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    • Back into Song Writing

      2 years ago


      What have I done in the last 2 years?

      In 2014, I was full of aspirations. I wanted to be a performer in Japan. My teacher and advisor told me that studying music business in America is vastly different than doing music business in Japan. So I gave up on that.

      I then decided to work with Jeff Williams for Rooster Teeth. I promptly gave up on that as well on account of my skill in music is JUST not good enough to be astounding.

      In 2015, I tried to start a band. I wrote my first song, Blue Destiny, and performed it live at a convention. It....didn't get good results. Further more, I learned no one would want to invest in "nerd music." I felt I was the only one who believed in making music for the joy and the joy and the creativity, not for profit.

      So I worked at retail for two years and now double work at a day care. I keep thinking what am I doing now? Why am I here?

      And I learned that even for a little bit, I can still introduce something new for everyone. Something everyone can enjoy. After two years, I wrote my second original song, Bountiful Muse, and am now trying to write the rest for a new project album.

      I gave up on song writing. But this is not how my story ends.

    • Die, 日本語 Ver. - Preview

      4 years ago


      One of our first songs will be a retranslation of Jeff Williams' song, "Die", used in the second season of RWBY. Of course, I let him know about it, and I am hoping to show it to him in its completed recorded version when it is ready.

      But for now, for the RT public, here is a sneak peak of my translation. Credit goes to my Japanese translator, Double, for working with my rewrites of the song lyrics to make it translatable.

      Sekai wa heiwa de jiyuu datta
      Bokura no hibi wa mabushikute shiawase data
      Tsuki ga bokura no hibi wo mimamotta demo
      Zen'in no hikari wa onaji ja nakatta

      Ningen no ai wa motomerarenai ima
      Kizu no subete wa naottemasen
      Hoka no chi de fukushu wo shiharau

      Nikushimi wa fueru teki to onaji tsuyosa kurai
      Tsuki to sora wa akaku someteiru
      Sensou no gu wa otagai no yokubari ni michibiku
      Saraba heiwa na hibi It's time to die


      The world was peaceful and free
      Our days were bright and happy
      And though the moon watched our days
      Everyone's light wasn't the same

      Now that human love is hard to find,
      Not all wounds will heal
      We pay for revenge with others' blood

      Our hate grows as strong as our enemies
      The moon and the sky are dyed red
      The tools of war lead to greed from both sides
      Good-bye, peaceful days, "It's time to die"


      How did I go about this? Well, I had to take Jeff Williams' original lyrics and rewrite each stanza and some lines to make them shorter. That way, in Japanese, the lyrics will match with the lines. You see, Japanese lyrics are different in translation because their diction must match up with the notation of the melody. If you notice, if you listen to Japanese music that is, Japanese songs with official English translations are different in lyrics when taking the official English version and the Japanese version due to a language change in the melody line.

      And here is how and why I did a Japanese translation of the RWBY song, "Die". Look forward to a recorded version of it in the near future by my band, I·ZA·NA·GI.

    • I·ZA·NA·GI is a GO

      4 years ago


      As of 4/20/2015 (lol 4/20), I have successfully recruited a bassist for my band, I·ZA·NA·GI, As such, we are now officially a band (at least until I draft up the band contract, at least).

      A little explanation as to what we are, though:
      I·ZA·NA·GI is a rock band that bases itself on different types of rock. As such, I call it a "variable rock band." It includes styles such as punk, alternative, classic, rock and roll, and funk. Unfortunately, my vocals aren't trained to withstand heavy metal.

      I am the vocalist, going by the stage name "KA·MI·YA." My specialty lies in Japanese singing, as I have spent a good portion of my recent years singing Japanese covers. I am a Music Business student at NJCU and am currently writing for our EP.

      My bandmates are Sarven, Oscar, and Mayuko. All of us work at the same store, a Japanese supermarket called "Mitsuwa" located in Edgewaters, NJ. I had worked with Sarven and Mayuko before in our staff Christmas party's band in 2014, in which I was the vocalist, Sarven our bassist (actually I·ZA·NA·GI's lead guitarist), and Mayuko our drummer (and my department supervisor). I had just recently recruited Oscar to be our bassist, who has business expertise and a wide range of bass skills that immediately won me over.

      Our music draws inspiration from a variety of rock styles and bands, and I aim to target the nerd and geek community in the East Coast. We have planned covers from a number of different musicians such as Barenaked Ladies, ONE OK ROCK, and Rooster Teeth's own Jeff Williams.

      We will begin rehearsals in May after the semester is over, and I will be in Hoshicon, an anime convention in Charlotte, NC, for advertisement. Our first planned show will be at a New York ComicCon after party, where I will be distributing our demo CDs.

      Please look forward to it and check us out this coming New York ComicCon! I will post more details about it when I am able to!

    • Taking new steps

      5 years ago


      A few years ago, I dropped out of college because of the stress and the lack of motivation in what I wanted to do. Initially, it was to teach, but I really wasn't as into the subjects as I thought. Also, commuting to NYC 4 days a week was a bitch and a half. I was tired going there, and I was tired coming back. Also, the PATH trains at the WTC smelled like someone took a nasty-ass fart as soon as I get in, and it's like that all the way back to JC.

      A year later, I enrolled in a local college to take music for classical voice. Four semesters in, and I find myself hating my craft more than I expected. Singing is nice and all, but I'm not all for singing classical numbers like the Mendelssohn's "Elijah" or Orff's "Carmina Burana." (Though I'll admit, Carmina Burana was a pretty sick piece, and one of my favorites). So I took a change once again.

      Last Fall, I switched to Music Business to focus more on Pop music. It's been my dream to be a pop music artist, and I've been wanting to start a band for quite some time. Taking this stuff is like a dream come true. I'm singing with a bunch of other people doing radio's popular songs, from the Beatles to Daft Punk, and I'm enjoying the shit out of it.

      And every time I do, I want to go a little farther. I want to fully realize my dream as a pop artist. I want to start a band with people, sing covers, write songs. Hell, I've even made it my dream to say, "Oh, I want to work for Rooster Teeth under Jeff Williams lol". I'm not stopping. I'm inexperienced in song writing, but that won't stop me.

      If you are reading this and you want to start or join a band with me (I currently need a guitarist), and you live in the NJ/NYC area, hit me up. I also want to do a side project and sing songs with a group at local conventions, such as Anime NEXT, Katsucon, even NYCComicCon. My preferences include J-Rock and geeky song themes, such as the Power Rangers theme song, and songs from the Red vs Blue/RWBY series.

    • 2019 years ago

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    • nearly.witch3s

      5 years ago

      Welcome to the community!

      • VacationGrif FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        5 years ago

        Hey, thanks. I'm still looking around here, since I've never actually JOINED the Rooster Teeth community before, even if I've followed them YEARS ago. So it's great to actually take part in it.

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