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    • Burnt Out

      8 years ago


      No, I'm not talking about 4/20 yesterday.

      Things have been pretty hectic this past week or so. My grandma was admitted to the hospital after getting her knee replaced on Friday morning. It was a pretty long surgery, but everything went alright, and she was in her room by about four or so. Bed right next to a large window in a semi-private room...

      For future reference if you ever have to have surgery, do it on a Monday. The hospital fills up during the week with all of the scheduled surgeries, and admits typically outnumber discharges during the week. Maybe it's just at our local hospital, but trust me, being a Bed Control Coordinator, you learn these things.

      Anyways, since she's my grandma (and my mom used to work on the floor that she was being admitted to), we were able to get her a pretty nice bed. She was doing well Friday night when I left, and I even came in early to work on Saturday so I could spend a little bit with her. I stopped by during my lunch break and again Saturday night after work (which was unusually busy) to say good night and then went home. The routine continued into Sunday and all was well until I stopped by while on break. My mom said that my grandma had started talking about wanting to go to the bank... That then evolved to her not being hungry because I had just served her salad at the dinner table that morning...?

      What had happened was, the pain medication that she was receiving intravenously wasn't being filtered out by her kidneys at a fast enough rate, and she went from being her normal, loving self (she's the kind of person who, laying in a hospital bed with 26 stitches and an injured knee, will offer to get up and get you a soda or something to eat) to confused almost in an instant. Sunday night, when I went up to say good night, I was greeted my my mother who told me that she was refusing to take any of her medications, was cussing out the nurses, wouldn't get up to use the restroom, and saying that our family was ungrateful and wasn't there for her throughout her surgery. As I walked into her private room (that we had previously moved her so she didn't have to share with a roommate when the floor had a discharge), she burst into tears and told me to go away, that she didn't want to see me.

      I skipped school Monday to spend time with her and make sure that she didn't fall out of bed, but I also went as emotional support to the rest of my family. You don't know me much, so let me tell you: "My family" doesn't mean my mom, dad, and sister, it goes to include my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and their three year old son... We're very tight-knit. My mom spent all Sunday night with her, my aunt took the morning shift, and my grandfather was there intermittently, all of whom were being verbally abused by my grandmother. By the afternoon, they were all pretty exhausted, so I went to stay in the hospital room with her.

      Tuesday wasn't much different, I went to school in the morning, went to the school library to try to work on a 10 page paper that was due the next day, but couldn't stay away from the hospital long. Around noon, I went to the hospital and stayed there until about 930pm. She was a little confused when I got there, but luckily she was pretty much back to normal by the time I left. The rest of Tuesday was spent madly writing until early in the morning.

      I slept on and off for about five hours Wednesday morning then got up, got ready for school, and headed off. I brought my laptop to school and finished my paper with about fifteen minutes to spare. On top of everything, I ordered a sandwich at this really great sandwich shop that our school has, and someone took my food from the counter. The nice people there were kind enough to make me another one, though, and put extra meat on it and extra homemade chips on the side, so that was a plus. After turning in my paper and sitting through that class (which actually wasn't bad), I then sat in my least favorite class and watched Food Inc. and listened to about 2 hours of bullshit. After that, I headed home, got on XBL, got sick of XBL (sorry Bills, Visceral, and Sniper), took a quick nap, and went to work to cover for my coworker. Wednesday night, my grandmother was then sent to the same "skilled" nursing facility that my great grandmother (her mother) died at fifteen years ago because that was the "only one her insurance covered". On my way home from work, I stopped by to make sure she was still alive, not confused, and comfortably settled into her new room, which she was, but she's still nervous about being there. Luckily, it's just for rehab, and she can go home in a few days.

