to head over, we're gonna hang out and she wants to see ali, she hasn't seen her for a while.

      and tonight we're all geting together and watching house of a thousand corpse. we plan on seeing the devil's rejects when it comes out next week. we're making a night of it. we're gonna go see charlie and the chocolate factory at seven and then we're gonna see the other one at ten....... so it should be a fun night, to bad we have to wait a week and a half!

      only one more day of vacation i'm getting kind of bummed! :( oh well knew it had to end sooner or later!

    • Waffle wife

      14 years ago


      yesterday was kinda of quiet, which was pretty nice, then bry called me up and asked if i wanted to do something, so i invited her over, and we waited for ben to get out of work so us three and cyler could go out.

      place of choice...... the bowling alley, i know kinda lame but for this small town what do you honestly expect?!? it was fun, i did ok for not bowling in god knows how long, like three months or something.

      then we ended up going back in the bar and shooting pool, and ran into alot of people, like jr, and billy, and they were waisted and pretty damn funny, too....

      billy even married us i am known as cyler's waffle wife, he is a marriage councilor and autorney (i know my speeling is horrid) a divorce lawyer, and like a crap load of other things it was pretty funny to listen to this guy talk.

      at about one the bar cleared out, everyone decided to go to the fire house, so us original four, decided to go back and watch a movie at my house, i just bought hide and seek yesterday. it was a pretty good movie, alot similar to the secret window.

      so that ended at like 3ish in the morning, then i went to bed, and for the first time in what seems like forever i got to sleep in, i didn't get out of bed until almost 11, oh my it was pretty nice to sleep in late like that. so i showered and cleaned then cy and i ate lunch, and ali just came home, and shes napping, actually that does sound pretty good, i myself am thinking about it! :) after i catch up on my degrassi that is. gotta love it!

    • a suprisingly nice day.....

      14 years ago


      it started out kinda icky as work always is, but lunch was great, my hunny came and brought me a burger and a chocolate shake. it was great to see him, with our work schedules we haven't seen each other in three days, i don't get off of work until 4 and he goes in for 4 and doesnt get off until 4 in the morning, so he crawls in bed and two hours later i get up.

      anywho, i was runnig sugar brushes today (basically 41 inch 4x4's) which aren't very fun, we stack em on carts, which are wobbily to begin with but i was pushing a cart over to the drill press, and one side of the cart, hit a bump, and the 60 brushes on that side all fell off the cart, and i was jabbed in the knee with a metal part of the cart, oh i was quite ticked, and i seen my boos in the corner kinda laughing, i think he knew that they were gonna fall.
      so i pick them all back up, and continue my work, then the boss's wife and two of his kids popped in, which was cool cause they made sticky buns, so his daughter brought one over to me, and said to take a break, i smiled it was just what i needed, (not the sticky roll, the break)

      i like his daughter, my other boss bob, said she and i are alot alike, and i see it, shes really nice, and very much so a tom boy just like me. shes a pretty cool kid.

      and at the end of the day my boss signed my timecard, and handed me an envelope, it was my vacation pay, i didnt think i would get it in advance, so i was pretty happy about that.

      i came home and cyler left me a note telling me all the bills he payed, and he ran the errands i wanted him too, and some i didn't even ask him too, he was so sweet, he payed my cell phone bill for me too! :)

      so here i am with five days off and not sure what i am gonna do, the only thing i know i want to do, is cyler and i take ali to the zoo, i just hope it isn't going to be like last year..... don't ever take a 1 and 1/2 year old to the zoo, not a pretty picture, she wouldn't sit in the stroller and it was hot and misserable.

      now i have to come up with dinner cause the little one is hungry........

    • compltely emo

      14 years ago


      today has been compltely crazy, well the evening portion anyway, i was in some kind of cleaning mood, and started a little bit in the closet and i came across a bunch of old letters, that were written to me, (i'll keep the name undisclosed) anyway i just started crying alot, it just made me think about alot, just everything that has gone on in my life in the past eight months, and how much i have changed, and i owe alot of that to this person, they have made my life great on so many levels.

      then i came on here and seen there was a journal entry, which made me cry, it's crazy, for quite a while i've felt like a big part of me was missing, but i dont think i realized how much until yesterday. because theres is a void in my life that hasn't been there before. and i truely hate getting all emo, i just regret not telling this person everything i feel before it was to late....

      yeah but that is enough of this, gahhh yeah ok i'm done, i think i need to get some sleep.... until tomorrow!

    • and today.........

