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    • so sorry!............

      13 years ago


      i finally went and cleaned out my friends list.......... it didn't make me feel very happy, i was so bummed to delete alot of those people............

      i went from 74, to 47! and for those of you who made it........ well feel special! lol just kidding!

      but for those of you who didn't make the list......... i am sorry! and i'de be more than happy to re-add you, if you commented more.......... or even ever!

      at anyrate, i am super super tired.......... so i'm probably gonna go lay back down for an hour or so....... i need my beauty sleep!

    • day of victory..........

      13 years ago


      oh yeah!! today was the first day i ever and i mean ever beat cy at a game of pool. he always runs the table, i mean don't get me wrong, i'm a dencet shot, but he is a realy pool shark! and after playing him for yers, getting closer and closer, i won! no he didn't accidentaly sink the eight ball! i'm just that good! lol

      well it made my day, i did my lil happy dance and everything! woohoo........

      yeah that was my excitment for the day...... other than that it was rather mellow! i usually tend to baracade myself in the house on mondays, because i have a theory that modays are evil, its all a conspiricy........ ok don't ask, i'm just a lil loopy tonight! but put some thought into, i'm aure it kinda all fits together like a puzzle, i kinda lost myself! bottom line, mondays are icky

      i was so bummed i didnt get to go on earlier, thanks for the concern jayhawk! but we were scanning the puter for viruses and cleaning em out! fun fun fun!

      oh well i think i need to catch some zzz's

      btw........ i made some yummy steak and home made atatos (potatos) yeah thats how i say it! smiley6.gif it was great though! i love family dinner night!

      g'nite all!! watch out for those damn bed bugs!! teehee

      smiley12.gif me

    • more useless information.......

      13 years ago


      Played Spin the Bottle? Yeah like in 7th grade

      Toilet Paper someone\'s house? Defiantly! It was great.

      Played Poker with money? Nope, but I played strip oker! ;)

      Gone swimming in a white T-shirt? Nope, but went skinny dipping

      been tickled so hard you couldn\'t talk? yea, it sucked

      like someone but never told them? Nope, I could never keep a secret….. they always knew that I liked em

      went camping? Yeah, loved it!

      had a crush on your broher\'s friend? That’s just sick……. My brother only hangs out with girls, that just wouldn’t be right

      walk in the rain without an umbrella? who doesnt? Its one of my favorite past times

      told a joke that NObody thought was funny? Look who your talking to!

      been in a talent show? Iyeah we did a dance to some lame 90’s song

      started laughing at someone\'s bedtime? No they all laughed at mine! Serious!

      worn somthing your mom didn\'t appove of? Yes I was extremely rebelous

      been to a nude beach? Nope!

      drank jack daniels? Yup, I like jack, but jack don’t like me!

      cursed in a church? Yeah on accident

      been called a slut for kissing someone? Yes, but what can ya do?

      burnt yourslef with a curling iron/straightner? Hell yeah, and it hurt like a mofo too!

      wanted to be a police officer? Yeah, but im better at breaking the law, than enforcing it!

      dumped someone? yea. To many times to count!

      been hit on by someone too old? Yeah, suprsingly a lot!

      wanted to be a model? Nope I know im not pretty enough, or tall enough

      bought lottery tickets? Yes, I was addicted to them for a short time!

      made out in a car? Shit I’ve done it in a car……. Well a jeep, but you get the idea!

      cried during a movie? Yes I have….

      wanted something you couldn't have? Don’t go there

      had sex on the beach? Yup, it was great! We are talking about the drink right? Wink wink

      had the drink sex on the beach? Yeah it was taisty

      seen someone shoplift? Yup…… I called the cops and they were arrested, but I was also like 10 at the time

      hung up on someone? I try not to cause its my biggest pet peeve

      yelled at your pet? No, you cant yell at fish…… they just don’t listen

      bought a thong when the casheir was a guy? Hell yeah….. and it was hilarious

      tried to strip when drunk? Ok im not that wild…… not yet

      gotten seasick? nope

      had a stalker? Yes….. its freaky too

      played a prank on somone that had them really scared? One of the greatest nights of my life!