      Today has probably been the best day of my life just because all of that is now behind me, and I can sigh a big sigh of relief. If I was ever quiet (or overly talkative/clingy, I'm weird when i'm upset) or rude to anyone, I'm sorry. I've had a lot on my mind. I tried to be upbeat and happy and not rain on anyone's good night, but yeah, that's what's been going on with me. How have you guys been? Haha. smiley0.gif

      TL;DNR: Grandma was in the hospital, got confused. 12 hour work days and a 10 page paper were mixed in there, too. Things should be better now smiley12.gif

    • The Cake is a LIE!

      8 years ago



      My friend told me to make him a "cake cake"
      So I told him I'd make him a cake that was a lie.


    • Show Me Your...

      8 years ago


      Bored at work face.

      Here's mine:

    • FEAR 2: Part Deux

      8 years ago


      No awesome video to go along with this journal, sadly, so my final FEAR entry goes out with about as little bang as the ending of FEAR 2. I wholeheartedly blame that guy I eat lunch with (not my choice, one of our mutual friends invited him along) who, after a long discussion about how amped I was and how much time I've been spending playing all of the FEAR games in order to get ready for FEAR 3, spoiled the ending with a nonchalant "Oh, by the way, you totally fight Alma in the end" followed up by a "what, you didn't know that?" So now I feel like an idiot on top of everything. And no, if there's a third FEAR game coming out, I didn't think I was going to be fighting Alma in this one. Especially since you didn't do that in the first game or in Files .

      Now, my biggest problem with spoilers may not be the fact that I am not going to be surprised when something happens, it's more of a problem where I begin to imagine how that game ending or movie scene is going to play out and end up just being disappointed in the end because it didn't live up to my expectations.

      I also realize that it's somewhat my own fault for not already playing these games when they came out, and therefore I should have found that out back in 2008 when FEAR 2 came out, but shush.

      As far as the ending to FEAR 2 goes, it was some kind of nightmarish, drug induced, apocalyptic hallucination that definitely strayed from the typical FEAR ending. I definitely did, however, enjoy the final scene where Alma puts your hand on her stomach and your controller pulsates, to simulate a a kick or a heartbeat, leaving it open for the third game

      All in all, FEAR 2 had some of the scariest moments and the best graphics, but I think I prefered FEAR Files over FEAR 2. Time may change my outlook on it, though.

    • Really, Emergency Room?

      8 years ago


      Dear ER,

      We've had some laughs over the past months, I know. Especially that time we needed to admit the guy who fell while masturbating with a plunger up his ass, but there can be times where you are a little hard to get along with. This, however, might take the cake. There is a clear difference between a 33 year old with pneumonia, and a 33 year old who aspirated through her feeding tube, has a tracheostomy tube, is legally blind, doesn't speak, had a stroke one month ago and is now paralyzed on her entire right side, and has pneumonia. It is a damn good thing that I double checked the original info you gave me before the patient went to her originally assigned bed at the end of the hall, where she could have fallen or otherwise harmed herself even more.

      Chief Liaison to Comfort, Bitches!
      (Thank you, comma, for not making me seem like the Cheif Liaison to Comforting Bitches)

    • Worth it.

      8 years ago


      So I have been a part of the Rooster Teeth XBL Community for about a month now, and I have to say that it is pretty much one of the best things I've been a part of in a while. I seriously adore each and every one of you guys that I've been able to play with so far (with the hilarious exception of a certain player earlier today), and can't wait to meet even more people.

      The first community event I participated in was the Girl Gamers Halo Reach night. I met a lot of really cool ladies who introduced me to the awesomeness that is gaming with RT members (and non members). Since then, I've been online almost every night pummeling Grif in Reach or talking to them while I'm playing FEAR, and there are few things that I would rather be doing. Tonight, we just finished up two campaigns of Left 4 Dead 2 in preparation for the zombie apocalypse, and it was pretty comforting knowing that if you got knocked down, that one of your teammates would actually come back to get you.

      If you are not a part of this group but are on Xbox Live, I definitely suggest becoming a part of it (and actually going online to play with us) smiley0.gif

      On a related note, should I get Gears or Black Ops? I want to get another game I can play online... Ooh, and there's a chance that my sister's boyfriend might have GTA IV and would let me borrow it!

