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      8 years ago


      No, I"m not talking about the RvB season... My world has been turned upside down today.

      1. All day yesterday, this program that the whole hospital uses to admit, transfer, and discharge patients unexpectedly went down. It still wasn't fixed by about 9pm because apparently the database was corrupt. I had to call every floor and go through the patients currently occupying the rooms, whether or not they were clean if the patient was discharged, etc. on top of my regular duties, which really isn't that bad, it was just pretty hectic since the floors had to deal with a lot of shit that resulted from the system being down. I finally got off of work at about midnight (I'm supposed to get off at 1030), agreeing to come back in when the tech people had the system in enough working order for me to verify the information that was in the database. The estimated time that it would be back up was about 230am, so I went home and awaited a call from my boss to tell me to come in (there was a chance that it may be pushed back to 4am, possibly later). I set an alarm to wake me up at 2, and decided to sleep a bit since I had been awake since 8 that morning, but left my phone next to my bed on the loudest ringer possible so I didn't miss the call. I distinctly remember waking up at 2 and checking my phone and seeing three messages from my boss. The first told me to come in, the second asking where I was, and the third telling me that the problem was fixed and that I was no longer needed, but thanking me for at least offering to come in. Thinking nothing of it, I went back to sleep. When I woke up the following morning, I looked at my phone to reread the messages, and they weren't there. I didn't have any calls from my work, either. I called my coworker and asked if they were able to get the system up and running, and she said that there were still a few bugs, but it was working for the most part. I said that my boss was supposed to call and she explained that my boss went up to the floor to see what I would have needed to do, and found out that I wasn't needed. Apparently she didn't call me because she figured she would just wake me up. I dreamed the messages from my boss; she never even tried to contact me.
      That was a complete mind fuck.

      2. I have been obsessively watching Dexter. Every night when I come home from school or work, I watch at least one episode because I love it and Michael C Hall is smokin hot, so that doesn't hurt, either ;) and it streams on Netflix, so it's pretty accessible. When I was in my room a while ago, I noticed one of the featured articles on an Entertainment Weekly that my sister left in my room. I flipped to the article and started reading about it, hoping that it would give it good reviews. The first sentence, I kid you not, said that Rita got killed and that Dexter now had to take care of the kids--including their baby . I was so angry with myself, because at that point I had just finished season 1. I finished watching Season 2 today and thought "Man, that was a good way to wrap up the season. I can't wait for Season 3," but then thought "Wait, wasn't Rita supposed to die? . There are 5 seasons. How I didn't know that, I'll never know, but my mind has been completely blown.

      3. Leslie Nielsen died. I am seriously torn up about this. I just watched Airplane three days ago. Three. I'm sadder about this than when Michael Jackson died. Seriously. Fuck Michael Jackson, Leslie Nielsen dying is a tragedy.

    • Is it possible...

      8 years ago


      That dying your hair makes you become nostalgic for old cartoons? I doubt it, but I can't stop searching for and watching my childhood favs:

      Robin Hood Makes Good
      I love to sing-a I'm actually a part of a group dedicated to this cartoon, and it's the real reason why I started looking around for some of the stuff I used to watch...
      Lonesome Ghosts I LOVE this cartoon. Seriously. Eeeeeeee XD

      Also, does anyone out there remember Zoids? No one I've met ever watched it as a kid (it was on Cartoon Network), and it was one of my favorite shows. I used to get up early during the week just to see it and everything!

      Also, also: pics of my dyed hair are in my images :)

    • Halloween Part 2: Let's finish this

      8 years ago


      Ok! So first things first, I just finished uploading a bunch of pictures to my images, so go check there for some supplements to last night's post, and probably tonight's as well.

