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    • Dear RT: Plz Hire this Writer

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      She's amazing, she has brilliant ideas and fanfic, she's sympathetic to you guys and she could contribute a lot to the show just by bouncing ideas. If you have the budget for it and she's willing it wouldn't hurt to have her talent on future volumes.

      Unicorn of War - Thomas Vaccaro

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    • Volume 5 could have been, and should have been, better... And here's how...

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      There was no reason for them to rush Volume 5. There's no rule that says "Get everything done in a week" at least, we the fans didn't set that rule. If you need more time to do everything right, take more time to do everything right, for the love of god take more time. People will complain, people always complain, but if the end result is better it's worth it. Better to have people complain about waiting an extra week or two then have them complaining that the whole show has gone downhill.

      One of the big problems with Volume 5 was pacing. We had Three Volumes to build up to the fall of Beacon, three volumes to put everything into context. What if in Volume 5 they had the girls go off on a side adventure in Haven that tied into Leo having the others killed and did some world building for Haven.

      They could have taken us through the Lower Levels which are supposed to be a famous den of crime and black market activity, they mentioned in in WoR, how cool would it have been to explore that? They could have maybe slipped another good fight with Tyrian in to show Yang Weiss and Ruby working together as a team again.

      Volume 5 could have had all that missing plot development and world building it was lacking and it could have ended with Blake rallying the Faunus in front of the ships to Haven. That would have caused Volume 5 to end on a high note with everyone excited, the reactions of the Fandom would be "OMG This! Is! Happening!"

      Then Volume 6 could have been the finale, tying everything together. Like, what if instead of Blake just showing up with an army of Faunus out of nowhere, she was in Haven leading them in a campaign to take back the White Fang, we could have followed that in a few episodes before the final showdown at Haven.

      Blake could learn about what's happening with the relics and maybe be forced to make a choice between ending Adam once and for all or focusing on helping her friends with the Relic. Whichever choice she'd make, it'd be an important piece of character development, and wouldn't have contradicted volumes of build up about Adam's significance as a threat.

      Team JNPR could have gone on a mission to secure evidence about the missing huntsman and uncovered to their shock and horror that Leo was behind it, BEFORE arriving at the academy. When they finally arrived they could focus on each individual fight scene more, instead of rushing everything while making characters stand around uselessly and cutting away from everything...

      Everything at the Shrine part was pretty much fine, same Cinder Fall ending, Yang gets the McGuffin, but everything else could have played out and been fleshed out so much better.

      See what I mean? Things could have been so much better if they just had better pacing and didn't try to rush the McGuffin and wrap everything about Haven up in a single Volume.

      The One Ring isn't what Lord of the Rings is actually about, if destroying the ring were all that mattered they could have just flown over a volcano with an eagle. A McGuffin is a Plot Device to propel characters forward on their own journey, it could be The Last Oreo it makes no difference, what's important is everything else.

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    • RT Binge Watching is broken, social media icons, short episodes w/ constant intros and credits, & exiting fullscreen each time make binge watching on RT a horrible experience

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      I have recently been re-watching Red vs Blue on Netflix. That is the single best way to watch it, because there are no interruptions, you just get nonstop high quality Red vs Blue action and it's great. Also I really felt Monty's influence in the season where Epsilon comes face to face with Church, I won't spoil anything but that was a very memorable moment with layers of depth to it that I did not expect from Red vs Blue.

      But now I'm trying to watch Volume 14 on RT, because it isn't on netflix, and do you know how hard that is?

      I have to deal with these damn social media buttons at the top of the videos, intros and credits on every video, and to make matters worse it exits full screen mode every time it changes to a new episode. This viewing format sucks, it's very inconvenient, and I've half a mind to clip all the episodes together with the credits and intros edited out and upload a torrent, because you guys suck at providing us with a quality viewing experience.

      Now before you get your panties in a bunch, I'm not saying I will torrent it, just that if I did your failure to be competitive would be partly to blame when every Red vs Blue fan worth their salt decided to watch it the more convenient way instead of your craptastic way.

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    • Why was Volume 5 one volume instead of two?

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      It strikes me that part of the problem with Volume 5 is that, even though large parts of it were just filler designed to waste everyone's time while the clock ran down, it also had too much going on to do justice in a single volume, and spent very little time on world building.

      Imagine if when Weiss Yang and Ruby were back together they had a sub plot in Haven where they had to gather information and got wrapped up in the goings on of the place. They could have given us a reason to care about Haven, and given us some reason to care about Haven Academy and what it represents to people.

