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    • Is this... a journal or somthing?

      14 years ago


      I... don't write much here because I never feel like what I say is very important. I thought I'd give it a shot tonight though. I start school back tomorrow which I'm not really looking forward to. I did really well last semester, especially since it's the first time I've been in a public education atmosphere since kindergarten. I also made the SAT requiriment for my scholorship. I'm still not happy for some reason though. I guess we never really are. My girlfriend *cough* I mean soul mate just happens to live an hour away... so the only time I ever get to go see her is on Sunday. Once a week is pretty tough, but it makes for a strong relationship believe it or not. It just makes it that much better any time we see each other. I got a big break from work for new years so I spent all weekend with her. The question is no longer IF we will get married, but when. We have it narrowed down as late as 5 years and as early as maybe this time next year. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her. She is the only person I've ever dated... the first person I kissed. God has really blessed me with a wonderful... wife. He's got somthing incredible planned for us.

    • New pictures/I'm sick

      14 years ago


      New hair is in my pictures... yay.

      Being sick is bad. I havn't been able to work for the last two days. By the time the day was over thursday, I couldn't even speak. I work in retail so it's pretty hard to assist customers if you can't talk. It was a nightmare. I went to the doctor this morning and he was like "Well, you have some kind of infection" ...seiriously? He hooked me up with some drugs though so I'm feeling better. Hopefully I can go to work monday.

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    • Walter

      14 years ago

      Rawr! It's bed time.

    • Foolsfolly

      14 years ago

      Hey What's up yo?

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