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    • TheForge

      9 years ago

      uh, you might wanna do that again minus the top line.

    • TheForge

      9 years ago

      Fixed, btw I'd make the tiger thing a different color to show it as alien.

      Name: J’hek K’Tzu

      Nickname: Ghent

      Power/Skills/Training: Trained in unarmed combat techniques as well as many kinds of alien weaponry. He also has power over portals (Ætherkinesis), allowing him to transport himself and other organisms or objects anywhere he wants, though the size of the thing he’s transporting and the distance affects how easy it is for him. (IE transporting himself to the moon would be very difficult for him.) and Animal speak (the empathy and telepathy with animals.)

      Equipment: Carries an energy staff, a weapon capable of pulsed particle beams at targets, as well as being a good melee weapon. He also has an pulse rifle that he uses as a primary weapon if he’s not using his staff. Has a "bookmark system" that allows him to transport things from his home-world and several other planets to earth with much greater ease than normally. He also has a basic armor suit. Not quite bulletproof, but close and a cloak over it to conceal his alien physique.

      Appearance: 6.5 feet tall, weighing approximately 170 lbs without his armor.

      Date of Birth: Born about 370 earth years ago.

      Gender: Male

      History: Came to Earth via the bookmark system in order to learn more about how life evolves at its early stages. (He’s studying humans. Autopsies, probing, brain dissection, anything.)

      Legal Status: Nobody even knows he’s on the planet.

      Other: Ghent has a pet life form very similar to a saber tooth tiger, but more resilient and strong.

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