      The final fight in Volume 5 may as well be taking place inside a Wal-Mart for all the reason we're given to care about it, it could have been so much more than that. Also it could have been much more animated and had much better animation direction and editing I mean why did it keep cutting from fights and showing characters just standing around when they're supposedly trying to kill eachother? But I digress, I'm getting ahead of myself.

      Imagine how much cooler it would have been if Blake rallying the troops had been the finale for Volume 5, after all that other stuff that should have been in it? We would have known at the end that she was headed to Haven, that they would all meet up there, the team would be getting back together in Volume 6. Huzzah. Despite some obvious problems with that episode, the raid on her family home was actually one of the better climaxes of the Volume, it was the perfect place to close off the season.

      Then in Volume 6, we could have actually seen the faunas on the move, more scenes involving the white fang and other world building side quest stuff could have been squeezed in, we could have possibly had some fun downtime moments that have been notably missing since Volume 2 (those moments are important because they add gravity to the more serious moments, that's why they're even in Code Geass, you wouldn't care about the school or any of Lelouche's so called friends without those more lite-spirited scenes at the academy).

      Then for the Finale, it could have been a more substantive confrontation over a few more chapters. Hazel's backstory sucks, but we could have seen him fight instead of awkwardly standing around, the Cinder Raven fight was awesome so no complaints there, AND they could have shown us Mercury and Hazel do some actual fighting, and made the whole scene with the White Fang and Adam more satisfying, because they would have had the time and resources to do it if it were in a whole other Volume. Everything wouldn't need to be rushed and corners cut.

      Speaking of Adam, it would have been nice if there had been like 15 more White Fang there, and if Adam had at least killed the goat dude or something, gotten a good scrape in with Blake, and maybe got Ice Cloned and Stabbed through the arm or something before running off into the woods. We'd already have more context for the Faunas suddenly arriving, because we'd have seen them loading moving and landing, so it wouldn't be so uncanny for them to all just suddenly be there. Also, at least one member of the White Fang could have spotted them and gotten knocked out or something before warning, that would have made their arrival feel more believable. Adding to that, if Adam got a little killy on a few faunas and said something about siding siding "with us or them" and the White Fang ended up being shaken or divided instead of all blindly firing in unison like bots in a videogame, that would have been great.

      Oh yeah Ruby should have had more action and done more in the final episodes than rotating awkwardly and doing a headbutt.

      I criticize out of love, I want to see the show become better not worse. I am genuinely concerned about it's future after Volume 5.

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    • Rooster Teeth Sucks

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      Now just to be clear, I'm not saying their shows suck, just Rooster Teeth itself. Mainly their website, not even Rooster Teeth, that title may be a little Click Baity but, look guys, this website is a hot mess. It's actually more convenient to watch a volume on Youtube than on RT First, do you know how sad that is?

      You know what's fun? Watching RWBY, or Red vs Blue, or whatever else you're into?

      You know what's not fun? Having social media buttons on your screen while you're watching it, having to deal with 5 minute episodes with intros and credits and other crap every time if you try to binge watch anything, and having to constantly get up to re-maximize your window because RT exits full screen mode every time it plays a new video.

      You know what else isn't fun? Watching characters stand around filling up screen time when they're supposed to be fighting. Volume 5 of RWBY was awesome in a lot of ways but it was also just awful in a lot of ways, and most of those ways involve characters just standing around spouting pointless exposition breaking the Show don't Tell rule.

      You know what isn't engaging? When you're hardly shown anything about a place and you're expected to care what happens to it, with nothing that provides any context to make you care. I'm talking about Haven, World of Remnant made it sound so cool and Rooster Teeth was in such a hurry to just end the Volume with as little animation as possible that they never even showed us the lower levels.

      And did RT sabotage the ending of RWBY by diverting resources to the new Outcast in the Oasis show (or whatever it's called) because it's a cool show, I really like it don't get me wrong, but if this is how Rooster Teeth is going to treat one of it's most popular shows five Volumes in why would I want to become invested in a new one?

      So seriously, Rooster Teeth I love your shows, but your website sucks and I have concerns about the future of RWBY because of the way you guys botched Volume 5.

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    • Volume 5 Good but Disappointing

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      I really like RWBY and I enjoyed Volume 5 but it has a lot of problems. There was a lot of good stuff in Volume 5, but the problems weighing it down are significant, and since a lot of people are happy to heap nothing but Praise on it and since I paid money to see it on Rooster Teeth first and want what's best for the series I'd like to highlight what to me are the biggest problems right now with RWBY.

