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    • Hitchin' a ride home...

      14 years ago


      So it's now i guess, still hasn't hit me that I am going home, even with the ticket in my hand, the money to change over to Aussie dollars, the suitcase backed (er mostly) but in a few hours I am heading out to the airport so yea.

      About the last post:

      Thanks for those who actaully read it, didn't mean to sound like I was preaching or anything, just things I have learnt and I hope that people might be able to learn from it, i think some people knew what i meant

      Also no one seems to know the title! so second one is a bigger hint

      gah going home, it feels strange even just saying it, cause now i have been away so long, even though sometimes it has felt short it's been some time

      anyway got a couple of new pictures for your viewing, some stuff, no picture of myself, i have noticed a lot of people have their own pictures on here, not that I am shy or paranoid, aside from not being photogenic I can't be F'ed, no one wants to see it anyway, i have some terrible pictures :D

      instead look at the cool pick of Kael! have to remember to credit Josh Davis for drawing it

      oh and


    • Homecoming of St Jimmy

      14 years ago


      If you know where the title is from then i commend you!

      2 days, got to pack tomorrow, it's time to head home. Been a pretty wild ride, and not partywise just personally. Aside from being totally alone for 6 months, and having to work at various jobs to choose what i want to do for a living, it's also given me time to think.

      Here is what I found out:

      I don't want to be alone anymore... it sucks, when you REALLY are alone. I am not talking about that little depression spell when you tell yourself your alone, thats not really true, I mean not being able to communicate with anyone, not having any friends in the country you are in. THAT kind of alone sucks like hell, if you ever travel, take a friend, take girlfriend, boyfriend any friend, it will make it more worth while

      I give up too easy sometimes. Life is hard, we all know that, but sometimes I just simply give up when really all I need to do is keep at it. Don't say it's too hard, cause sometimes it seems like it is and it's not.

      I want to move forward. Don't want to stay in the same place, as much as I love coming home, and it will be good to see everyone again, in Reality I have lost a year and a half, not of life, of moving forwards, as much as this has benifited me, and the year in Uni did too, I need to push on ahead now.

      Need to keep real friends. There are a lot of people I call friend, but really I have few real friends. I have plenty of people to drink with, talk to, laugh and go out and all, even game with I have quite a few, but REAL friends who I can trust are not only hard to find but I need to not lose them.

      I'm not gonna share anymore, I doubt people have read it anyway, cause everyone has their own outlook on life, they have their own lessons they have learnt, and still have to learn, I know I still have a lot to learn about everything.

      Find your own path, and follow it as far as you can, follow it no matter what, so far I have walked my path, and it has changed direction many times, sometimes alone, sometimes with another, sometimes with other people, but it is forever changing for me, my goal is to find that unchanging path and follow it, but I am still looking

    • To game or Not to game?

      14 years ago


      Well World Of Warcraft is sure getting really annoying now that the normal downtime on tuesdays has gone pretty much to 6 hours... Kinda stupid if you ask me.

      Also another annoying thing is that they take down all the servers at once, surely even though it would take them a little longer on their side but they could keep us happy by only taking down half at a time. Oh sure Orgrimmar is laggy enough, and Iron Forge would be impossible too, but it's better than not playing thats for damm sure.

      Another thing I am ressurecting my dead PC, the lappy is great but really it's for work. So now I am basically looking to rebuild the ol' girl for a gaming rig and she will be brand spanking new again.

      Tossing up over vid cards right now, and if I should get them here in Hong Kong or just wait, other than that i also might have to toss up on a new mobo and processor combo, RAM is easy and so is HDD space.

      Anyway I might actually play Halo 2 on live again, now that I'm out of WoW

    • Holy Smokes Batman

      14 years ago


      Post about how awesome the new Batman movie is + 1

      finally got to see it, I can't say much more about it that other people in countless journals have already said but it is AWESOME go see it.

      much better character, much cooler gadgets much cooler everything, how he fights, moves around.. finally some stealth.

      it's all good go see it, if you liked the old movies... you should be shot... oh and you won't like this one probibly

    • Return of Hong Kong

      14 years ago


      well I have to say things could have gone better today...

