Hello there RWBYites and fellow RT fans. My name is Tim.

I'm gonna be honest right off the bat and say that I'm still feeling out RT. I like RWBY plenty but RT as whole...jury's still out.

As far as I was concerned RT were those nuts that made Red vs Blue season 1 and that was about it. Then about 2 months ago my roommate had a day off and decided to binge all of RvB in one sitting. Not unusual for him, he semi binges Sports center so this was a nice change of pace. 

Any way, I joined him for the first season (which I'd already seen almost a decade ago) then left for work. When I came back hours later he was still watching. I was curious so I sat with him for a bit. 

I had absolutely no idea what was going on....Red and Blue teams were "working together" against something called the Meta and trying save some woman. I was like 'RvB has plot?' I was gonna delve into it more (15 seasons holy crap guys!) but then I remembered that RT had also made that one 3D anime about the kickass high school girls that used transforming weapons to fight monsters. So I decided to give that another try.

In the past I had ignored RWBY due to a couple of things. For one I'm spoiled by Pixar and all those other studios that make beautiful computer generated cartoons, so the first few clips of RWBY I caught didn't impress me much.

Then a pair of good friends of mine that I was living with at the time invited me to watch an anime with them. I try to give every anime a chance so I walked into the living room and observed. 


Ruby, Zwei and Oobleck were on top of the train in the episode 'No Brakes'. Oobleck spots two mechs heading toward them. He takes a big gulp from his thermos, extends it, and then HOMERUN BATS ZWEI AS A FIREBALL INTO A MECH DESTROYING IT WITH ONE SHOT! 

Also, Zwei is fine.

I said "Yep it's an anime alright." and went back to my room.  They were like 'no wait its cooler than that' 'Yeah the characters ar-' *door close* *headphones on*

'Bout a year later when volume three was released these same two friends convinced me to sit down and watch it with them from the beginning. I laughed, I loved, I cringed, I sighed, I yelled 'Hell yeah" and 'Holy crap.' And it was glorious. 

Until about the middle of the second episode of volume three. Everything was going fine, Two of my favorite tertiary characters Sun and Neptune were gonna get some ass-kicking screen time finally. The rest of Team SSSN was introduced. A nicely placed jealousy joke courtesy of Weiss got a good laugh. Then it happened. I witnessed the first character death in Volume 3. 

As soon as Blake explained it, all three of us in unison said "What. Really? He's afraid of water."

Weiss got her wish that day, and then some. Not only did Neptune break, his whole character became a pathetic unfunny joke. He just died... 

After that episode one of us suggested we take a break and make dinner. During the meal someone else asked "Wanna watch something else?" "Yeah."

So that brings us back to two months ago. Inspired to give RT another chance I looked up the RWBY site here and looked at the synopsis for the first episode of volume 4. 'Months after the fall of Beacon....' WTF happened?! 

Curiosity got the better of me and I watched the whole series again. I made it past Neptune's death (barely), and continued on. I fell in love with this series again despite the heart wrenching horror that comprises the latter half of Volume 3. I highly enjoyed Volume 4 and am looking forward to more. 

But seriously Mr. Shawcross, if you wanted to kill off your character why not have him die gloriously in battle during the fall of Beacon? 

Ah well, missed opportunities.