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    • What's Going On?

      3 years ago


      Been a little while since I put up one of these. Largely just been busy due to work and other things and also didn't have all that much to say.

      So, I managed to get myself a camera finally, which is exciting. I had only used a DSLR a handful of times in college so getting used to the differences with a regular video camera took a little bit, but I think I have it down now. So no all I need to do is start getting these ideas of mine recorded. The initial stuff I plan to do isn't anything too complicated. A few VLOGs and a review is what's up, but the latter at least should be fun to edit all together since I'll need to mess around with some scripting and voiceover work. I'll probably post links whenever I start getting these out if anyone cares to give them a look.

      Beyond that, nothing in particular has changed. Still out there applying and trying to see if I can get something. I actually put in an application with Rooster Teeth the other day so we'll see if that may yield something. It's exactly the sort of thing I want to do so I'll hope for something good to happen.

      Until next time then.

    • RTX2015: The Final Day

      3 years ago


      And this last one is incredibly late now to the point it's weird looking back and thinking it's already been that long since I went to Austin and came back.

      Anyway, morning started off getting in line for the RT Podcast panel, which I was actually somewhat surprised to get into, but very happy that I managed to do so on my first time here. The podcast was a blast and almost surreal knowing I was there after all the time I've spent listening to all of the podcasts over the last two years.

      After that it was another trip to the convention center floor to take another look around as well as stop by the RT Store for just a few more items. I think I'll try to spend more time on the floor whenever I come next year because there really is a lot of great stuff there.

      From there went up to the Making of Lazer Team panel, which was interesting to learn more about the process that went into developing the film as well as what went into the effects and concepts of the whole project. Also managed to get a question in which was nice to get an answer to.

      After a small break and some more time on the floor, it was time for the Career Development panel, which was one of the ones I'd most wanted to go to. It ended up proving extremely informative and useful to me and actually raised my spirits some about how I could move forward. I confess I do very much wish to try and intern at RT if I could as I feel I could really gain some valuable experience. But I am truly grateful for everyone on the panel taking the time to talk about their experiences and dole out advice.

      And finally I concluded things by going over to the Game Kids panel to hear more about that as I was relatively new to it compared to everything else. It was a lot of fun listening to everyone's experiences with the kids and how they've gone about growing the channel. Lots of good questions from everyone too and I was happily able to get mine answered, though it was sad to hear that that Ken Griffey Jr. game Burnie was able to find for Matt didn't work in the end.

      That concluded the day and my first RTX. Overall it was a lot of fun and something I'd gladly do again if fate is kind and permits me to be able to. Thanks to all the people I met during everything and the advice for getting through it all as this was my first convention!

    • RTX2015: Day Two

      3 years ago


      Fallen behind on these again. Lots of catching up to do and some annoyances as well.

      In any case, my second day of RTX began with a trip to the RT Store on the convention floor, which started with waiting for a line to get in which I should have expected. Getting into the store was a super smooth process though and I'm happy to say I got most of what I was hoping to get which ranged from t-shirts, hoodie, and posters. I confess I'm not sure where I'll put the posters as I currently don't have room, but hopefully whenever I move I can hang them all up. Also picked up some RWBY figures, specifically Jaune and Ren. I have to say I wasn't going in planning to spend quite as much as I did, but it's almost somewhat infectious when you're there that you want to pick up a lot. I still find myself wishing I'd gotten more, though I did return later.

      Walked around the show floor a bit more from there checking out the various booths some more and seeing a lot of interesting things. I still regret not hanging out a bit more, but was trying to keep to a schedule with things. I did pick up the main set for the game Superfight, which sounded like a lot of fun after becoming interested in those cards we all received. As of now I've still yet to play it with anyone, but that's due to time constraints. Hopefully soon though.

      Headed over to the JW for the autograph session with Gus and Brandon I was able to get reserved. Panicked for a moment as I realized I hadn't really brought anything, but decided on my badge and the exclusive poster in the end as well as a photo. Both of them were very nice and even offered some trivia on the exclusive poster that was pretty interesting. It was rather surreal seeing them that close up I have to say though I'd seen Gus just last night at the Founding Fathers panel.

      Headed back over to the Hilton to get into the Kinda Funny panel, which was pretty entertaining with Gus getting smacked with bottle. Hearing them go over their start with Gus and moving forward into the future was quite fascinating, especially for someone like me who only recently got into their work.

      From there immediately headed over to the Editing panel right down the hall, which I was luckily able to get into. I very much enjoyed this panel as it proved quite informative and helpful to someone like me who's trying to find direction after looking for a job for so long and not sure what I can do to fix things. Very valuable overall and thanks to everyone on the panel for answering my question.