      1) pulled an all nighter cause I couldn't sleep... which means i got the worst sleep ever on the plane

      2) immigration is a bitch... i don't care what country your in

      3) got in a taxi at the airport, and although HK taxis are a billion times better than Shanghai taxis... he took me to the wrong place

      4) because of this i had to walk with 3 heavy bags (to give you an idea, one had a Xbox and a PS2...) vitually across the town centre to home

      5) got home and had to fix the internet

      6) fixed it and then discovered that the phone company has disconnected the land line

      7) i have no credit on my mobile, it it won't even accept incoming calls... which is dumb

      8) i have a fully charged card but someone has thrown it out

      9) i got a mobile chip but only having to make 2 round trips from home cause i forgot i took the little shitty change of chinese money and not HK

      10) it's 32 degrees C... not hot by aussie standards but it is not dry here, it is VERY humid

      so yea... my day was great.. how about you?

    • Flying

      14 years ago


      You know what's strange, I just can't sleep right now. I have to fly to Hong Kong midday today, but i just can't seem to sleep, I am sure I have everything packed... I dunno, probibly paranoid...

      Planes can seriously suck, you can never sleep on them and in all reality there is NOTHING to do on them, really, reminds me i should charge my MP3 player, and my Advance SP... not like i have that many good games for it though.

      Anyway, hopefully I'll get to HK soon, I predict much drinking, probibly to the point where I am wasted enough to play Halo or something and actually kick some ass on Xbox live again (drunk halo always makes you that much better.. it's a tested theory)

      just saw the new star wars movie... I have to say I was a little dissapointed... yea it wasn't like the last 2, yea it explains how Vader was created (though I think Padme's dialouge alone would have done that) I dunno... Grevious was a wuss compared to the cartoon and some things wern't quite right... but Yoda kicked some ass, that was undoubtedly cool

      I rewatched Hero again.. I really have great hope for this kind of cinema.. loved it again, the fight scenes were just excellent

      I have a few DVDs, i might watch them and pull an all nighter... which may allow me to sleep on the plane.. dunno if it is a good idea or not... likely not

      anyway next post from HK!

    • The Joys of Travel

      14 years ago


      errr, ok well it's been have a year since i have even logged on here. Basically to put it straight forward I have been pretty busy.

      Basically i decided to change my Uni course.. now some people who know what I was doing before (game design) might think I am crazy. But i will tell you now, I can't 3D animate and I am a terrible Programmer (my major) also there were just things I decided wern't for me.

      So what was next? bascially I didn't know that either, so instead of foolishly rushing into something stupid I decided to go overseas. Right now I am posting from Shanghai in China. Tomorrow is my last day at work at the Shanghai Daily. Yep a newspaper. Well i have re-enrolled to do Creative Writing and Journalisim in University so I will be back soon. But it has taken a while and traveling around really makes your realise a lot about your own life

      If you ever travel, do it with a friend. I wish I did, but I didn't. It gave me a lot of time to look internally at myself and wonder what I have been doing up until now. I have to say all in all it has been a good time and I think I can say I have grown a little. Living by yourself can suck, I wish I had a cat or something, but it teaches you some things.

      Like just how many friends back at home I really had. When I was much younger I would get spasms of depression, i thought i was alone and that i had no one to turn to, but really that is bullshit, it always was, because now I HAVE been alone and I can tell you it's not the same. I don't care too much about being alone, I don't care too much about having to have OMG!!11one5 girlfriend... no I am not gay but at the same time I am not that desperate for attention. In the end I learnt that I do have people to go back to, share stories and drink my freaking nut off, so when I get home that's probibly the first thing I will do.

      ok so this post is now some kind of cronic introspective self Zen type dealie, well do I have news for you! time to give you some lovely things that will happen to you in China (and this is by no way all of them)

      a taxi that drove me home one night was held together by duct tape... no really

      or the fact that cars can drive on the footpath and padestrians are expected to get out of the way

      or how 90% of the shanghai population has either a scooter, bike or 'electric bike'

      or how that ball of meat is probibly the cat you thought it was

      or how the TV will just go compleatly blank when a story comes up that 'may be unaccpetedable' (example of this is CNN, when there was a story about a chinese transexual)

      or how there is only one road rule in china 'if you didn't hit it, it's ok, but if you did, if you can drive away fast enough it's also ok'

      or how a lot of cars simply do not have license plates

      or how there are cars for special goverment officals... even though it's supposed to be communisim, where everyone is equal, they have special horns that allow them to
      - go through red lights
      -drive of the opposite side of the road
      -do a U turn anywhere they like
      -go the opposite way down a one way street