      been embarassed by one of your family? Used to be all the time! But if you knew my parents, you’de understand

      felt bad about eating meat? Only during lent

      protested? Nope…. Cant say that I have

      been to an island? mackinac island

      been in love? Yes a few times

      ate just because you were bored? Used to a lot, try not to as much anymore

      looked at something everybody thought was ugly and said "aww"? yes I have! But they didn’t know what they were talking about

      Screamed in a library? No

      Made out with a stranger? Yes, but alcohol was involved

      Been Dumped? Suprisngly only twice in my life

      Wished a part of you was different? Almost all the time

      asked a guy to dance? Yeah, im bold!

      been asked out by a really hot guy? I’de say so! The hottest/ sweetest guy I ever dated!

      laughed so hard you cried? Yes, and it wasn’t funny

      went up to a complete stranger and started talking? Yeah, I told ya, I’m bold

      been sunburned? I used to only burn, till I started using a tanning bed

      kicked a guy in the nuts for being a pervert? No, but I have kicked a guy….. on accident! I swear!

      threw up in school? Yeah I was in 4th grade

      recieved an anonymous love letter? Yes, and to this day I still hadn’t figured out who it was from!

      had to wear something you hated? i dont want to talk about it. Ok fine…. My ma always made me wear these hidous spandex pants in elementary school, I hated em so much I would cry!

      been to a luau? yea....i got layed haha, bet ya didn’t see that coming!

      saw your ex and wanted to kick his ass? No im not spiteful, ok closest I get is seeing an ex’s new fling, and wanting to kick their ass! But they were arrogant and deserved it

      cursed in front of your parents? Not until like a month ago!

      been in a commerical on tv? No but I was on the local news……. Not for anything bad, sheesh

      watched a movie that made you miss your ex? Yeah, stop rubbin it in

      been out of the country? Nope im a loser

      been honked at by some guy when you were walking down the sidewalk? to many times to count

      won at pool? All the time…… except when I play cy cause he kicks my ass!

      went to a party where you were the only sober one? Once in a blue moon, doesn’t happen to often cause I love to party it up!

      went on a diet? Yeah, im on one right now!

      been lost out to sea? No, what kinda question is that?

      cheated on your bf? Yes and it was a mistake, but we worked through it!

      been cheated on? Yeah twice, that I know of

      tanned topless? A couple of times, and no im not counting a tanning bed

      been attacked by seagulls? No, but I keep a close watch on them damn things

      been searched in an airport? Cant say that I have

      been on a plane? nope

      been pants-ed? Do you mean depants-ed then…… um not that I can remember

      thrown a shoe at someone? yea, so get over it!

      broke someone's heart? Yes but I really wish I didn’t!

      sung in the shower? All the time!!

      bought something way too expensive? Yeah gas! lol

      done something really stupid that you still laugh about? Do you know who your talking to?

      been walked in on when you were dressing? To many times to count

      ran out of a movie theatre because you were too scared of the movie? No, it takes a lot to scare me…… ok fine I am a scrardy cat, that’s why I watch em at home! lol

      been kicked out of the mall? Not yet……. If I was, ide be screwed cause theres nothing else to do in this town

      been mean to someone then instantly wanted to take it back? No, im not naturally a mean person

      been given a detention on the worst day that you could get one? Yeah, my first one was on my dads birthday!

      done something stupid when you

    • 100 things about me.........

      13 years ago


      100 things about me: That you never needed nor wanted to know!

      I answered for your entertainment purposes!

