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    • VertigoX

      Busy summer ahead, Art show and so much more.

      4 months ago

      Rather large wall of text as to what's been happening with me this past month since my last update.

      Between school semester ending in a week... multiple projects ahead and a few exams, it really doesn't bother me as much as it did last semester.

      Five classes completed, eight more to go I think... But, my cumulative average should go up to 80% overall which is good.

      There's been a few things happening with me lately, more along the documentary aspects of film making.

      1) I'm helping create a documentary that will tie in with an education graduate student's thesis defense. All interviews have been recorded and there is over 36 hours to go through and edit down to a 45-60 minute film. It should be entertaining and it was very informative. Currently it has no title..

      Anything you can think of might spark the title.

      2) If you haven't heard of The Birder it's a Canadian made film with stars like Graham Greene (Defiance) , Fred Willard (American Pie) and Tom Cavanagh (The Flash).. I'll be doing video work and interviews for their upcoming DVD Release party in Windsor, Ontario. Which will be awesome because it's a great film, funny cast and it will be a fun time had by all. More information to follow on that, plus it'll be the first time you can get the official DVD at an incredible price! But that's all I can say about that...

      3) As an added bonus, I'll be interning on my first Feature Film for his upcoming Psychological Thriller, yet to be named. Finally, I get to work on a production from start to finish including many other roles. This is something I've been looking forward since I started university. It should be a blast and a lot of hard work but I know I'm up for the challenge.

      4) It's my third year... going into my fourth year at University... time files man.. and it's been one heck of a ride. Being in Visual Arts / Communication, Media and Film I had yet to do my own Art Show.

      I can check that off the list because I did my first Group show called: "Mens sana in corpore sano" latiningly translated into "Sound Mind in Sound Body" with two others Chelsea and Nic both are Sculpturists in 3D Printing and Traditional methods. It was a lot of work and the reception was great getting about 20 - 30 people coming through the show on the final showing Friday.

      The photo series is titled Objectivity dealing with myself as the model and reversing the male gaze on female modeling and it's absurdity as a model.

      That's about it for now... more to come later :)

    • VertigoX

      Ode to Monty

      6 months ago

      I was never fortunate enough to meet him. But, I was always impressed with his abilities and models. His tireless work ethic and the ability to make something spectacular out of a bunch of 1's and 0's.

      The first time I heard about Monty was through his YouTube video of Samus vs. Master Chief and after that I was instantly hooked on his work and style. Many other videos followed and when it was announced that he was joining RT, I was ecstatic.

      Two seasons of RWBY and many Seasons of RVB from Season 8 on we saw what truly made our community have the world take notice once again.

      Thoughts with everyone at RT, Monty's wife and his family as well.

      Be happy up there and until we meet for the first time, Monty.

    • VertigoX

      The time's they are a changning... RT & Fullscreen/AT&T partnership

      9 months ago

      It's amazing how the terms Partner and Acquired are used in great detail when it comes to mergers.

      I've been with this site for ten years now and I'll continue to be with this site because I believe in this community and RT as a whole. It's not like they are going to change their name, brand, personnel because of this new partner...

      The content that we know and love will still be there more so now than ever and as long as RT are still the amazing creative bunch that we all know and the community is still with them, even after this announcement. We will all be there to witness amazing things.

      Other than that, let the good times continue to kick ass and take names. May it be in whatever order it chooses.

      Here's to another ten years or so!

    • VertigoX

      Feel like I'm drowning in School

      11 months ago

      Do you ever get that feeling that you're drowning? In a metaphysical sense, not actual... but sometimes I really don't know.

      This year at University feels just like that to me. No matter how organized I feel like I am, I really don't feel like I'm organized at all. I know, it doesn't make sense but, that's how it feels.

      Between the heavy production courses, Theory heavy Communication class, a speech class, Photography class where we haven't even taken a single photo but are preparing to have a final presentation with a different medium (I'm getting a Photo Book printed at Lulu).