      and people are all expected to move out of the way, effectively this has lead to the nickname by myself and my colleges as the 'get the fuck out of my way peon' horn

      or how no one in mcdonalds knows any english

      or how every 5 metres in someplaces as a westener someone will offer you a rolex... regaurdless if you have a watch or even a real rolex

      same applies to adidas shoes

      there are 'beggers' at night that use children to ask you for money, they will physically grab you

      other people who will grab you are store people when they see you looking in another store, one actually tryed to physically muscle me into his store

      i could have killed him, but i would probibly be deported

      if a chinese person had of killed him, he would be executed

      unless he was in a Taxi then if he dosn't get away he just has to pay a fine

      or how chinese newspapers like Xinhua actually don't have any information in them whatsoever, they consist of words that make long senetences repeating themselves over for paragraphs of end

      or how there are these guys on a street with a whistle that tell you when you can cross the road, regaurdless of if you can read the green light

      one of these people i have seen physically push someone off a bike because they wern't 'behind the line'

      if you are a westerner walking into a building guards will not question if you work there because they don't know how to ask you

      in goverment buildings however i am sure they will just shoot me instead of ask

      if i was a terrorist many chinese buildings would have blown up by now

      in the case of buying things, you can bargin them down to a hell of a lot cheaper than what they say, since even the bargined price is probibly 100 times what they paid to get it

      in the case of the interent, when they say 'it's not possible to get that kind of connection' it really is, it's just that your not chinese

      chinese will continue to talk to you in straight mandirin, even if you have tried telling them you speak chinese, they hope for an enlightening moment when you will suddenly understand what they are talking about

      don't eat from street vendors, even that meatball might not be cat

      real chinese food is actually rarely fried, unlike what they sell overseas which is ALWAYS fried

      there are english songs occasionally on the radio, and chinese will sing to it, even if they have no idea what the words are

      the indian resturant that has waitresses with the dot on their head are actually chinese, the only indian guys are the owners or the cooks

      most chinese go bright red when they drink

      hand signals that you use in every other country that everyone understands, seem to have the opposite meaning in china

      and THERE you go! China! w00t

      - Verty

    • conversions of the money!!!!1111one...Z

      14 years ago


      if you missed it in my last comment about the conversion of currency, here it is.

      $1 US is about $0.70 AUS give or take,

      converted $110 AUS is about $85.25 US, for broadband when i was in Australia

      now i am getting broadband that is 4 times faster for $60 AUS which is around $46.5 US

      so you can work it out that Australia is jiped for broadband

    • laptops ahoy

      14 years ago


      well, i got the new laptop now, VERY happy, much better than my old system actually, and i am happy to have it. hell broadband will be installed on tuesday, and it's damm good too. compared to Australia. hell the fasted i could get there was 1500kbps/512kbps.. at $110 AUS, now i am getting 6MPS/600KBPS at around $60 AUS... gotta love it

      should be on live soon that means, but i am applying for a few jobs, hope to get one

      should be fun


    • bwah..

      14 years ago


      Ok, slight hiatus, i know, but things got busy by the end of the year, and then again when i finished this year of uni i just wanted time off, hell i havn't even been on msn much either.

      More recently though, i am now in Hong Kong, yea, a bit of a move, but i thought i would take a gap year off uni and just try and work here for a while, dad is here so that makes things a little bit easier. i am actually at work atm trying to get a resume together, keep tabs on the website i am supposed to look after and do some other jobs that will keep me preoccupied for now.

      i am getting a Laptop on Sunday, which is pretty damm cool, i could lug my desktop here and the laptop i am gettting is better than the damm desktop anyway.

      shout outs to my roommates and Rek who has moved somewhere else in brisse, i should get broadband for dads place every soon (and wireless stuff at that too!) so i should be online at home a little bit as well, i will be at least able to talk to old friends again.

      also that means i will be able to get back into Xbox Live, since i was at my parents home for a little holiday and they only have dial up i have been off it for a little while. anyway i should be able to play again

      my GamerTag is Qiankun, you can catch me on from time to time, i'll talk to Rek and everyone i normally play on so we might orgaize something... maybe

      anyway i need a job here as well, going for a tech job that deals with networking maybe, but the first one i am looking at is a cadet journalist at the SCMP, maybe, maybe not, but hey, worth a shot. wanted to be a writer/designer, so that would be cool

      anyway cya guys round


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    • OneL

      14 years ago

      Merry Christmas!