      We last joined our heroes on Friday night. So now on to Saturday! My work schedule is as follows: I work weekends from 10am to 1030pm. Rain, shine, in sickness and in health. Seriously, if you want a day off, you have to arrange it at least a week ahead of time because only two official people work in my department not including myself. Anyways, when I got off at 10:30, I went home and picked up my costume I made last year (a black, knee length, strapless dress with a skeleton print on the front (the full body skeleton, not a bunch of dancing skeletons), my human organ necklace, and my brain purse. I was then picked up by two of my friends, of their little sisters, and two of her friends, and we drove into IV where Eric's (the one we scared Friday night) apartment is. Now, I live in Santa Barbara, CA, more specifically, the neighboring city of Goleta, but it's more likely that you'll have heard of Santa Barbara than Goleta. There isn't a distinct or noticible dividing line, anyways. Eric lives in a subsection of Goleta called Isla Vista. Isla Vista is notorious for its Halloween weekend, mostly because of the number of people who migrate here from out of town, out of state, etc., and get drunk/party. Seriously, the city beefs up police enforcement in that area due to the amount of shit that goes down during that one weekend. None of our group of friends drink, smoke, do drugs, etc, but we thought it'd be fun as hell to go check it out anyways, mainly because we wanted to see all of the creative costumes that everyone wore. (Did I mention it randomly started pouring rain at midnight on Friday?). Anyways, I came up with the idea of playing costume bingo, and not just any costume bingo, but slutty costume bingo! With all of the college girls there wearing skimpy outfits, you would've thought that it was an easy game. Nope! I made all of the cards and threw some curve balls like Lady Gaga, miscellaneous Wizard of Oz character, and Na'vi in there along with the more common costumes like princess, cat, and hooker. It was actually a lot of fun. Seriously. Go try it, even if you aren't sober. Anyways, my friend's sister was able to find everyone on her card except for Na'vi. She spent the whole night and finally won when she found a guy (we made an exception since he was just wearing a speedo) who actually looked a lot like an Avatar. Eric was once again wearing his pig mask costume and went up and hugged this guy who was wearing a jigsaw costume, who patted him on the back in return. We saw another jigsaw costume, but that guy wasn't at all friendly, so whatever. I also saw a guy who had two cardboard rainbows taped to him and was walking around saying "That's a full rainbow, all the way" and when I passed him I said "What does it mean?". Yeah. We high fived.
      We ended Saturday night playing Halo Reach, rounding out a wonderful day.

      Sunday, the actual day of Halloween, was the one day for as long as I have been working at the hospital, that I arranged to have the day off. Sunday was spent carving a pumpkin, finishing my costume, decorating the house, making dinner for everyone, delivering the pumpkin to my grandparents (you can see it in my images), picking up my friends, going back to my house, and then trick-or-treating. Yeah, you heard me. I trick-or-treated. The average age, I'm sure you're wondering, in my group of friends is 19. Of course we ran into the people who asked if we were too old or too big to trick or treat, but a lot of people seemed happy by the fact that we were still keeping the spirit alive. For those who did happen to ask us if we had outgrown Halloween, we reminded them that it was either walking around in a neighborhood that was safe and familiar to us, or going to Isla Vista and partying. He he he. We got quite a bit of candy, but it was really just fun walking around to the different houses and interacting with the people at the door. We had this one, really sweet old lady give us apples, four houses gave out large candy bars, but the majority of people either weren't home or weren't handing out candy. The number of kids walking around had greatly diminished since I was a kid, too. It was kind of sad. I really hope Halloween isn't dying out amongst the younger generation because of the apathy of their parents. I'm sure there's also something to be said about the state of the economy and stuff, too.
      We also ended Saturday night going back to Eric's to play some Halo. Luckily he lives on the fringes of IV and we weren't bothered or stopped by the police/drunk people.

      All in all, I'd say that Halloween this year was a success.

      Oh! I forgot about Thursday!!! Thursday, our group carved real pumpkins after picking them out and going through the small corn maze at the local pumpkin patch. I didn't do any serious carving, I just made a silly face. Oh, and one pumpkin eating a smaller one. You know, the usual.

      Ok. I'm done for now. If you've read both the last journal entry and this one--or hell, if you've read all of this one--give yourself a pat on the back. Seriously, I'm greatly honored that you'd spend your time listening to my rants and stuff about my life. I appreciate your interest.