      I'm just not feeling very organized. On top of all that financially, that's at the forefront of my mind. I won't go into details, but I'm dealing with it somehow, as long as the University cooperates.

      Add to all this a Strike at the University, the fear of not knowing if we are or not... Mid Terms coming up.... I just haven't had time to mentally decompress from last year and this summer...

      Now, I'm thinking of getting into a Masters program or going to the US or Overseas for Film...

      Just too much going on

    • VertigoX

      401 Sunsut Producer, TedXUofW Speaking? and more

      11 months ago

      Hey All,

      School has been kicking my butt lately so I need to take the time to sort out my thoughts and thus I am here. Sharing is caring right?

      smiley9.gif Let's start out with the easy stuff that is tangible first. My role as an organized person, thanks to my twenty-ish years in IT has landed me the role of Producer on a local cable access show run by University of Windsor called: "401 Sunset" (That's the address of the street the University is on)

      It's my job to herd the cats, I mean crew smiley1.gif into staying on track to get not only their segments created but also the show created on time... What was once a news based show, is now being turned into a Conan/Jimmy Fallon inspired show with live bands/comedians and other locally awesome guests.

      It's production heavy and we all have to get our own segments, edit them and get them in on time, on a weekly basis.

      Really, I'm doing this for the experience, the fun and adding another aspect to my skillsets that I can and will use to get me a job in any industry I choose (I really want to work at Roosterteeth. No really I do. I need warm weather and a break from the Canadian cold)

      smiley9.gif If you have never heard of Ted Talks, then you really have been living under a rock. They are a bunch of videos by inspirational people talking about a variety of subjects. Some are funny, others serious. Many have changed the lives of people based on the tragedy and triumphs of those that have the courage to speak up.

      This has since spawned locally run TedX conferences around the world. Now, there is one coming to our University.

      I have applied to it and realistically, it would be a huge opportunity to sum up the creativity that I have been fortunate enough to interact with (not only on this site, but also TGT and the documentaries I am currently finishing).

      smiley9.gif Teaching Assistant for another Semester in Capturing without Borders (digital photography focusing on Visually Appealing Art, not just photos for the sake of taking photos).

      I've been a Teaching Assistant for the past two years now and a Work Study person as well for the same amount of time. It just seems to come with whatever job I take. I feel that it's an extension of being in IT, but without people breaking computers.

      I try to bring a different point of view to this, but with a calmer approach and outlook to things. I remember I had one person say, "You know I feel that it would take a lot to get you angry"... I replied: "I mean I'm not going to say that I'm The Hulk... But, you've never seen us in the same room together"

      I thought it was funny.... smiley0.gif

      smiley9.gif Classes that I'm taking so far are:

      smiley11.gif Speech to Inform, because everyone can use the ability to speak in front of a group or crowd at least once in their life. It builds your confidence up and allows you to get comfortable speaking in general, even if you have a fear of it. I used to have this fear, but since doing TGT, I have since lost that aspect.

      smiley11.gif Digital Photography: Sequence and Context. An extension into the world of Photography but with the aspect of Visual Art at the foreground rather than the background. I have a photo series I will be creating that should be interesting and of course I'll ask your opinions on it when it becomes available.

      I'll talk about the rest another day. That and I'm tired tonight. See you all tomorrow

    • VertigoX

      My Roosterteeth 10th Anniversary (soon)

      11 months ago

      Everytime I sign into my account, I occasionally look over at the "Signed Up:" section below my awesome image that @Elnea created for me way back at RVBTO 1... (Yes, I still totally have it... and yes it still cracks me up everytime.)

      But, it shows that on October 7, 2015 I will have been signed up with Roosterteeth for a decade.

      Let me frame that for you all... That's ten years of my life, I have been with such an amazing community. I have laughed, cried, been shocked and stunned by Red vs. Blue, but the growth of such an amazing community.