      14 years ago


      yeah i did the usual, i woke up at 4:30 and started freaking out cause i didn't think cyler was home, turns out he was but he was on the computer! :s it took me forever to fall back asleep, so i went to work which wasn't terrible, i was kinda bummed because i thought cy would have showed up for my lunch break, but he called me and it made me really happy! :)and the last couple of hours flew by so it was all skippy.

      and finally tomorrow is my last day of work then my five day vaca! yippy! :D i couldnt be happier i need a break....... just need to come up with something to do!

      anywho i ended up talking to meg last night and i found out my gramps was in the hospital i'm kinda scared because the last couple of years have really taken a toll on him! and hes gonna be 70 this year! get better pappy!

      and heres a little interesting tidbit for you all today........

      It's physically impossible for you to lick your elbow.

      props to www.randomfunfacts.com for providing this interesting info.

    • just another day

      14 years ago


      yesterday was alot of fun, went swimming but the water was really cold. then i watched scooby doo with maddy... cyler's sister! the fireworks were cool. it took forever to light em all off but someof em were really pretty, we had one that went off wrong it went off right in the artliery shell before it evcen went up in the air.... which was definatly freaky.

      suprisingly work wasn't bad today, it went by pretty fast too. then i got to talk to meg at my morning and lunch break. i think i'm suppossed to call her tonight so i should do that.

      i've decided for my entertainment as well as yours i'm gonig to post a useless trivia fact as often as i can........... so heres my first one

      There are 1,218 peanuts in a single 28 ounce jar of Jif peanut butter

      useless info, provided by mindlesscrap.com/

    • watching TV

      14 years ago


      just got out of the shower.... now i'm sitting here watching king of the hill its like a marathon or something, but its all good. i like that show.

      this morning was kinda icky alicia woke me up at 7 and i went and grabbed our fussy blankies and we laid on the couch and watched cartoons for 2 hours, then i decided to get up and make breakfast, we had yummy chocolate chip pancakes. :) then i popped online and realized i missed talking to mitchell this morning :( well hopefully we'll stay in touch through letters and such.

      but i'm thinking i should go do something i'm starting to be really bored. and i'm dreading working tomorrow but it won't be too bad the last three weeks i've worked four days a week and usually ended up with a three day weekend, except last week i had tuesday off!

      the good thing is i work tuesday through thursday and then i get five days of vacation. which i am looking forward too, i'm trying to talk cyler into going camping or doing something this coming weekend. we have three days off together.:)

      and to everyone who reads......... Happy 4th of July!!!!

    • Good Luck!!!!!

      14 years ago


      i just want to wish you good luck to you mitch, i'm very proud of you and i know you'll do just fine! :) please try to stay somewhat of the marshmallow you are now! :) one of the sweetest guys i've met.... (most of the time) ;) have a safe three months!

      and while i'm at it i want to wish one of a very few important people in my life a good luck as well. my cousin tony who has left for missouri for amonth of training (hes a national guard guy!) and then he is being sent over to iraq. you'll be missed :'(

    • just tired

      14 years ago


      well this after noon was ok, had a really bad covo with someone...... but i'm not even gonna go there, it isn't worth it at all.

      anyway went to angeli's and got some food cause i found a really taisty recipe for chicken quesadillas, with onion and green peppers! :) it was so yummy kinda like a fajita crossed with a quesadilla.... cyler loved it, he wants to make em again tomorrow! lol

      so now i'm sitting here contemplating writting an email to someone, but i just don't see that happening, i am starting to belive somethings are better left unsaid, and that the past is the past, and you can't change it. especially when you feel they regret spending the time they did with you..... i just have a hard time saying goodbye to people. i tend to push away more and more so i don't whind up hurt but here i am completely down and crying alot, ahh such a girl thing to do. but i guess time can change that in good or bad ways, its been bad but maybe good will come out of it. i dont know now i'm not even making sence to myself anymore!

      so now i'm trying to get my boyfriend out of bed so he can take us to DQ and try their new dream pie blizzards they look so taisty! yum yum.....

    • Another Party

      14 years ago


      Went to a barbeque last night which was kinda fun. there weren't that many people there but it was quant. cyler left early he took alicia home cause he had to work at 3 in the morning, so the rest of us cracked open some bud and heinigen. then one of the guys got the bright idea to take a walk. well an hour or so prior we seen fireworks down the roadish, and they deicded we were gonna go find em and what not. well they ended up being over by water tower park, so we all just kinda walked up and started talking which was fun we got free fire works and beer! lol then i realized how late it was and asked my friend sher if she wanted to walk back and give me a ride home, cause cy took my car. she kept saying yah in a lil bit.
      anyway i was geting a little upset cause cy wanted me home early cause i was out late the night before. so bright me decided it cant be that far..... so i decided to walk home. let me tell ya not a good idea at all, cause the walk was alot longer than i thought it would be, it was at least a mile from the party we found, and it took me over twenty minutes to get home. lol drunk me walking that far.... but suprisingly i didnt fall over or trip once! lol
      it was a fun night but a lnog walk, remind me not to do that anymore (the walkin part anyway) :)

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