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      All arguments go here.  This is a space for yu guys to rip each other apart while the rest of us generate thughtful conversation in peace.

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    • A Question on the Belief of the Creation of the Universe and "Gods"

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      In all religions, there is a creation story, or something is already there and made good by a being. I will use the christian creation story as framework from which to make my argument. In the Bible, when God creates the universe he kind of just exists already. But following the rules of cause and effect, everything must have a cause, from me deciding whether to drink a tea or a Coke, up to wether spend 80 dollars on a video game or Dungeons and Dragons stuff, there is a cause to my choice. From "I feel like having Coke today" to "I think that Dungeons and Dragons will bring more overall happiness to me and my friends". If this is true, Something must have caused God to exist, so he could do the effect that stuff exists. But it is established that before "God" there was nothing. This means God kind of just is, but what is the justification for this? Did a previous god wipe everything then make new god then die?

      If god was caused to exist, then there must be something previous to do that. Is there just an infinite number, or is there one ultimate god? 

      Actually, I guess I just said a super long winded version of "The chicken and the egg"

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    • Cinder fail

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      Hey! This is my first all new topic. What I will talk (Rant) about on this topic is how The writers have written themselves into a corner with cinder fall. 

      1. The first thing they could do: Yeah, Cinder is dead. Problems: Raven killed Cinder. Not Ruby or/and Jaune, or anybody who suffered, it was just Raven. Start Ranting!

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    • To long to wait

      7 months ago


      I am batting so antsy waiting for vol6, it’s so long of a wait! I don’t get cable, so this is the first actual 6-month wait I’ve had for a show, and now I get why people hate it!

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