      I have met lifelong friends through this site and seen others come and gone... Yet, it's the people that keep us coming back.

      I want to do something for my 10th year on this site. But, I want to make it into a Q&A video to post on here and of course on Two Geeks Talking

      Here's how we'll do this, post your questions in the comments section below:

      If you are reading this on Twitter, Facebook or on this site, just ask your question in that respective site (I check them all anyhow).

      I'm opening the floor to you.

      Ask your Questions of me: My thoughts on RVB, Roosterteeth, RVBTO, myself, the TGT site, interviews I've been a part of or done. Anything that comes to mind.

      I can't want to see what you come up with smiley12.gifsmiley0.gif

    • VertigoX

      Fan Expo Canada Recap and Directing a Short Film

      11 months ago

      Well Fan Expo Canada was a blast! The 20th Anniversary didn't disappoint and it was way better than last year. I was able to get to a few panels as well between Japanese Vegeta, Showcase and Lost Girl they were all amazing.

      Interview wise one of the highlights for me was Jill Thompson. She was one of my first interviews back in 2010 when I first started Video Interviews. Truly it was wonderful seeing her again after all these years in passing.

      Celebrity Cosplayer Jessica Nigri was an accommodating and such a down to earth person that hasn't let being a celebrity cosplayer go to her head. While initially another Non-Press group of video jackholes stole my interview, the handler corrected the issue and I was able to talk with her.

      I also talked with Neal Adams and we had a good conversation compared to last year.

      You can find that interview here:

      There were some issues at the convention though.
      1) Wifi was brutal as usual.
      2) Data was not working in certain areas of the convention.
      3) Texting either was non-existent in certain areas.
      4) Phone calls as well were constantly being disconnected...
      5) Saturday crowds were still Packed in Sardines / Balls crazy. I lived in North Building only because I had panels to go to... but, I couldn't leave to get anything to eat...

      Little Person amongst Media Giants Documentary.
      I believe that I have completed all the necessary filming I need in order to start the process of compiling all the interviews together. Then I can start on the editing process. I'm going to have to make a transcript of the interviews that I've done and start to piece it altogether.

      I need a few writers for Two Geeks Talking site
      My amazing intern Sarah summer internship was completed once Fan Expo Canada finished. She did originally want to continue but, with the way Fan Expo went for her, she wants to go into more political / real world events for journalism. Not to say she won't be back, but for now her time has come to an end.

      Which means I need Writers that would like to write about anything in the Entertainment industries of Comics, TV/Film, Music and Video Games. Whether it is reviews, Text-based interviews or opinion pieces, I could use your passion.

      Message below or you can email [email protected] with the Subject of "Writer" and I'll get back to you.

    • VertigoX

      Fan Expo Canada!

      1 year ago

      Well, it is fast approaching. I'll be wandering both the North and South buildings doing interviews and interacting with the masses. This time I'll be going with Sarah (a new intern on the site and Journalist), Jeannie (long time friend and Journalist new to TGT but also loves Dr. Who and all things Comics), CoderMike will be doing his thing attending panels and doing more video work as the convention goes on.

      Myself, I'll be attending a few panels more than interviewing this time around. I'm gathering footage from the convention to finally finish up "Little Person amongst Media Giants" Documentary film that I've been working on since 2012/3.

      There have been a ton of interviews created and more so since I've been using these questions during every one of my interviews since last year's Fan Expo Canada. So much footage to go through....

      That being said, once it is completed I will be submitting it to festivals and to be honest, I would love to see the film being played at RVB Events as well... maybe some that I could actually attend as a guest :) I mean it would be cool to do a bit of traveling.

    • VertigoX

      Happy Birthday to TGT, Tournament #6, Fan Expo Canada!

