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    • Lazer Team Japan Info!

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      Before anything else: Can we get confirmation on who is going to what showing? Or what will happen at the events?

      Ok, since the Google results are dreadfully ineffective in either language, here's the important information you'll want to have:

      Official Name: レーザーチーム 俺たち史上最弱のエイリアン・バスターズ! (Lazer Team: We are history's weakest alien hunters!)

      Lazer Team Japan Twitter: https://twitter.com/movie_lazerteam (I'm not sure who runs this, honestly)

      Official Lazer Team Japan Site: http://www.lazer-team.net/

      Currently known showings:

      August 6 in Tokyo: http://qualite.musashino-k.jp/index.php

      Time: 6:30 PM, with an event planned. Source: http://qualite.musashino-k.jp/quali-colle2016/sche...

      August 6 in Osaka: http://www.ttcg.jp/cinelibre_umeda/

      Time: 8:45 PM, http://www.ttcg.jp/topics/2016/cinelibre_umeda/qua... (No events listed on this schedule, but since the time overlaps with Tokyo we need confirmation on what is planned)

      August 9 in Aichi: https://www.korona.co.jp/Cinema/nak/top.asp

      I'm honestly not sure of the details beyond this for this on.

      I've got my fingers crossed for someone at the Osaka showing!

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    • No response for Indiegogo backers?

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      I'm seeing a lot of people asking the same question on Indiegogo, and I haven't seen any mention of this on any posts any time recently, but if we backed Lazer Team during crowd funding weren't we supposed to get to see it at the very least as soon as it's in theaters? I feel very much like I was being offered a chance to help make this movie possible and in return I'd get to be among the first to see the movie, but right now it sounds like I'm going to be among the last to see it, because I'm not even on the same continent as any of the theater showings (which I'd have to pay extra for anyways).

      TLDR: When do Indiegogo backers get to see the movie?

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    • Comics Gone?

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      So I'm probably the only one who cared about this, but are the comics all gone? I kinda wanted to go through them all once more now that I recognize most of the people. Back when they first came out I only knew RVB and couldn't have told you who Burnie or Gus was.

      Otherwise, I like the new site.

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    • Does anyone else think Screen Play is...

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      This has been really bugging me for a while now, so I really want to know:

      Is anyone else feeling like Screen Play is the most negative thing Rooster Teeth produces?

      I was tempted to compare some sound bytes of RT Podcast and The Patch with Screen Play, but I just don't have the time. When it comes to games the "A Team" has always focused on the things they like and just ignored the things they don't like. They didn't do game reviews both because there are people who enjoy things the RT staff don't, and because there are people who worked hard on those games. There was a really good quote by Burnie on one of the podcasts a couple weeks ago repeated this basic principle.

      Meanwhile, on Screen Play it feels like every other show they just tear into everything. Several weeks ago there was one about basically if someone liked Movie A then they should go watch Movie B because Movie A was terrible and was just trying to be Movie B. No, I don't remember the specifics. JJ stood out specifically this week when he said he can't wait for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie to go on sale so they can choose it for the Movie Book Club and just rag on it. Another one from this week was essentially "Let's go down the list of new shows and decide which ones have terrible names." What's the point of that?

      I've loved pretty much everything Rooster Teeth has put out so far because of the style of humor and the attitude, but I'm not interested in a rants ripping into movies that someone on staff didn't like. I haven't seen TMNT specifically yet because it's not out in the country I live in, but if it's a crappy movie I can judge that for myself and would much rather hear some recommendations for good things to watch.

      I'm still going to listen to RT Podcast and The Patch, but I'm still on the fence about Screen Play. I keep hoping it's going to go in the direction of the other two podcasts, but if it keeps up like this I'm just going to stop wasting my time on it. Before that happens I wanted someone over there to know why.

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