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    • Hey.

      8 years ago


      You know, I'm not on here very much. Maybe I should post more often. I don't know. It's worth a shot to try and post something every other day or so.........

      ^.^ who knows what ill do!

      Later peeps! Until my next post! Just say ital be awhile before i get to it.

    • Serching for New Music

      9 years ago


      I've been looking for other bands like A7x. Sadly they were all better than Avenge Sevenfold. ^.^

      Here are the bands i found.

      Demon Hunter
      Inhale Exhale
      Project 86
      Brian "Head" Welsh

      Only four but hey, it's better than none, or A7x. Haha

    • 9 years ago

    • Promise to RvB

      9 years ago


      From here on out, i will be adding pictures, videos, comments, and new Journals entry's every day.

      Can't promise they will be grate, or even good, But i think i ought to start doing something on here, I did make the account, best not waste it.

    • What to say.......*sigh*

      9 years ago


      Hey RvB Fans, I'm here wondering what to say, but i got too little to write about with just one subject so ill just improvise, Here goes nothing!

      Subject One: Hockey
      Canadians beat the Penguins. I called this one before this mach up even started, and just because this year is full of upsets. Especially sense Kansas and Kentucky did not make it to the final four in NCAA.

      Remember what I said before, not much to say. ^.^

      Subject Two: Halo Reach Beta
      Don't got too pissed, this is my review of the BETA.

      Ahhh...Halo Reach back to the beginning, a game that will make you remember when you first played Halo Combat Evolved, when you first opened and smelled the the scent of greatness, and all those times you skipped school to enjoy killing all the noob's while still in you pj's, or so i thought.

      To be honest i thought it was quite a letdown. After spending three hours downloading it then, waiting two hours for the multiplayer content to download, It was NOT worth the time and effort.
      I was hoping for a Halo flash back and remember the fun time i had playing on Blood Gulch and Longest. But it did not work out that way, AT ALL!

      Here's the sum of it all.
      Before every mach you choose from four different Spartan's or two, depending on the game type.
      Here are four Classes you choose from in Slayer and Deathmach.

      Overcharge, a dude running around, and then suddenly smashing his fist on the ground just to live for a few second, before he gets assassinated or exploding due to grenade spamming.

      Sprint, He simply can run fast, then needs to take a break for a little bit before he can run more. Witch i think all Spartan's should have as a default setting.

      Jetpack, He can fly.....

      Cloak, He can turn invisible and scramble your radar as he walks to kill you unseen. The radar scrambler is a bit much, they should have less dots on the dam screen so you can at lest guess where he is.

      It sounded like I was going to go back in time and see myself playing The original Halo all over again, but so far its just another Halo2 Game. A fancy upgrade from there last Halo multiplayer game.

      Subject Three:
      I got a new laptop. So get ready to see me on RvB and Skype more often.

      Subject Four:
      Avenge Sevenfold new Album coming out. Lol who cares!

      That's all i gotta say. Soo...I guess leave a comment.

      Walknolonger Out!

    • College Football Predictions

      9 years ago


      By the way, I don't fallow College Football much, I'm just going by what I heard from Caboose, or what I can remember.
      I'm going to go with a underdog approach on a few games. And tell a little bit about one or two turning points in the game.

      Oregon 30, OSU 31

      OSU shows up with a great running game with a total of 72 rushing yards, and with a 21 yard rushing yard touchdown. Oregon slips up on their running plays, and OSU causes a fumble on Oregon's 30 yard line and returns it for a touchdown 3 plays later.

      Boise State 42, TCU 27

      Florida 27, Cincinnati 33

      Florida has a hard time throwing the ball, throws 3 interceptions, and 2 go back for a touchdown. Cincinnati’s defense picks up and adds pressure to the Florida's front lines causing problems the QB.

      Georgia Tech 42, Iowa 10

      Texas 21, Alabama 27

      Alabama gets an interception in OT on the Texas 33 yard line, then runs it in for the win.

    • Hey all.

      9 years ago


      Hey guys wussup, having fun playing Halo ODST and Halo Online on my Xbox 360. Apparently thats all i've been playing for the past 3 months, for those who dont know , that gets verry boring verry fast. thats why I cant wait till Christmas hoping I will get some cool new games I want.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and for the other peeps, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.


    • Getting cooler

      9 years ago


      Hey guys i got an Xbox360 and Halo3 ODST, Gunna get wireless connecter someday. lol

    • Loooooong time.

      9 years ago


      Sry i havent been on, ive been bussy reading a dang book(i hate reading) and stuff have been poping up for the last month or so.

      Funny joke.

      Caboose walks and runs into a wall.Then he picks up a shot gun and fires it, and he dies. What you should know (and so should Caboose) he was holding is backwards. And the big hole was not a scope.

      *Sarcasticly saying* hahahaha rofl. Im funny

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