      1 year ago

      Happy Birthday to TGT

      Well, another year has gone by for my show Two Geeks Talking and we just celebrated my sixth year doing this. I'm currently recalculating all interviews done, including video interviews from Comic Conventions like C2E2, Fan Expo Canada, Motor City Comic Con, Kids Read Comics and more... But, I'm only one person, so it will take a while.

      That being said, I believe that I'm in the 700+ range, if not I'm close or I could be far past that.

      With a new theme on the site, I have to recreate a lot of images and content that I didn't have to deal with before. It's allowing me to organize and clear out clutter... Now, if only cleaning my place was that simple...

      TGT Tournament #6 <- Click here for Round 1

      As a bonus, as I do every year, I hold the TGT Tournament where the past 50-ish episodes battle it out for glory, prizes, a Comic Cookbook and the ability to come back on the show and talk more about themselves.

      It's showcases many amazing people that either have been forgotten because of the archive or the short attention spans we all have... oh.. shiny.... But, self-promotion is the main reason either way. Plus, I love a good Tournament.

      FAN EXPO CANADA 20th Anniversary!

      August is also my month where I go on one major trip and that's usually up the Highway to Toronto for Fan Expo Canada... This year, I'm taking the Train, it's just so much easier. Coder Mike will be going with me as always.

      This year I'm bringing along two Journalists that are currently writing for the site. Jeannie, a long time friend/comic nerd/geek / Doctor Who fan has written a few great articles so far... Like about The 8 incarnations of Batmen

      My other friend Sarah goes to University with me and is a CMF/Journalist that loves Anime, Comics and I'm trying to get her to watch Red vs. Blue but no luck so far.

      It's always stressful for me, waiting for the acknowledgement of a comic convention. I've been denied before... (Looking at you C2E2 2014)... But, Fan Expo has been gracious in acknowledging what I have been working on for these many years. So, HUGE thanks to them.

      I'll leave it at this all for now. Enjoy and remember to vote hourly this coming week in the TGT Tournament.

    • VertigoX

      Geek Culture is too much for Art festivals

      1 year ago

      If you didn't know this already, I'm a Geek. I've been with Roosterteeth for almost 10 years. I've had my own slice of the Internet with my show Two Geeks Talking since 2008 and 700+ Interviews later I'm still going strong (Our 6th Anniversary is on August 8th)...

      But, recently I did my very first outdoor art show. It was a learning experience to be sure. Here's the highlights:

      1) Even when raining and not as well promoted as I thought, over 400 people came out on Saturday.
      2) Because I've gone to Comic Conventions, I'm used to hearing pitches about Products and all of that... Compared to the Traditional artists that I was surrounded by (except for a few) while they were all friendly, they didn't really engage the people that were looking.
      3) I need to learn to price my stuff accordingly... Working on that.
      4) Finding a pitch that you like on the first day and changing it up slightly on the second keeps things fresh.
      5) I sold 1 Adventure Time Marcelline the Vampire shot glass... and 20 Comic Cookbooks. Not too bad for a beginner.

      Finally, the key aspect about Geek Culture vs. Traditional Art World.

      About a few hours before the show was going to end on Sunday, a fellow artist (she's a Jewelry maker or whatever, it didn't interest me compared to the Artists that were there) came to my booth and said the following:

      Her: "Do you want to be an Artist?"

      Me: Well yes, I want to be a film maker, I'm still finding my style of art.

      Her: Well then you should be more professional or wear a plain shirt. When I saw that I just had to come over and say something about it.

      Me: Well, I come from a geeky and pop culture that has fun with this type of thing. If I had a chance of clothes I would gladly change. Next time I'll be happy to do that.

      Needless to say, she was right, but still it pissed me off and soured my mood for about 10 minutes. Then I said, screw it. I continued to pitch my pitches and made more sales than the first day.

      Want to know what shirt I was wearing?


      I completely understand the need for professionalism in any setting, but in my first Art show, let me learn from my mistakes and plan better for the future. Oh, let me have my fun as well.

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