    • OneL

      14 years ago

      We'll have to get together on XBL and play a little Halo2.

    • drinkdecaf

      14 years ago

      Ditto, Happy Halloween.

    • ecurb

      14 years ago

      HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! ^_^

    • WildYam

      14 years ago

      I learned that in his early 50's, Verty was a man of many different talents. One of which was the Voodoo Sacking. Voodoo Sacking was and extreme triathlon-styled sport in which one would boil chicken, ride the seven necked unicorn and play proverbial slip-and-slide (via twelve international locations) all within the space of ten decimetres. The sport was cancelled shortly after the first race commenced, thus leaving a broken Verty, stuck, struggling whilst boiling chicken with no-where to turn... All this and more next episode.

    • Verty

      14 years ago

      i prefer to call you people, "minions of evil" that way you won't be so shocked when i recruit you to take over the world

      kind of a "easing in" thing, but if you want to use the term friend then go ahead :P

    • chi_coo

      14 years ago

      o hello "friend"..

    • Verty

      14 years ago

      yea, i noticed that, so now i am going to use this Garra Avitar, probibly suits my tast for Red a bit more too

    • joehumanity

      14 years ago

      look at all the people with Leo avatars...

    • JJK

      14 years ago

      when u say u used to know a guy from school that looked like me are u talking about my rugged good looks

    • rideZero

      14 years ago

      yes you did!!! i was there!!!!

    • Verty

      14 years ago

      lol thats not true and you know it!

      i have no idea where these things spring from, especially when i didn't even say anything like that :P

    • Lixie

      14 years ago

      MEEEEEEEEEEP you like hentai! ; )

    • joehumanity

      14 years ago

      Xboxicle! cos, y'know, it's a crystal Xbox, which is a bit like ice, and, y'know, icicle. Erm, plus it looks a bit like testicle, and that's always funny. Damn, I'm losing my edge.

      You could call it an amalgamation of all the consoles. Like Gamebox Station 2. SP.

    • Verty

      14 years ago

      well the competion is still open at the moment, i keep the updated list of the top names i think people have come up with so far, and i have seen some pretty cool names, i keep updating them in the topic, but i also keep them updated in my Journal, i get the Xbox on thursday (if all goes well) and it's a Crysal Xbox (which someone thought of a good name because it was crystal). the comp is still open, i will close it when i go to get the Xbox and announce a winner then

      untill then the name is still up for grabs :D

    • OneL

      14 years ago

      Have you come up with a name for your box yet? You could just name it The Box.

    • Verty

      14 years ago

      well, actually thats not true, i only recently started to really work and get some money up, i have managed to play a lot of games thanks to Rek, since he had all of em pretty much. but as i said i am getting my own Xbox this thursday so thats starting to change. it's good to get a job and be paid, but i know too well what it's like not having money for anything

      yes, the Rat Flail! at least one person picked it up

    • Crash

      14 years ago

      I must say that your lists of movies and games are just a tad more extensive than mine. Though I suppose you, unlike myself, actually have money to go and do such things.

      I also like your avvy. Behold! I have made a rat flail!

    • Paulrus

      14 years ago

      Be logged in when season three is released, lets see how many people we can get online at that time. Spread the word, ps. it is getting released either between 8am - 10 am, or 8pm - 10pm eastern on monday, cant remember which it was, so just sign in between those times

    • Verty

      14 years ago

      Yes AppleTamer and I were on quite a roll, until they cought us. we managed to counter sue in court saying that some poor university somewhere gave us our PhDs and that we had to pay them. we won the lawsuit, however we decided to part ways after AppleTamer became a Manager.. or something to Rek, where i think he was trying to launder money through Reks personal account

      ahh the good ol' days

    • AppleTamer

      14 years ago

      Verty traveled the globe selling elixers and other "cure-all" medications. It was a fun novelty act. Espically because you can make lots of cash by yelling out that you can cure STDs. If they end up refusing your offer, you could always use that juicey disease tid-bit you know about them as blackmail. We did this for about 5 years till we we actaully got our PhDs and got arrested for malpractice.

    • Rek

      14 years ago

      This guy is my roommate. We learnt of RvsB last year by a guy who later lived with us. And dated Verty's ex-gf.

      Interesting facts.

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