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    • The infamous stickers and their origin

      6 years ago

      VictorKruger Headhunter

      So all of us that were Guardians this past weekend are probably aware of the apparent sexist stickers that were handed out and/or placed on female attendees.

      But unless you read this Kotaku Article, you may not know that these stickers were not intended to be used as they were at RTX.

      I've visited the Dr nerd love site and it appears to be a honest to goodness relationship help site directed towards the nerd/geek/gaming culture. The stickers were the work of the site's owner of Dr. Nerd Love, but they are a work of satire (poorly worked satire, but still) that is suppose to raise awareness and mock people that believe in the fake geek/gamer girl stigma.

      According to Dr. Nerd Love Himself The use of his stickers in this way was "NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE." I never heard if we actually caught the asshole(s) or not, but the wife of the site's owner had this to say about all of us:

      "The Guardians and RTX handled this *exactly* the way a con should. The rest of the con-planning community would do well to take a page out of their book!"

      Even if we didn't catch the prick(s) that were misusing these stickers on our attendees, at least we can take to heart the praise of our community and peers on how we all handled RTX2013 Stickergate.


    • 6 years ago

      VictorKruger Headhunter

      Shoutout to @Barbara being in the opening montage of the xbox announcement.

    • Google Fiber Internet in Kansas City

      7 years ago

      VictorKruger Headhunter

      For anyone that's in Kansas City, Missouri or Kansas City, Kansas, Today is the day that google will give us more details about the rollout of their fiber optic internet.

      Here is the link to the Youtube Livestream that is going to happen at 11am central time.

    • Alamo Draft House - KC MO

      7 years ago

      VictorKruger Headhunter

      So back at the original RTX I was introduced to the amazing business known as the Alamo Draft House. I've heard about it several times on the Drunktank Roosterteeth podcast, but I never really got the full experience until RTX 2011. Well driving home from work today and I hear on the radio that a theatre downtown by my work was recently bought by none other than the Alamo Draft House. I almost hit a curb doing a happy dance in the car but it was worth it. This is the first time ever I've been excited for a movie theater to be opening in my life.

    • RTXausted Part 2

      7 years ago

      VictorKruger Headhunter

      Wow I completely forgot that during the whole clusterf#@k of the PC setup Friday night, the really cool guys from 343 studios wanted to test Halo 4 at the esports arena stage. The reason why I say the cool guys from 343 studios was because they just openly asked us if we wanted to play a round of halo 4 to make sure the esports arena setup properly. So myself and 7 other lucky guardians were the first to play Halo 4 before any other attendees (damn that sounds so hipster smiley4.gif )!

      Wow when the convention opened up, it was like a tidal wave of people streaming in. Luckily I had the afternoon shifts so I was able to look around and take pics of the first people coming in. I also was able to take a look at the insanely long line of people just outside the exhibition hall, I thought the line was for people waiting for panels, come to find out it was just to get into the hall.

      I was so glad that the panels were going to be streamed and stored online because when I saw that line just to get into the main exhibition hall I knew I had a snowballs chance in hell getting into any of the panels during my off time.

      When my shift came up Saturday afternoon I was a bit relieved. I was originally assigned to be on the registration booth. After the insanity of the previous night, I was looking forward to sitting on a chair and welcoming the late comers to RTX. But the first rule of a guardian was to be flexible, and since there were too many people assigned to the reg booth, I was asked to be one of the 2 people to manage the halo 4 line. If you were there or decided to stay away from the halo 4 section, the line was broken up into 2 parts, the overflow line and then the main line. I was stationed at the entry of the main line and a co-guardian (sorry I never asked your name) was stationed at the exit of the overflow line. We had to keep a walkway clear for people to walk through between the two lines. So my co-guardian would send a couple people over from the overflow line and I would graciously welcome them over to the entrance of the main line. For the most part the Halo 4 line duty was uneventful, until the line closed for the day.

      We wanted to make sure that everyone that was in the Halo 4 line would be able to play so at 3:45pm it was decided that by the time the last 16 people that were in line were to play halo 4, it would be around the time the floor would close. Most of the people that walked by and inquired were cool and just accepted it, but there were the few choice people that just had to make it a real headache. I suggested to one of the guardian team leaders to add a couple more guardians when they close the line the next night to ensure no shenanigans happen because I knew that it would only be worse when Sunday night rolls around and they had to close the line.

      After the exhibition hall closed the only time I had was to get a quick shower and run back to the convention center to make sure I was present and accounted for. The good thing was that it seemed that most of the guardians were there and willing to do whatever was needed, the bad thing was that there were not enough duties to go around and a good amount of guardians, including me, had nothing to do. I finally got the official go ahead to go off duty and by that time the concert was at full capacity and the other two side events were already half way over. I wasn't upset, I knew something like this was going to happen. By that time my body reminded me of all the time I've spent away versus the time I've slept, so I went to sleep in my hotel room.

      Ok so yeah looks like this will be a trilogy, so maybe sometime next week i'll finish it up.

    • RTXausted Part 1

      7 years ago

      VictorKruger Headhunter

      RTX was a roller-coaster the minute I walked into the Austin convention center.

      It all began with my wife and I driving to Austin 12+ hours beginning Thursday night and arriving around noon Friday. Once I got checked into the hotel I ran across the street and got my guardian badge and shirt and headed back to the hotel. After taking a quick shower, shave and a change of clothes, I went back to the convention center to see if I could help out.