      Got into the line for the Live Action panel pretty much right after that and that one was definitely a lot of fun with some great previews of upcoming stuff like the Eleven Little Roosters teaser, which looks like a whole lot of fun. I sort of missed the original time the first one was running and watched it as a whole later, but plan on trying to watch along with everyone else as each episode comes out. I can't say I'm much of a detective, but it's worth a shot. Also some great stories throughout that brought a lot of laughs.

      Once that ended it was pretty much a beeline to get into the Meet the Lazer Team panel during which I ran into Matt in the elevator. He was gracious enough to let me take a picture with him, though I wasn't used to selfies and so almost screwed it up (thus proving a point Burnie would make during the podcast panel about guys taking selfies). Still feel kind of bad for bothering him given how busy they are.

      Meet the Lazer Team was also very enjoyable, hearing about the experiences everyone had filming the movie as well as some of the challenges they went through. The clips were all great to see and I can't wait until we can finally watch the whole movie and of course see what they're going to be doing next.

      Very busy day all in all. Hopefully I can get the last day up relatively quickly given how late I am with these.

    • RTX2015: Day One

      3 years ago


      So, on Friday I managed to make it to the RWBY panel and the Founding Fathers panel as well as have my appointment with Brian Behm who was gracious enough to spend time talking with myself and several others. Also was able to spend a bit of time on the convention floor.

      The craziest thing that I sort of knew to expect, but was still surprised by were the lines for panels. I do have to say I apologize to the Guardians for being among those that was clogging the fourth floor prior to the start of the official line, but then I honestly wasn't sure what I was doing since it was for the first panel I've ever been to. That said, I was actually surprised I ended up being able to get in as the line just seemed to never end, but I did and actually got what I felt were decent enough seats.

      The panel itself was great. The moment for Monty at the beginning was very sweet and I confess I actually was getting emotional especially once I saw how it was affecting everyone on the panel. Still feels weird and probably always will. The trailer for the game looked pretty good I have to say, though sadly I never got a chance to try out the new build on the floor, but looking forward to seeing more and I hope the final product turns out well.

      It was rather surreal seeing the Japanese trailer for the first season. When you're so used to seeing a show in a particular language first, suddenly seeing it in another can be a weird experience as was the case here. Very good casting though I must say with some pretty well known choices as well. Very curious to see the rest of the cast for the show and also wondering what the chances are of an eventual release of the the series over here with the Japanese voices alongside the English ones down the line.

      While I had discussed this with a friend, it was still fantastic to learn that the festival and tournament will be big parts of this season as I am always a sucker for a tournament with all the stuff you can see from the various teams. The footage shown was of course rough as they told us it would be, but I still really liked what we were shown and it even featured some interesting developments I imagine will get more spotlight once we get to the show proper.

      Very surprised to see that they got Vic and Elizabeth and very much looking forward to seeing their performances and the characters themselves onscreen.

      Overall though a great panel and made me really look forward even more to the next volume.

      After that I had a bit of time so I headed over the convention floor for a bit to look around some and saw quite a lot of cool stuff. Best of all, I got to meet some of the Mega64 guys over at their booth and picked up the first merch I'd gotten of them, which they were also gracious enough to sign. I do wish I'd listened to their podcast beforehand or else I would have maybe purchased a few of those exclusive con items I didn't realize were there. But then I also probably didn't need to spend any more than I already did. Still, it was great to meet them in person as a recent fan of their work and I want to thank them for being so gracious.

      After that came my meeting with Brian Behm who I must thank for taking the time to sit down with myself and all the others to talk about careers, portfolios and such. The advice you gave me has had me thinking a lot and I've been applying some of what you told me such as that whole idea of writing down ten ideas a day. I haven't gotten quite up to that amount, but I like what I've come up with and realized that some of them are projects I really want to do. So thank you.

      From there, I pretty much headed over to the Hilton once again to get in line for the Founding Fathers panel, which felt like it went a bit more smoothly than the RWBY one. That panel also proved to be a blast, especially with how rare it is to see the founding members all together talking like they were. Made me nostalgic for the older podcasts back in the day (Even if I did listen to those relatively recently).

      It was just great hearing them discuss how far the company has come and seeing both the first trailer made for RVB and then the latest trailer for Lazer Team to demonstrate that progress. Also a bit sad to hear how they don't really get as much time to hang out together due to work.

      Also realized I'm among those who has never actually watched Strangerhood. There's plenty of time to catch though I suppose.