      1. Full Name: Bob Barker

      2. Nicknames: Pain in the ass!

      3. Birthday: I wasn’t born, I was hatched!

      4. Place of Birth: local camp ground out house! Eww

      5. Zodiac Sign: cancer

      6. Male or Female: I am a Girl

      7. Grade: I gurgitated

      8. School: menominah! Do do doy do

      9. Occupation: unemployed loser!

      10. Residence: 16th street manhole!

      11. Screen Name: flish= flying fish!

      _Your Appearance_

      12. Hair Color:blonde

      13. Hair Length: medium

      14. Eye color: blue

      15. Best Feature: not applicable! Lol I don’t have any!

      16. Height: SHORT……. Very short!

      17. Braces?: no no

      18. Glasses?: have em but refuse to wear em, their not even my prescription anymore

      19. Piercing: three in the ear, had my lip and eye brow done but took em out!

      20. Tattoos: duh, my so called “tramp stamp†lower back!

      21. Righty or Lefty: Righty

      _Your 'Firsts'_

      22. First best friend: a whore named hilary…… bad memories! She put gum in my hair, freshman year

      23. First Award: none……. Im a loser!

      24. First Sport You Joined: basket ball!

      25. First pet: puppy

      26. First Real Vacation: the hospital when I had mono! No joke, my vacation!

      27. First Concert: METALLICA!

      _ Favorites_

      29. Movie: cruel intentions

      30. TV Show: Desperate house wives….. also one of my newer nick names!

      31. Colors: Green

      32. Rapper: eww no!

      33. Band: METALLICA

      34. Song Right Now: wings of a butterfly H.I.M.

      35. Friend: I am socially inept

      37. Sport to Play: does kama sutra count?

      38. Restaurants: perkins, but not for their food, cause that plain sucks. Cause their open 24 hours on the weekends!!

      39. Favorite brand to wear: clearance at younkers

      40. Favorite time of day: late at night

      41. School Subject: weight training

      42. Animal: Dog

      43. Book: pass………

      44. Magazine: lately bridal magazines, and rolling stone

      45. shoes: k*swiss


      46. Feeling: like this is a monumental waiste of time!

      47. Wishing: I was drunk!

      48. Have a crush?: maybe….. but why would I tell you? Your just an annoying survey

      49. Eating: nothing : (

      50. Drinking: water, cause of my diet!

      51. Typing: fucktard, now your being a smart ass!

      52. Online?: always!

      53. Song: none….. movie in the back ground!

      54. Thinking About: how stupid your questions are!

      55. Wanting to: get a job, and move outta this town

      56. Watching: saw

      57. Wearing: lol……. Just a towel, just got outta the shower! ;)

      _Do You Want To_

      58. Have Kids?: idiot already do!

      59. Get Married?: obviously, 1 ½ months!

      60. Careers in Mind: anything that pays above minimum wage!

      61. Where do you want to live?: anywhere that is warm all year round!

      62. Cars: a sexy red convertible! Or a jag!

      _Which is better with The Opposite Sex_

      63. Hair color: blonde

      64. Hair length: not fussy

      66. Sing with you or dances with you: Both

      67. Cute or Sexy: both but more sexy! Wink wink

      68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

      69. Hugs or Kisses: BOTH, damn it! Don’t make me choose

      70. Short or Tall: taller, but not to tall

      71. Easy going or serious: a lil of both, but more easy going

      72. Romantic or Spontaneous: cant I have both? Decisions decisions!

      73. Fatty or Skinny: in the middle

      74. Sensitive or Loud:no more choices!! Grr, now your making me angry

      75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship

      76. Sweet or Caring: both, whats the difference? Im confussed!

      77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: I like em to cause trouble, only outta fun though!

      _Have you ever_

      78. Kissed a Stranger: yeah

      79. Had Alcohol: duh!

      80. Smoked: unfortunately still do…..

      81. Ran Away From Home: yes! Turned out for the better!

      82. Broken a bone: nope never….. surprisingly

      83. Got an X-ray and how many: yeah, like 6 but never broken, just bruised or twisted!

      84. Been in a bad situation: to many times to count

      85. Broken Someone's Heart?: unfortunately yes again!
      86. Broke Up With Someone: more than ive been dumped

      87. Cried When Someone Died: who wouldn’t….. and what kinda question is that you sicko!

      _Do You Believe In_

      89. God: yes

      90. Miracles: yes I do, ever watch makeover home edition! That’s a miracle to those people!

      91. Love At First sight: yeah

      92. Ghosts: yes

      93. Aliens: yes, they disguised themselves as monkeys, and stole my insanity

      94. Soul Mates: yes, but that doesn’t mean you end up with them!

      95. Heaven: yes

      96. Hell: yes

      97. Angels: yes.

      98. Kissing on The First Date: oh yeah,

      99. Horoscopes: I’de like to, but mine are never accurate

      _Answer Truthfully_

      100. Is There Someone You Want But You Know You Can't Have: yes, or at least used to be…. But you cant change the past, and things happen for a reason, and we just weren’t meant to be….. yeah that’s it keep telling yourself that!

    • Wheres the sun................