    • FEAR 2: Part 1

      8 years ago


      So I posted another video of my reactions to FEAR gameplay. Although I thought it would be better since I had about 5 guys talking about other stuff in my ear, it was still pretty crazy.

      After playing through both FEAR and FEAR Files, FEAR 2 is completely different. I miss the game's poor graphics and handling, but most of all, I miss the controls. I don't know if it's because WB helped make the game, and they wanted to put a Looney Toons or Animaniacs spin to it, but the controls are insanely placed! Keep in mind, that I'm used to default, non-inverted controls. I can handle minor variations easily, and I have no problem if, for example, Halo button layout is different from Left4Dead, but it's the same franchise with drastically different controls.

      Here are some of the differences between FEAR/FEAR Files and FEAR 2:
      Crouch went from pressing left joystick to right
      Throw grenades went from left trigger to right
      Zoom went from left joystick to left trigger
      Slo-mo ability went from right bumper to Y
      Switch weapons went from left bumper to right on the D-pad
      Using a Health Pack went from Y to down on the D-pad

      Now, I bet you're wondering why I don't quit my bitching and just go into options and change the layout to something I actually like. Well, you can't. Fuckin Looney Toons.

    • Gets off of work

      8 years ago


      In 7 minutes. Halo, here I come! I'm ready for some action after 13 hours of sitting here studying and doing minimal work.

      (No, I'm not complaining. I love my job. Seriously.)

    • Spiderman, beware!

      8 years ago


      For those of you who may not know (which would be almost all of you), I am deathly afraid of spiders.

      This all came about when I was seven or eight, playing hide-n-seek with my sister and cousins in the backyard of my grandparents house. My grandparents had been redoing their living room, so some of the furniture was outside. Next to an avacado tree they had placed a large cabinet, so that was obviously the perfect spot to hide. When my cousin, who was "it" at the time came toward me, I ran out from behind the cabinet, opposite the way I came. As I did so, a spider web wrapped around my head Freaking out and screaming I brushed myself off, franctically making sure there was nothing on me. As I started to calm down, I felt something crawl from the top of my head down my forehead. I swatted at the large garden spider and knocked it to the ground. Starting to hyperventillate, my grandma (who responded to my screams), ushered me inside to lay on one of their couches. While laying there, I felt something in my ear. With my finger, I extracted what used to be ants, still wrapped in the spider's web from inside my ear lobe.

      Ever since the hide-n-seek incident, I haven't been able to handle spiders. I have had a spider come out of an Apple Jacks box while I was pouring cereal and crawl across my hand that was holding the bowl I have accidentally touched one that was on the back of a shampoo bottle, I have had a spider almost drop onto my head while using the bathroom... Not to mention the numerous bottom-of-the-bathtub spiders that I've done battle with (there was even a time where there were two of them).

      Anyway, so a couple of us went to dinner for a friend's birthday last night, and when we left the resturant and got in my car, I noticed something moving on my windshield. Upon further inspection, I realized that the spider wasn't on my windshield, but rather was climbing up it's web a few inches away from my face. I screamed, put the car into park (I was already in reverse, about to get out of the parking space), and jumped out in a matter of seconds. My friend who was in the front seat asked me what had happened and I said that there was a spider hanging from the roof of the car, but that it may have crawled back up toward the driver's vanity mirror. After scouring the whole dashboard and front of the car, we weren't able to find the spider. I still wasn't able to after leaving the party afterwards, and couldn't this morning either.

      I have now come to the conclusion that some sort of mutation made my screams able to make spiders implode. I am perfectly happy with this.

      On another note, I found out that I am remarkably good at driving while at the same time touching the car as minimally as possible (i.e. without hands) just in case it decided to drop onto the steering wheel. smiley0.gif

    • I'm immature

      8 years ago


      because I laughed at this when I saw it in our school library:


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