    • Halloween Part 1: SAW

      8 years ago


      Well, my favorite holiday finally arrived, and I must say, it couldn't have been more amazing. Friday night, my friends and I went to go see Saw 3D. A month or two ago we were talking about the Saw series and I said that I didn't like it because it seemed to have substituted a plotline for gore, which I don't mind as long as there's a good story to accompany it. I stand corrected. Upon watching all 6 of them during our movie marathon (which stretched out over 4 days, I think... We just didn't have the stamina nor the attention span to watch all 6 in one day), I was finally able to get a grasp on the whole plot. Holy crap. That series is so ridiculous. Not to mention, we got really into it and spent an hour or two after each movie discussing what had just happened, the relevance, the time line, etc.
      We actually ended up making our own Saw movie for one of my friend's boyfriend's birthday. It started out as my friend suggesting that we make a movie for her boyfriend, I agreed that it was a good idea, then the next thing I know, I'm writing a movie. I wrote it, I designed the traps, I built most of the props; I did everything except originally suggest the idea, and film it. I was in it, too :) It turned out to be pretty mediocre, mainly because it was filmed in first person so it looked like her boyfriend was going through the traps and stuff himself, but it was still amazing nonetheless. What was even more amazing, was when we were sitting in the theatre watching Saw 3D and we saw the trap where the "See no evil" woman was on the table that slowly rotated toward the three spikes that would impale her if Bobby didn't stop the timer. One of my original designs for a trap would to have something slowly advancing toward one of my friends, and three or four rusty nails/pipes/sharp objects would then be driven into her face if Eric (the guy we made the movie for) didn't stop it. I actually ended up making a headtrap that would swing down and do the same thing because I couldn't think of a way to have something like that slowly come toward her and have it look realistically menacing. So that's one thing that was similar. Another similarity was the combination for the locks etched on Bobby's teeth that he then has to pull out. In the first trap that the audience sees, my friend's sister is strapped to a table with a saw blade being pushed up against her spine (if the trap were to end up killing her, her spine would have been essentially broken in half). In order for Eric to get her out of the trap, he has to go to the end of a scary hallway (he hates scary movies and anticipation, so we worked his fears into the movie) and retrieve three teeth out of a bucket filled with blood. Etched on the teeth were three numbers (1, 2, and 3, because we're creative like that), which corresponded to the combination locks which held her hands and feet in place. Holy shit, we were freaking out when we saw that.

      Anyways, I suppose Eric loved the saw series so much that he went out and bought a replica pig mask, which was cool because we then went driving around with the front passenger wearing the pig mask and staring out of the car window. It was priceless when we passed this bicyclist and then met up with him again at a red light. He was staring at us the whole time, and when he was looking straight ahead so as to be polite, he would still give me sideways glances. So I found out later on that Eric had actually gotten the costume a month or so ago, right after we had seen the series and had been saving it until around Halloween when he planned on scaring all of our friends. Poor Eric failed at scaring any of us, though, which is sad because he’s the scaredy cat of the bunch. So while my exboyfriend and I were driving back to my house for some Halo after the movie, we arrived before the other car had. We remembered, however, that Eric had left his pig mask in the backseat of my car. Stuart, my exboyfriend, asked if I wanted to scare Eric, and of course I agreed. We couldn’t just do some stupid jump-out-from-behind-the-bushes ordeal, though, the moment was going to be too priceless. What I devised, however was this: I would let Stuart, with the pig mask into my house, lock the door behind me, return to my car, start it, and wait for the other car to pull up (they took an inexplicably but well appreciated long time to get to my place). When they got to my house, I turned off my car and got out, making it look like I had just arrived. They asked where Stuart was and I said that he was being a party pooper and made me take him home. They believed it and we walked into my house, with me leading the way. I expected Stuart to be somewhere inside the doorway, but when we walked further into my house, he was nowhere to be seen. Then, with Eric standing at the entrance to my dark hallway, Stuart comes running and squealing toward him. Poor Eric started screaming and flailing, wildly punching the air. He fell to the ground and was still panicked, but by that time, we were all rolling on the ground laughing. It was the most classic and best scare I have ever done in my life. Seriously. It was amazing.

    • UPDATE-A-PALOOZA: 2010

      9 years ago


      So I haven't written a journal in a LONG time, and think that it's time for an update.

      I quit Staples and now work at a hospital (it's quite the change, but a long awaited and well deserved one). I also finished with all of my prerequisites for the Nursing Program at the local city college, and am awaiting the letter that will tell me when my start date is. I suspect it will be somewhere around 2014. Which sucks. Balls. Like, serious balls... Balls.

      Anyways, this is the first time in a while that I'll be taking GE classes (i.e. Political Science, History, drawing, etc), and I'm excited. I mean, I love biomedical science and will miss it, but I am finally doing the classes that I should have done a while ago(See: Last year, and in High School), instead of diving head first into Human Anatomy, Medical Microbiology, Medical Terminology, etc . I have options! When last semester ended, I thought: well shit, now what am I supposed to do? I had had everything planned up until that point; now I'm just biding my time and waiting.