      After that was pretty much dinner and then turning in for the night. I do wish I'd been able to make it to the Cards Against Humanity panel among a few others, but overall I think making it to the two I did was a good start and a good first day for RTX.

    • RTX2015: Day Before

      3 years ago


      Yes, I realize how late these are, but I haven't really had the moment till now to really get down to writing them.

      Anyway, the trip to Austin went smoothly enough I think. It was strange getting up around 3:45 am as I haven't done that since my senior year of college to catch the train for my internship, but overall wasn't bad at all. Getting through Midway went smoothly enough as well and the plane ride was fine with no problems.

      Despite seeing the weather before, I was still surprised by the heat. I imagine it's simply having not been in weather that hot for such an extended amount of time due to living in an area where such things aren't extremely common.

      In any case, made it to the hotel with no problems and once some of my room mates came we headed out to Iron Works BBQ for lunch, which was very enjoyable. Particularly so as I haven't had BBQ of any kind in about 3 months or so.

      From there, headed back to the hotel in order to get badges, which was probably my first experience with the lines that were to come though I understood this one well enough given it only made sense to get it done then rather than during the convention itself. After that is largely hanging out and planning for the days ahead. But all in all, a great first impression of things to come.

    • Request

      3 years ago


      Is there anyone out there who was able to make it to the panel "A Guide to Film & Studio Production Equipment"? I had to miss it to make it to "Career Development" and was curious if anyone who was there could mention any of the cameras and equipment they recommended.

      I didn't realize they would be taking down the archived Panels on youtube so quickly and hadn't had a chance to watch that one.

      Any help is appreciated.

    • Final Preparations

      3 years ago


      Pretty much less than two days now until I board a plane into sunny Austin for RTX. I confess I'm a bit nervous since this is my first convention, first real vacation on my own, and first time in Austin though with any luck perhaps I can make this a regular event.

      Very much looking forward to meeting new people and having some new experiences out there and also hopefully learning a thing or two through the panels I've got lined up in the schedule (and thank goodness for that app), though I'll likely have to accept not being able to make all of them. Going to try my best to make as many of them as I can.

      Well, not much more I can think of to say. See you all in Austin!

    • RTX

      4 years ago


      Got my pass as soon as they were available. Have to say I'm pretty excited since this will be the first convention I've ever been to, though I imagine I'll have to budget my time as much as possible if I really want to do as much as possible.

      Just need to wait and see what hotel deals pop up so I can take care of that as well as get my plane ticket.

    • Random Game Concept #2

      4 years ago


      A Clown RPG.

      The idea for this one started from wondering just why there are so many damn spiders in Dragon Age: Inquisition and came to a head when I went into the Fade and found it full of demon spiders taking named after various fears. I started wondering why they couldn't show off the fears in physical form rather than just differently named spiders.

      Then I started thinking how odd it would be to see some fears realized in a manner like that such as that one about about peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth (a giant jar of peanut butter maybe?) or being attacked by demonic clowns. This transitioned to being attacked by mimes and wondering how that would work. Would their attacks be having their motions become reality like putting up an invisible wall or a box as a shield or doing the same to you to restrict your movements?

      Then I thought that such a thing could actually be a potentially interesting class to play as if you gained new routines or movements as you leveled up. You could perhaps do other performers as other classes like circus clowns or stand-up comedians with perhaps your enemies being your audience or laughter being an actual weapon against whatever you're up against. Each class could have a different resource like material for a comedian or props for a circus clown.

      Like the other Ship idea this one I may update if I come up with more to flesh it out.

    • Random Game Concepts #1

      4 years ago


      This is just a thing where I'll ramble about ideas for games I'd like to see made.

      So, first off: Space Ship RPG

      I know there are actually a large number of these and a few that have actually gotten close to what I'd like to see. FTL is one that is close in some ways. I'm sort of basing this idea in regards to some of those older anime like Irresponsible Captain Tylor or Space Battleship Yamato where you've got this one big ship with an interesting cast for its crew. Something a bit more personal and story based I guess.

      I suppose a Strategy RPG would be the best format for this sort of thing and you could do that by having fighters and mechs and whatnot deployed along with whatever weapon systems the main ship would have. You could upgrade the various equipment and such of the ship either by harvesting from nearby planets or other such things as well as upgrading the facilities of the ship in various ways to accommodate the crew, while being mindful of what space you have aboard the ship.

      This is still a really early one. I'll probably update this idea if I can come up with more I guess. Maybe someone will come along with the same mindset and create it someday.

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