      13 years ago


      not around here thats for sure......... its been muggy and depressing lately......... i havent even wanted to get out of bed the past couple of days, although that might have something to do with the killer migrain i have had for over a day now! it sucks.........

      not a whole bunch has happened. gettting super excited for my bridal shower, which is two weeks away....... and the wedding is getting closer. everything is in place, we even got the printed napkins this weekend........ they were beautiful! all we really have left is waiting for responce cards, and the decorating the hall! its one of the biggest relifes......... but i dont think my stress level has went down a whole lot yet!

      my weekend was the usual, bummed around town, hung out with some friends from naba! i love it when mike comes up! drank two pots of cofee while sittin at perkins till almost 12 am........ which is weird cause we dont normally go there till after 2 on weekends lol! anyway i was up till after 6 yesterday which was no fun! i got about 4 hours of sleep and thats what i average anyway so it ain't terrible!

      yesterday was really boring! although i made yummy halloween cookies!

      a reminder if you dont start commenting you will be removed from my friends list! i do apologise! anyway the link will bring you to who is staying!

      and now i'm off to do a lil work out...... hoping to loose a couple more pounds before the wedding......... i know i talk to much about that, lol but its the only exciting thing i have going on right now, besides the fact i acidentaly chopped my daughters hair all offf, i was only gonig to trim it, but i swear she is part turkey bobbin her head all around! lol but it looks cute!

      have a spiffy sunday all!

      smiley12.gif me!

    • Neg modded........

      13 years ago


      yeah i dunno how, i dunno why but i was....... and to my knowledge for the first time, its not a big deal but it kinda bummed me out!

      anyway the stray kitty we had is at the animal shelter now, refer to meglac's journal........ i hope he gets a good home, he was a sweet cat!
      this is him


      anyway i started my list of friends i'm gonna keep, they are as followed........


      i'm not deleting anyone yet....... but soon i will, no offense to anyone, i love this site, and i like everyone on here, but i like to comment and recive them as well! so sorry!

      yeah i thinks thats it........ i gotta stay up till 2 and pick up a friend after work! wee that ought to be fun fun! lol lates

      smiley12.gif me

    • TTG.........

      13 years ago


      Time To Go.............

      yeah i am ready to go through my friends list......... i myself try to be a good friend and comment as much as i can, but lately i have like at least 1 new fried request daily, and alot of them dont comment to begin with nor comment after i add them........ so..........

      if you want to stay on my list you need to comment i cant keep up with all 74, but why try when they dont either........ so if you dont comment you are deleated!
      well except for those of you i abesolutly adore on here, ie, meglac, frazzer, leetard, jayhawk, powerbomb141, ilovedesk, captivepride, nmorris, chilly_willy, fadinglight....... and a few others..... but i am cutting down, i'll give you a while to comment....... but if you dont, your gone, and i'm sorry, but i am not a number i am a person! smiley6.gif

      so thats the bummer part of my journal........ well really my only part......

      P.S. refer to previous journal for MOD CONTEST........ ends tomorrow!! thanks!

      smiley12.gif Me

    • mods, mods, mods.........

      13 years ago


      ok here it goes.........

      i've been wanting new images to fill up all my new space i have since becoming a spiffy sponser smiley9.gif

      so here comes my idea.........

      mod contest..........
      you post images, and the ones i choose to put up in my images win..........

      what do you win? my undying gratitude, for one lol, and 30 mods to first place 20 to second and if theres a third you get 10!

      I was told i cant charge mods, so if your willing to contribute some you get the for mentioned prize plus the mods from this journal.
      you can post as many pics as you want, with in reason........

      pics i want........ funny, cute, anything in my taiste, which is a wide range of things........

      so there you have it, good luck and have fun.........

      let the mod contest begin............

      contest will end on thursday, time: whenever i wake up lol!

    • need ideas......

      13 years ago


      yeah tonight was kinda boring, watched dawn of the dead........ which i've already seen 3 times, then we decided to rent amityville horror the old ones, and they are really boring, the only thing that is creepy is the old school music! like nails on a chalk board!

      im looki for pics to put up in my images, so if anyone has any ideas im listening...... but i am definatly headed to bed......... i needs my beauty sleep!

      nighty nite all..........

      smiley12.gif me!

    • here..... we....... go......

      13 years ago


      stole this from fadinglight......... enjoy everybody!