      After wondering around trying to find something for me to do, I stumbled into the Achievement Hunter lounge where there was a group of guardians, led by @Adam, surrounding a PC. As a person that loves to tinker with computers I thought I could try and lend a hand. I was quickly brought up to speed that the company that provided all the PCs (which will remain nameless), decided to install a corrupted version of windows 7 and failed to also provide any recovery discs or means to re-install a clean operating system. I was amazed at the resources that the other guardians where reaching out to in order to solve the problem. One guardian was remoting to his job and downloading a copy of windows 7 they use at his job, and another guardian actually left to go get a couple of copies he has as well as a spindle of blank dvds. Sadly since the internet connection was not fast as everyone would have liked, the physical copies of the windows 7 discs got arrived before the download was even close to finishing.

      Once we got the copies of windows 7, we were able set up 2 pilot PCs with all the programs needed for the weekend. While those pilot PCs were getting prepped @Adam was working on getting the software needed to create images of the two pilot PCs so that we could copy those images to the borked PCs. Once those images finally got created @Adam and I worked on getting all of the PCs setup to install the images that were created on the remaining borked PCs, which was about the same time that security for the convention center told us it was time to leave. I was kind of glad that we got kicked out because by that time I was awake for about 28 hours. But I was also sad because the job wasn't done yet and it had to be continued the next day.

      I was suppose to be up and at the convention center at 6:30am for the guardian meeting, I say “supposed” because both my wife and I slept through the alarm and I bolted up and realized that it was 7:30am. All that I could think of is that @Barbara is going to kill me, for being late and missing the meeting. I grabbed one of the beers (The Sixth Glass by Boulevard Brewery, if you see any pick some up, well worth it) that I brought for the guardian beer exchange and wrapped it up in my guardian shirt and headed out for the convention hall. I finally ran into @Barbara and offered the beer as a “I'm-sorry-that-missed-the-meeting-and-please-don't-kill-me”.

      Once the oversleeping issue was settled, I hurried back over to the esports arena and checked the status with @Adam. All but one computer was re-imaged and we just needed to find a replacement and start the imaging process over again for the replacement PC. There was one last final annoyance with purchasing Arma 2 for the DayZ demonstration, seems that credit card companies find it weird that you would purchase 10 copies of a single game for 10 different steam accounts.

      By the time we got 90% of the PC issues fixed we had to put the rest on hold so that the convention floor could open.

      Stay tuned next *mumble mumble* for part 2 of my probably boring story.

    • Dodging the Bullet

      7 years ago

      VictorKruger Headhunter

      Preface: Federal Jury duty in the United States is different than getting a notice of a state/local/municipal jury duty. State/local/municipal, at least where I live, you get summoned to be a juror for a specific date. Federal Jury duty you are on call for an entire month and you may get called in at anytime, or not at all.

      When I got the notice for United States Federal jury duty last march I thought, well thankfully it wasn't in June or July. At the end of June a good friend of mine is getting married, and of course RTX which I was graciously chosen to be a Guardian.

      Then my mother needed surgery and wanted me to be there for her the same time I would be on call for Jury Duty. So what any good son would do, I asked to be excused from being a Juror so that I can be with my mother (Her surgery went well and she has fully recovered). But instead of being excused like i'm use to hearing about local jury duty, the person postponed it to June.

      To say the least I freaked out, and I felt that i couldn't ask to postpone my Jury Duty a second time so I just rolled with it and "played the odds". Surely I would be picked to be a Juror in the first half of June and not during the last part, boy was I wrong.

      Last Thursday (June 15th) I got the dreaded automated call saying that was activated to be a Juror and that I need to call on the 21st of June to confirm that I'm still activated as a Juror. So fast forward to yesterday and I made the call, and of course, I was still slated to be at the federal courthouse at 8am on the 22nd of June (today) to be a juror.

      Panic raced through my mind, will I be able to be in my friends wedding (I was asked to be a groomsman). Will this be one of those trials where it will take forever which would cause me to miss out on RTX and suffer Barbara's wrath.

      So today was the day and it was a pleasant experience, but also stressful, I'll spare you the details but the end result was that I was excused from being a juror which also concluded my on call juror service.

      I'm kinda sad that I didn't get selected I would have liked to experience being a Juror and what that all entails. But I'm also glad that I won't get pummeled by my friend for missing his wedding or face the wrath of the mighty Barbara (yes yes I'm still closely studying those pretty guardian spreadsheets) for not being there to help out at RTX.

      -Victor Kruger

    • SXSW email blast from Brandon

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      VictorKruger Headhunter

      I just got an email from Brandon asking for help for SXSW but when I replied back It bounced stating the email was undeliverable.

      so yeah sorry Brandon, I can't go because of short notice and I live in KC.

      Perhaps next year?

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    • David_Mac

      6 years ago

      You're a good dude for helping out Michael.

    • SCS_razzle

      6 years ago

      Clutch USB bro

    • Michael FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      6 years ago

      Thanks for the new flash drive! This one looks like it would survive a fall off of the roof.

      • VictorKruger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Headhunter

        6 years ago

        Glad I could help out.

    • josh Canuck

      7 years ago

      At last....the Gathering!

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