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    • 480, 720, or 1080?

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      Which do you normally download each week and why?

      I normally go with 720, it is still good quality but I generally keep the anime I download in case I want to watch it again. So, since the difference in file size is huge between 720 and 1080 but the visual quality isn't, I stick with 720.

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    • Why don't they fix Evangelion?

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      So, as everyone knows when it was first made they ran out of money and so the last few episodes are really terrible as far as the animation is concerned. Since then, the rerelease, the rererelease, and the remastered, rerelease remastered, etc have all made the creators loads of dosh. The question is: why haven't they gone back and reanimated the last few episodes?
      Everyone knows that the poor quality of the last few episodes wasn't any "artistic statement," they ran out of money, so why hasn't anyone taken the time to redo the last episodes the way the creators probably envisioned them?

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    • Which Anime would you want to be in?

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      Basically what the title is, if you had a choice, which anime would you want to be in? But one stipulation: you aren't the main character, you remain you and don't get the special powers they have, but you can have any powers you see a side character have.
      So, for example: if you were in the naruto universe you won't be a jinchūriki however you do have the option of being a ninja(but you do have to wear those stupid boots with no toe coverings).

      That being said, what would you be like? What powers would you have? How would you handle the situations that crop in the anime?

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    • Chi_Mangetsu

      5 years ago

      By the by, Gainax was--and still is among--the most popular and well funded studios at the time. They didn't run out of money (that's a myth and pure speculation), Hideaki Anno just wanted to take a very cerebral and existential finale on a very cerebral and existential anime, taking what was a deconstruction of mecha anime and going actually rather mildly into the abstract. The original two movies "Death and Rebirth" and "End of Evangelion" were the last two episodes remade--as well as a pretty big Take That! to obsessive otaku that sent Anno and Co. death threats for the original series' last two episodes.

      • VitalSigns

        5 years ago

        I love kare kano, I've watched it over and over, however, you've got very different personalities and the humor meshes well with the romance in the anime. Move over to the manga and you're left with very one-dimensional characters. What little comedy there is seems almost forced and the tone of the series changes starkly as opposed to the anime which had them flow smoothly.
        Even in the latter part of the anime, where is the fun and lively Yukino? She goes from the queen of the school to a shy and unassertive little girl almost overnight and never goes back.

        To compare it to another Anime I mentioned earlier: Clannad, that is also a very good romance, but even though both characters do evolve and change in their own way, it is never the sudden 180 that happens in kare kano and none of the side characters really disappear like they do in Kare Kano.

        Is KK a good story? Yes, it is without a doubt in my top 5 romance anime list, however it could be a lot better.

      • Chi_Mangetsu

        5 years ago

        We'll have to agree to disagree on Kare Kano but I understand that it's not for everyone. I have other reasons why I especially like that series but that's here nor there.

      • VitalSigns

        5 years ago

        Honestly, I look at anime simply as entertainment; while I enjoy animes that take their story a bit more seriously than others(I hate harem animes with short ugly guys that did nothing to earn the affection of the women around them) I also find Anime that try to become art at the expense of entertainment to be a step in the wrong direction.(Kare Kano)
        You can be a mature anime without becoming boring, Clannad: after story, Death Note, Future Diary, Code Geass; they all told very serious stories without me losing interest.

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