      1. Ever been given a ring? yes and finally kept it, or got to keep it..... either way i'm happy!

      2. Longest Relationship? 4 years on and off.... and yes it does count smiley6.gif

      3. Last gift you gave? bought my future mum inlaw a halloween candle holder!

      4. How many times have you dropped your cell? To many times im suprised the damn thing still works

      5. Last sport played? sports....... er car tag counts right? lol

      6. Things you spend a lot of money on: my daughter...... and pretty much only her!

      7. Three things you ate last: an icky frozen dinner that taisted like fricken cardboard

      8. What you notice first about the opposite sex(physical/or not): Eyes and sence of humor

      9. One favorite song: i cant pick just one...... but if i had to right now, wings of a butterfly bye him ,its the only song i listen to lately.

      10. Where do you live? in a hick town way up north....... go ahead make fun of me, i know ya wanna!

      11. High school you attend(ed): Menominee high...... go fucktard maroons!

      12. Cell phone service provider: cellularone, and no i do not suggest going through them smiley1.gif

      13. Favorite mall store: spencers, but its in greenbay....... fun store! hehe

      14. Longest Job held: my last job, factory work but i made gin brushes!

      15. Do you own a pair of dice: yeah, i also wanna invest in some of them sex dice... wink wink, jk

      16. Do you prank call people: not me but i get meg to do it...... only to one particular person though, its great........

      17. Last wedding attended: my old friends, she got married by the jp, does that count?

      18. First friend you call if you won the lottery: ha i dunno if i'de call anyone till after i was in hawii

      19. Last time you attended church: i dont go to church....... last time i was in one was for a funeral :( i belive in god, i just dont practice

      20. Favorite fast food: Anything and everything..... lol but i shouldnt

      21. Biggest lie you’ve heard: dont get me started, i am good at knowing when people lie to me, yet everyone does it...... alot

      22. Where do you work?: i am unemployeed........ at first by choice, now i cant find a job! :(

      23. Where do you go to college? i am not smart enough for that, stop bringing me down!

      24. Can you cook? i thinks i cooks good! i can make lotsa nummy stuff

      25. Do you miss anyone right now?: more than anyone could know....... someone recently left, a marine...... and my heart is broken. but i wont get into that or i'll cry!

      26. Who?: i dont wanna say his name, he knows who he is..... even if he cant read this for a while!

      27. Last time you cried? the night before my marine left, it was hard to say goodbye.

      28. Most hated food: eh sushi, and broccili

      29. Thing you like most about yourself: Superficially? i love to joke.... and do things outta the ordinary every now and again...... just make the best outta this small town!

      30. Thing you hate most about yourself: my looks, and my little buddah belly, even though everyone says i dont have one, i know its there........

      31. Have a secret you can’t tell? yes i dont........ but i would stir up alot of peoples lives, and i dont wanna rock the boat! so dont try to get it outta me =P

      32. Longest work shift worked: 13 hours........ but that was the last day after working 20 days straight

      33. Favorite Movie:cruel intentions

      34. Can you sing or do you sing?i love to sing, but i dont think i do it to well!

      35. Last concert attended: blackhawk, and then metallica and godsmack. go ahead and bow to me! lol

      36. Favorite Restaurant: olive garden.

      37. Last movie rented: the ring two

      38. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: as lnog as its put in front of me i'll drink it! i like vodka. its taisty! and makes me tinlge lol

      39. Anything you couldnt live without right now? a few things...... my daughter, my fiance, and one of my good friends, who i am trying to live without!

      40. Vacation spot: where its warm and sunny

      41. Reason you did this survey? cause it looked like fun, and it ki8lled some time, and im hoping the right person will read it! er something like that

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    • meglac

      14 years ago

      now thats an update yay.

    • camel

      14 years ago

      hey gurlie girl... thanks for the lil welcome 2 comment.... we is going to have to go out window chalking again since it ended u raining last night, girlify some more things cuz it is too much fun... i see u tonight... luv you buh bye (think tiny toons)

    • meglac

      14 years ago

      you should really update your profile..under interests. you dont hvae a job anymore so fix that hun. love you

    • Ur1obsession

      14 years ago

      when i can i do, but it's hard when i always lend it out to you :P

    • Yggdrasill

      14 years ago

      Yeah..........Mario kart 64 is sweet ......Double dash is better...........Glad ya like mudvayne *correct spelling ;-)* and um yeah.......you hardly play halo :P but it's all good.

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