      The #1 Problem would definitely have to be the Choreography and Pacing of characters and their movements and reactions during scenes. This was way off in Volume 5, it all felt very unnatural and clunky.

      I kept expecting Ruby to do something but she just stood there rotating in place, why? Did they just not know what to do with her? Did they just not have the animation budget or schedule?

      Why did all the villains gather up and just stand around together during a big fight?

      What's with a big Faunis army just showing up out of the blue with no indication to signal that they were arriving? Yeah I know the troops were rallied and all that but the way they're introduced onto the scene just seems so ham fisted, like some admin in a videogame just spawned a bunch of crap in the middle of town. I can give it a pass because they're faunis, and because police do launch surprise raids, but still.

      What's with the way all of the White Fang are synchronized in pausing and showing hesitation then like someone flipped an aggro switch on a bunch of mobs all immediently start firing?

      There were delayed reactions throughout the season. The pregnant pauses were bad enough but when a gasp reaction is delayed for villains to enter together and make cool poses it's almost like one of those youtube parody videos. Timing way off this season for all sorts of things especially any time a character is about to react to just about anything, watch for it, there will almost always be something really off about it.

      A big part of what took me out of the season was the way characters would delay reactions until after animation sequences, or be idle then initiate animation sequences, it was almost like watching a videogame.

      The problem with bad Choreography even crops up in the intro video, I'm not dissing the intro in general the song is great and there's a lot of cool stuff about the intro but there is a major dissonance between the lyrics and the images especially around where Nora drops down and points at the screen, adorable but the lyrics are something like "hopeless and no way to win" and here we are having a kawaii moment.

      The Timing is off for just about everything, characters just idle around a lot, problems with the way characters idle between animations and the way animations are queued up make the show less fluid and more videogame like than in previous seasons (clipping issues aside). Sometimes it's like both sides of a conversation were recorded and animated in completely different buildings and just cobbled together with no editing.

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    • Everything Wrong with the Volume 5 Intro

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      0:20 Seconds in - Ok, this is different. Not bad, just different.

      At 0:25 seconds - The Lyrics do not match what I am seeing, Nora looks adorable!

      At 0:28 - Qrow be like "Srsly? What were the animators thinking"

      Up to second 0:30 - Ok this is getting awkward.

      Around Second 0:35 - Ok that's kind of cool

      Second 0:38 - I legit laugh out loud at Arthur, especially when he scowled to the lyrics.

      At 0:45 - People be just standing in places.

      At 0:47 - Ok kind of cool but I suspect animators are being lazy

      At 0:56 - Hey that was awesome, and then everything is great until...

      1:21 - Are you kidding me? Giant Salem just made Salem less cool.

      Volume 5 Intro

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    • RWBY Volume 5 has a Clunkiness Problem

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      Volume 5 is awesome and everything, but is it just me or does the reaction time of characters and the way they transition between things seem a bit off?

      Like, there will often be an Awkward Pause before saying or doing something that feels unnatural. Things are less fluid, and feel less organic, than in the previous seasons.

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    • Roman Torchwick is Back - I'm Calling It

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      Hey guys. Let's discuss.
      Roman Torchwick, does he have a semblance? I think so. I think he has good luck as a semblance.
      Consider how he just rolled out of that mecha completely unhurt, dusted his jacket, and got away.
      Consider how the only time he got caught, he wanted to be caught.
      Consider how he was just pushing buttons on an airship, with no clue what they did, and managed to deploy an army of robots, and destroy an enemy ship... AND INITIATE THE SELF DESTRUCT!

      But then he got eaten by a Grimm. Roman Torchwick's luck finally ran out.
      Or Did It? Ruby saw him "Die", but is he really dead? Considering his luck so far, I doubt it.

      Consider that he was swallowed whole, not torn, not clawed, not chewed, just simply swallowed whole, left perfectly intact inside the gullet of the beast that Ruby kicked into an exploding airship.

      Wouldn't it just be the perfect luck of a scoundrel if the Grimm shielded Roman Torchwick from the explosion, as the explosion destroyed the Grimm? Now he can disappear into the underworld, job done, a witness to his supposed death, and no one motivated to ask questions.

      What better opportunity to scurry away back into the clubs and back alleys where he's always wanted to be, finally out from under the thumb of Cinder?

      So I'm calling it, he's alive, and he'll probably be in Season 5.

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