      OH! I got a scholarship, too! For $1500. Yeah. One-thousand five hundred dollars. Still haven't seen that money, but I'm still hopeful.

      I have yet to move out and find my own place. Which actually doesn't suck, because I don't have to pay rent. Hah. What does suck, however, is all of the drama it's been creating. My boyfriend, best friend, and I decided to move out about a year ago, and it still hasn't happened. I'm holding true to what our original agreement was, which was that the three of us were going to move out when we were all financially stable. One of us has yet to get a job, though, which has postponed the move indefinitely. Now I have other people pretty much demanding to move in together because "we're the only people that they get a long with them" (not very convincing in itself). The only problem is that they only want to move in with two of the three of us, and I don't want to do that because that isn't very fair to the third person (plus part of me just doesn't want to move in with the other group)... It's been a mess, but I'm adamant that I will not break our original plan/promise.

      And yeah... Summer is about a month away from ending, and my orientation at my new hospital job is almost complete, so I won't be working full time. I'm ready for a chance to relax, since I never got to once school ended in May... I was still working at Staples until the hospital hired me, promptly quit, went in for my physical for the hospital, got my tests and stuff read the morning I flew off to Pennsylvania for a family trip, flew back early and by myself so I could go to the hospital's orientation (which was drama in itself), and promptly started orientation. I have been working full time ever since (which was about a month and a half ago). I feel like it's been non-stop... Come August, though, it's time to give my family, my friends, and my very supportive boyfriend some well-deserved attention.

      Oh, three more things!
      1. I CAN"T WAIT until September or whenever Michael's Craft Store gets their pumpkins in, because I am DYING to carve again.
      2. If you haven't, go check out A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, because it's hilarious and I can't get the music out of my head

    • It's been such a long time...

      9 years ago


      ..since I was last on the site. Dang, my notifications are yelling at me, but I've gotten them under control for the time being. Sorry I've been so unresponsive, I've been wrapped up with college work. It's finals week starting Monday, so once that's over and done with, I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me.

      Hope you all had and are having wonderful holidays. See you in a week!!!


      9 years ago


      Go check them out, yeah? ^_____^

      It's almost Halloween, and I'm growing more and more excited every day. I've been working on my costume for the past few days, and am excited to show off pictures when it's finished (probably after Halloween). Speaking of Halloween, I had to write a paper about relationships between characters in movies, and I totally used the sentence: "The relationship between Michael Myers and his psychologist, Loomis, gets strained even further when he shoots Michael, knocking him off of a balcony". I love college.

    • Dr. Horrible Pumpkin... Finished!

      9 years ago


      So I literally just finished my Dr. Horrible pumpkin. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I have to admit, making the design was a bit more challenging because I'm doing my best to eliminate the thin, unsightly layer. It was challenging in that it's hard to make a nice, recognizable design with a large enough area to support all of the material that will be hanging off of it (ex: Dr. Horrible's nose hangs from a tiny part on his eye). It was even more difficult, however, to carve out the thin connecting areas, but I enjoy this method a lot more regardless of the challenges. There was one part while carving it today, where I moved my arm to get a better angle on Captain Hammer's hair and the sunlight shone through, illuminating what seemed to be a mess of empty spaces. It was magnificent to see all of those random holes suddenly change into someone's face. Speaking of someone's face, I accidentally cut off Penny's right eye, and almost did the same to her nose/mouth X|. Thank your god for super glue.

    • New Pumpkin to Come Soon

      9 years ago


      I'm currently working on a design for my new pumpkin, and I'm really excited. I just re-drew my old design in order to eliminate the tedious and not-so-good-looking thin-layer effect, and I have to say, the new design looks pretty darn spiffy. This will also be the biggest pumpkin I'll have carved, so wish me luck. It's maybe 12 or 13 inches tall... *fingers crossed*

    • Human Anatomy

      9 years ago


      So I'm currently wasting time before I have to go to my extra Human Anatomy lab... Dang, it's amazing how different the illustrations in the text book are than the real thing. I just hope I don't come out of the lab smelling like cadavers again =|

      On a separate note, I love dresses. Not only am I significantly cooler on a hot day, but I've been told twice today that I look pretty... By people who aren't my boyfriend!

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